Golfstead was started in 2015 by Paul Morris. Paul is a golf guru and (informal) coach of many years, and a passionate fan of the game as well.

Paul credits his early childhood interest in golf to his dad, who golfed for a large part of his life and spent a lot of time watching the PGA Tour.

Paul watches the professional tours religiously and keeps up to date with what’s going on in the industry. He continues to coach informally on the side, test products such as clubs and launch monitors for reviews, and play golf whenever time and money allows. He also keeps up to speed with the latest and greatest golf equipment that will squeeze out even more performance on the course.

What We Do

Golfstead is different than many of the more well-known golf sites you’re probably familiar with. It’s simple, effective, and provides the information that people are searching for, with few gimmicks, bells or whistles.

Golfstead primarily writes reviews on golf equipment such as drivers, fairway woods, irons, wedges, balls, rangefinders, and simulators. Each review is based on thorough research and/or testing.

Golfstead also creates buying guides where we rank a collection of products in a particular category or that are best suited for a particular purpose. Our editorial process for these rankings takes into account a mix of many factors depending on the type of product; the most common ones may include performance, power, quality, reliability, usability, cost, and value for money.

In addition to the above, Golfstead sometimes publishes news articles, tips, guides, and other helpful golf information.

We welcome constructive feedback regarding how the content on Golfstead might be improved. If you have any feedback or questions, don’t hesitate to email

Over the years, Golfstead has grown to enjoy a sizeable readership, particularly from golfers looking to upgrade their equipment or who seek general information about the game.

We hope that, by visiting the site, you’ll be able to gain new insights that will help you improve your golf game and appreciate this wonderful sport even more. 🙂