8 Best Golf Launch Monitor Apps – Understand Your Game Better

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If you’re even a little bit serious about your golf game, a launch monitor is one of the most valuable assets you can have at your disposal.

Most launch monitors can measure and display important ball data on their own, but many of them come with special companion apps that provide additional features. Some apps can even work without a launch monitor.

These apps can offer different features that allow you to play games and analyze your game on a deeper level, but which ones are the best? Which ones are the easiest to set up and use?

In this article, we’ll review and compare our picks for the best golf launch monitor apps for understanding your game.

Note: Golfstead has tested and/or conducted in-depth research into all of the apps featured in this guide. Our editorial process for these rankings takes into account a mix of many factors which may include performance, reliability, usability, value for money, cost, and the general consensus from other users. The list that follows may be reassessed or updated over time.

Our Top Picks For Golf Launch Monitor Apps

Based on our own research, testing and experience, here are our top app selections:

  1. Garmin Golf App
  2. GolfTrak App
  3. Full Swing KIT App
  4. FlightScope Mevo Golf App
  5. FlightScope VX App
  6. Shot Vision App
  7. TrackMan Golf Classic App
  8. FlightScope Skills App

1. Garmin Golf App

Garmin Approach R10 Data Parameters Screen
Source: Garmin

The Garmin Golf app has been available for Garmin’s various golf GPS watch, band and handheld products for years, and it has been received amazingly well by users.

But with the release of the Approach R10 launch monitor, it has gotten a major facelift. It not only displays an array of data parameters to inform your game, but it also offers a driving range, weekly tournaments, and golf simulator software.

You’ll need a Garmin Approach R10 launch monitor to access these features. With it, you’ll be able to view readings for sixteen data parameters including ball and club head speed, launch angle and direction, club path, angle of attack, and more.

You can also purchase a Garmin Golf membership, which costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. This gives you full access to the Home Tee Hero simulation software, cloud storage, and green contour data. A separate subscription can be purchased to use the E6 CONNECT software.

The Garmin Golf app is available on iOS and Android devices, but a smartphone should be used in order to get the best experience.

Other things you can do on the app are:

  • set up your own tournaments and invite friends to compete
  • live chat with other players
  • sync your scorecard automatically
  • track your scorecards
  • view performance by course
  • view shots on an interactive map
  • share results

The Garmin Golf app works best with a compatible Garmin device, but if you don’t have one, you can still participate in weekly tournaments on over 40,000 courses by entering your scores manually.

With an Approach R10 launch monitor, the Garmin Golf app becomes one of the most powerful launch monitor apps on the market.

2. GolfTrak App

GolfTrak App - Data Screen

GolfTrak is quite a remarkable launch monitor app for a number of reasons:

  1. It doesn’t require any extra hardware (except for, perhaps, a phone tripod).
  2. Its accuracy is surprisingly close to expensive launch monitors like SkyTrak.
  3. It also integrates with golf simulator software.

GolfTrak was developed over the course of six years by IT expert and golfer Igor Vainshtein, who also runs a multinational golf simulator company.

The app provides ball tracking with the use of your phone’s rear cameras. Data parameters measured directly are ball speed, horizontal & vertical launch angle, and club path, while advanced algorithms are used to calculate club face angle, spin, spin axis and distance.

In addition to presenting a suite of data points after each shot, GolfTrak also integrates with the world-renowned E6 CONNECT software, and Awesome Golf and The Golf Club 2019 integrations are in the works.

GolfTrak has both an indoor and a driving range mode. The app can be installed and set up to read shots within a couple minutes. Check out this indoor setup video:

Generally, data readings with GolfTrak are within a few percentage points of high-end launch monitors. In our experience, ball speed and spin readings can differ considerably, but without any extra hardware needed, you can’t do much better.

Note that the app is currently only available for iOS devices, but an Android version is in development.

3. Full Swing KIT App

Full Swing KIT app interface

This app requires the use of the Full Swing KIT launch monitor which is endorsed and used personally by Tiger Woods. The KIT was built at Woods’ request and according to his standards.

Moreover, the KIT app is one of the most well-designed, intuitive launch monitor apps on the market and is praised by critics.

This app, available for iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch (iOS only), allows you to:

  • view 1080p swing clips captured by the KIT’s on-board camera
  • share swing clips with friends, coaches and instructors
  • customize and sort the data parameters that you see
  • view interactive dispersion charts
  • view trends and averages for different clubs
  • do custom bag and club management
  • get audio feedback after every shot

The KIT app is highly customizable. For example, you can customize the device display by going into the app settings and dragging the data metrics into the desired order with your finger.

In addition, a premium version of the app (currently $99.99/year) unlocks the ability to view detailed historical shot data and store unlimited swing videos on the cloud.

What we’re most impressed by with the Full Swing KIT app is how easy it is to navigate through every shot and session compared to other launch monitor apps. The information is nicely presented and easily digestible.

The KIT is a high-level launch monitor, but the good news is that it’s very affordable considering the accuracy, power, and number of data parameters measured.

4. FlightScope Mevo Golf App

FlightScope Mevo Logo

The FlightScope Mevo Golf app requires the use of the FlightScope Mevo Radar, praised by high-profile Tour players like Bryson DeChambeau.

With this app, you can take your game to the next level by reviewing various types of data. The Mevo is the first launch monitor model that FlightScope designed for consumers, for them to analyze their game affordably and on their own terms.

The Mevo app is available for iOS and Android devices. You can automatically capture video and view overlaid real-time performance data. The parameters measured are:

  • ball and club head speed
  • carry distance
  • spin rate
  • flight time
  • vertical launch angle
  • apex height
  • smash factor

If you only want one of video or data, you can choose to disable the other. Video can be clipped 1-5 seconds before and after impact according to your preference.

Additional features include a fully customizable data display, equipment selection, and data upload to MyFlightScope.com.

Data Upload

As we touched on above, you can choose to have your stored data and video uploaded and shared on MyFlightScope.com, which is FlightScope’s cloud service.

Session data can be uploaded for free, while videos can be shared by purchasing a subscription package based on how many videos you plan to store each month.

This option allows you to store all of your data in one place and share results with other golfers in the community.

The FlightScope Mevo launch monitor has been rated very highly by critics and consumers. It’s one of the most accurate launch monitors and provides the most detailed ball flight parameters in its price range. With that said, the app is not standalone and needs the radar (sold separately) to function.

5. FlightScope VX App

FlightScope VX App Preview

The FlightScope VX app is described as “a comprehensive teaching, fitting, and training app with 3D views of ball flight and club data”.

It requires a compatible FlightScope radar (like the X2, X3, or XI model), but it has some of the most cutting-edge, advanced features available in a mobile launch monitor app.

Available for Android and iOS devices, here are some of the things offered by the VX app:

  • a complete 3D swing analysis with trajectories and shot groupings
  • real-time club and ball data
  • a sensor alignment tool that enables you to easily and accurately aim the radar sensor
  • detailed data comparison with shots and distance gapping
  • multiplayer comparison
  • real-time golf ball trajectory plot

Features will vary depending on the radar model used. Up to 25 different parameters can be measured.

For example, a new feature called the Environmental Optimizer, available with the X3, allows you to understand how weather and climate variables affect your shots; you can modify factors like altitude, wind speed, humidity, and air temperature.

Get an idea of how the VX app works in this video:

Just a heads up: some people have been having technical issues with the Android version of the app. If you experience any issues, we suggest contacting FlightScope support directly.

6. Shot Vision App

Shot Vision 2.0 App

Shot Vision is described as “the first true golf launch monitor on a mobile device”. It doesn’t require any other hardware and is free to install.

JETBLACK, the creator of Shot Vision, set out with the goal of making standard launch monitor features available to the average golfer. They tested the app against some of the leading products in the industry and came up with something that offers pretty amazing value.

The app is only available to iOS users, but those who have used it have reported great results. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Shot Vision uses state-of-the-art technology to detect launch conditions and accurately measure up to eight different parameters, including carry distance, ball speed, club speed, spin rate, total distance, and launch angle.

What’s more, the app has recently been updated to the 2.0 version which adds a new setup, improved analysis, and better accuracy.

With the Shot Vision app, you can also:

  • compare clubs and distances
  • access your data in the cloud from anywhere
  • compete in challenges, rank on leaderboards, and win prizes

With Shot Vision, there is a Pro Subscription that unlocks additional features and enables more detailed analytics for your golf shots. It comes with a 7 or 14 day free trial, after which you’ll pay around $6.99/month or $41.99/year depending on the billing period you choose.

Shot Vision has good ratings (relatively speaking), and if you’re at all interested, we recommend installing the app for free and seeing for yourself how it performs.

7. TrackMan Golf Classic App

TrackMan Golf Logo

The TrackMan Golf Classic app pairs with arguably the best launch monitor ever made, TrackMan. It is claimed to be the most advanced app in the industry, used by coaches, equipment manufacturers, club fitters, and Tour players in the top 700 world rankings.

Indeed, turn on the Golf Channel, and you’ll understand that TrackMan is considered to be the gold standard in launch monitor and swing analysis technology.

The TrackMan Golf Classic app is available on the App Store, and it requires a TrackMan 4 or 3e radar to use. TrackMan radars are extremely expensive, but you were looking for the best launch monitor app, right?

TrackMan Golf Classic gives you a complete 3D club and ball flight analysis with instant tracking of 27 ball and club data parameters.

You also get point mapping, 3D graphics overlays, video, games and more that you can use to improve your game. Additional features include:

  • screencast for full swing analysis and sharing
  • an optimizer for instantly mapping a swing’s potential
  • video with 3D overlays, using the radar’s internal camera
  • swing comparisons and reports
  • ball flight normalization
  • viewing sessions by player, club, or date

The features listed above just scratch the surface. With TrackMan Golf Classic, you won’t want or need to use any other launch monitor app. Get a more complete list of features here.

This app does not have an Android version; however, Android users do have access to the TrackMan Golf app (formerly known as TrackMan Range) which provides data analysis and feedback features. This app is also available for iOS but we chose not to include it because it has a lower average rating.

8. FlightScope Skills App

FlightScope FS Skills App Sample Look

FlightScope has many launch monitor apps in addition to FS Mevo Golf. The FlightScope Skills app is one of their best.

FS Skills is available for iOS and Android devices and requires the use of the FlightScope Mevo Plus radar, which is endorsed by high-profile Tour players like Bubba Watson and Bryson DeChambeau.

The app works by presenting you with a series of virtual targets that you can hit to. After trying to hit as close to each target as possible, you’ll be given a score based on your individual and average proximities.

These targets are fully customizable (shape, size, distance, etc.), and of course, you can view an array of data parameters after each shot. You can also introduce time limits and have targets appear randomly to simulate real-life situations.

Additional Info

Just like with the FS Mevo Golf app, you can upload your session data (in this case, target scores) to FlightScope’s cloud service, MyFlightScope.com.

You can analyze, compare and share your scores with friends and other players around the globe.

Note that some initial setup is needed. You’ll need to connect the Mevo+ radar to your mobile device, adjust the tilt and simulated play angle, and align the camera to the target.

Like the original Mevo, the FlightScope Mevo+ launch monitor has received very positive ratings. It measures eight more parameters than the Mevo and has stronger performance and increased range. The radar is sold separately from the FS Skills app.

Final Thoughts

Some of the launch monitor apps reviewed on this page don’t need any external hardware to use and are free to use.

However, you should keep in mind that if you want a high-quality, reliable analysis of your club and ball data, you really need a separate radar or launch monitor unit that is designed for such a purpose. Companion apps are available to augment many of these units.

Also note that most launch monitor apps are only available on iOS devices, likely due to their special camera capabilities.

You can try out independent apps like GolfTrak and Shot Vision, but don’t expect earthshattering accuracy. Check out our article on portable launch monitors for some excellent, affordable options.

Thanks for reading this guide. Which launch monitor app are you planning to use? Do you have any questions? Feel free to drop a comment down below.

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