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What Is A “Handicap” In Golf? Confusion No More!

Many people have a general idea of what a handicap is in golf, but beyond that there’s a bit of confusion, misconception and misinformation floating around about how it’s calculated and how it really works.  This article aims to clarify. The idea of “handicap”… A handicap in golf is essentially a number or a measure assigned to a golfer… Read more »

Golf Drills and Tips for Driving

Golf Drills and Tips for Driving Knowing how to drive the golf ball consistently solid is imperative for golfers who want to take their long game to the next level and lower their scores. Shots with the driver are very volatile in the sense that any small error, whether it be a slightly open or closed… Read more »

Golf Swing Lag Drills

Golf Swing Lag Drills When trying to maximize your distance and also make better contact with the golf ball, it’s important to generate some degree of lag.  Lag occurs when the clubhead is trailing behind the body near impact.  More wrist hinge at the point where your left arm (for a right-handed golfer) is pointing just behind the… Read more »

5 Swing Golf Tips For Beginners

5 Swing Golf Tips For Beginners People who are new to the game of golf often need a bit of direction to put them on the right path. It is important to understand that every person has their own unique golf swing — their own natural way of swinging a golf club.  In my opinion, people… Read more »

Golf Swing Speed Drills

Golf Swing Speed Drills Every golfer wants to be able to hit it further out on the course, whether it’s off of the tee or 250 yards out on the fairway.  More distance allows you to take shorter clubs with more loft and hit higher shots that land softer into greens and are more controllable. As you may know,… Read more »

Golf Takeaway Drills and Tips

Golf Takeaway Drills The takeaway (the first part of the backswing that starts from address) is, like the address, the backswing and the downswing, an essential component of the golf swing.  You will likely find little to no success or consistency if you don’t put yourself in the proper positions with the correct takeaway.  Often times, just… Read more »

Some Great Short Putting Drills and Tips

Short Putting Drills and Tips Every golfer — whether an amateur or professional — will find themselves faced with 3-7 foot putts on almost every hole.  It’s one of the most common putts you will have out on the course, which is why it’s so important to have a solid and consistent technique for striking the ball.… Read more »