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Hi guys,

My name is Paul and I have been a passionate fan of golf – both watching it and playing it – for a very long time.  In fact, I first started watching the professionaforonlinels play on television when I was a child.  I was probably around 7-10 years old; I would plop myself down on the couch in front of the TV to watch what my dad was watching — golf.

In retrospect, he’s probably the only reason I developed an interest in the sport.  It was the only sport he really watched and enjoyed on a regular basis (and still does), and I take up after him in that regard.

To this day, I watch golf religiously and I am always up-to-date with what is going on in the professional circuit.  I also play golf whenever time and money allows, and I am constantly on the hunt for great golf equipment that will give me the most bang for my buck.

This is exactly what I want this website to be centered around: watching and playing the game of golf.  To that end, I will primarily be sharing with you two things:

  •   My own thoughts and perspectives, which I hope you will appreciate in some capacity, on all the latest happenings (emerging stars, performances, veterans like Tiger, etc.) on the PGA Tour.  Below each of my posts, you will be able to present your own thoughts by leaving a comment, and I encourage you to do so.  After all, your opinions and perspectives have just as much value as mine.
  •   My recommendations for great golf products at great prices (clubs, balls, bags, accessories, simulators, etc.) that I think will likely benefit or be of help to many of you budding golfers out there who want to improve your game.  These recommendations will be based on extensive and thorough research, testing, or both.  The products will be presented in a convenient format here on Golfstead, and the beauty of it is that I will do all of the research required so that you don’t have to.  Also rest assured that I will continually be updating Golfstead with new products as they become available.

I will also eventually be expanding the resources on Golfstead to include tips and concise guides on how to improve your golf game, as well as drills and other solutions to common golf problems that might be preventing you from shooting your best round ever.  Stay tuned for this content!

Also, please note that I welcome any constructive feedback regarding how I might be able to improve the content on Golfstead.  If you have any feedback or questions, please don’t hesitate to email support@golfstead.com.

I hope that, by visiting Golfstead, you will able to gain new insights that will help you improve your golf game and appreciate this wonderful sport even more. 🙂

See you around,


8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. David

    Wonderful site! This site is very informative, and well presented so much I’ve add you to my Facebook for my Uncle to find. He will love it!
    Thank you!

    1. Paul Post author

      That’s great David, and thanks. I hope your uncle can take some value out of Golfstead.

  2. Peter

    Hi Paul,

    You certainly have a passion for the game which is great. I do too, I think it is the worlds best self examining sport, where no excuses rule.

    Your content is clear and well presented in all pages. Your review of the Taylor Made M1 driver, for example, shows just how advanced equipment is getting in the sport. This driver showcases state of the art stuff meant to help all players shoot better scores.

    All of the How-To’s are well done as well. You have a great site.

    1. Paul Post author

      Thanks Peter. Golf continues to grow as a sport and I’m just excited to be a part of it all.

    2. Brooke

      Wow, this is a great site. It has everything I need. I haven’t seen something so clean and thorough.
      Thank you.

      1. Paul Post author

        Thanks. I’m glad. Know that feedback, suggestions and questions are welcome.

  3. Wendy

    Hi Paul. It’s not difficult to see how passionate you are about golf. What clubs would you recommend for a beginning lady golfer? Thanks for your time.

    1. Paul Post author

      Hi Wendy. This is a very common question I get asked, and usually my answer is that I need more information about your budget, your priorities (distance, forgiveness, workability, etc.) and your personal preferences before I can help you. If you want to jump into the better-player stuff and challenge your game right off the bat, there are plenty of great options you can look at. If your priority is maximum forgiveness and/or distance, I would suggest game-improvement clubs. Some clubs (usually with adjustability) work well for both beginners and skilled golfers. Please check out the equipment reviews on Golfstead for ideas. If you have more specific information about your situation or any other questions, feel free to reply to this comment.

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