8 Best Golf Simulators For Indoor Use – 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

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When people think about golf simulators, they usually imagine an indoor setup. Indeed, this is the most common setting for a simulator.

Many people want to understand their swing and improve their game, but they either don’t want to play outdoors or can’t play outdoors due to weather or a cold winter season.

Others want a quality golf simulator for their indoor business establishment or for an indoor golf event.

Whatever your reasons are, not everyone can afford to invest in a simulator that costs tens of thousands of dollars. Fortunately, as golf simulator technology has advanced, more affordable solutions have appeared in the market, so there are options that can accommodate a wide range of budgets.

In the case of a golf simulator for indoor use, there are a few things you’ll need to give yourself a great experience: a launch monitor that records your shot data, a hitting net or screen, and optionally, a projector that displays a life-size image.

In this article, we’ll review and compare our picks for the best indoor golf simulators over a wide range of different budgets.

We have tested all of these golf simulator setups. Some offer less features than others, but they all give an excellent experience for the cost.

Our Top Picks For Golf Simulators For Indoor Use

The following are our top selections based on our own testing, research, and experience:

  1. SkyTrak SIG10 Golf Simulator
  2. Uneekor QED SwingBay Simulator Package
  3. Foresight Sports GC3 SIG10 Golf Simulator
  4. SkyTrak Bronze Golf Simulator Package
  5. Uneekor EYE XO SIG10 Golf Simulator Package
  6. SkyTrak Practice Golf Simulator Package
  7. SkyTrak Retractable Golf Simulator Package
  8. OptiShot Golf-In-A-Box 2 Simulator Package

1. SkyTrak SIG10 Golf Simulator

SkyTrak SIG10 Golf Simulator Setup V3

This simulator package, put together by The Indoor Golf Shop, uses the popular and affordable SkyTrak Launch Monitor. You’d be hard-pressed to find a simulator studio of this kind of quality at this price point.

The SIG10 simulator offers one of the best balances between quality, affordability and performance that we’ve seen. It’s also one of the most popular packages on the market.

At the time of writing, it even comes with a free bonus 12-month subscription to Golf Magazine.

With this beastly simulator setup, you can count on being able to dial in your swing indoors and take your game to the next level.

What Is Included

The SIG10 package consists of the SkyTrak Launch Monitor and a high-quality SIG10 simulator screen and enclosure (designed by The Indoor Golf Shop) that is handcrafted in the USA.

Also included are:

  • your choice of a hitting mat (5’x5′, 4’x7′ or 4’x10′)
  • a 1080p golf simulator projector (model may change)
  • ceiling projector mount
  • landing pad turf
  • side barrier netting

A nice perk is that it includes a subscription to the SkyTrak Play & Improve Plan. This is the highest tier plan offered, and it allows you to play 12 world-class WGT (World Golf Tour) golf courses in addition to having all other SkyTrak software features.

The choices for hitting mat are the Fairway Series 5’x5′ (provides realistic feel), SIGPRO 4’x7′ (easy on the joints, allows level unit placement), and SIGPRO 4’x10′ (center hitting strip ideal for left/right hand switching).

You can also install SIG10 Simulator Flooring — a full flooring option that consists of a hitting strip surrounded by a putting green. This is an awesome addition but is pretty expensive.

Room dimensions of 9 ft high x 12 ft wide x 18 ft deep are recommended. Get your longest club out (usually driver) and make a backswing to ensure you have enough clearance.

This simulator package takes the #1 spot on our list not only because it uses the SkyTrak, whose camera-based tracking system is ideal for indoor use, but also because of the well-made hitting bay.

For more details about what comes with the package, visit this page.

2. Uneekor QED SwingBay Simulator Package

Uneekor QED SwingBay Golf Simulator 3

The Uneekor QED is a relatively new simulator to hit the market, and it has been received extraordinarily well by golfers. Because the QED is a ceiling-mounted launch monitor, it’s perfectly suited for indoor use.

Even though it requires marked balls and is less powerful than the Uneekor EYE XO, it’s several thousand dollars cheaper. At the same time, the QED is on another level from the SkyTrak in terms of data measurements, reliability and speed.

The QED delivers high precision on shots from 10 cm to 435 yards. The included software allows you to play various game modes, practice modes, and skills challenges.

This particular package was put together by Rain Or Shine Golf and uses their unique SwingBay screen & enclosure, which enjoys great ratings.

What Is Included

The Uneekor QED SwingBay Simulator includes the QED system along with:

  • a SwingBay simulator screen & enclosure
  • an Optoma 1080p Short Throw Projector
  • a projector ceiling mount or floor mount enclosure (your choice)
  • landing pad turf (optional)
  • side barrier netting
  • a SwingTurf hitting mat (4’x9′ or 5’x5′)
  • a gaming laptop optimized for golf simulation (optional)
  • The Golf Club 2019 software (access to over 150,000 courses)
  • BirTees and other accessories

The QED bar houses two high-speed cameras that can record at over 3000 fps, providing real-time club and ball data.

The included SwingTurf hitting mat was designed by Rain or Shine Golf to provide an optimal balance between realistic fairway feel and forgiveness.

The QED Ignite software features a photographic video playback technology called QED OPTIX, a 3D driving range, fitting data, and a swing motion analysis tool. Upgrades are available that allow to you access additional features within the Ignite software.

Minimum room dimensions of 8 ft high x 11 ft wide x 16 ft deep are required.

Practically everyone who gets the Uneekor QED system ends up very happy with it. Even if you don’t want to pay extra for separate software, the default Ignite software is rock solid and will allow you to get the quality practice you expect out of a premium simulator package.

3. Foresight Sports GC3 SIG10 Golf Simulator

Foresight Sports GC3 SIG10 Golf Simulator Package V2

What if you want to go a step up from the SkyTrak, but with a portable unit and not a ceiling-mounted one?

In that case, check out the GC3 SIG10 package. It features the GC3 by Foresight Sports, a professional-grade launch monitor that has a sleek, portable design and uses a triscopic high-speed camera technology. The GC3 is nearly as powerful as the GCQuad while being significantly more affordable.

With this simulator setup, you’re guaranteed extremely reliable ball data with direct-to-screen output and access to the stunning new FSX Play software that supports up to 5K resolution.

What Is Included

The GC3 SIG10 simulator package is very similar to SkyTrak SIG10 package above, with side barrier netting, landing pad turf, and projector ceiling mount. It uses the Panasonic PT-VZ580U projector.

You also have your hitting mat choices of SIGPRO 4’x7′, SIGPRO 4’x10′, Fairway Series 5’x5′, and SIG10 Simulator Flooring.

Ultimately, the main differences are the GC3 Launch Monitor and included FSX software.

The bundled simulator softwares are FSX 2020 and FSX Play, which are Foresight Sports’ in-house solutions custom-designed for their line of launch monitors. The software allows you to play the world’s best golf courses, play dozens of skills challenges, and more.

Also included are the FSX Pro performance software and FS Performance Fitting App. You can optionally upgrade the GC3 to the Players Plus Bundle that adds ten more courses, many of which are world-famous.

Indoor space requirements of at least 9 ft high x 12 ft wide x 18 ft deep are recommended.

The GC3 has been very well-received and is one of our top launch monitor recommendations. When you pair that with a killer simulator bay like the SIG10, you win big.

4. SkyTrak Bronze Golf Simulator Package

SkyTrak Bronze Golf Simulator Package 2.0

The simulators we’ve reviewed so far may be beyond the budget of some people. If you’re looking for a cheaper indoor option, check out the SkyTrak Bronze Package.

This simulator package uses the affordable SkyTrak Launch Monitor, which performs at its best indoors, and pairs it with the affordable SIGPRO net, screen and side barriers.

This setup is more compact and less intimidating than the full-size enclosure systems discussed above, while costing substantially less than all of them.

Like other SkyTrak simulators offered by The Indoor Golf Shop, the Bronze package includes a free 12-month subscription to Golf Magazine.

What Is Included

The SkyTrak Bronze package consists of the SkyTrak Launch Monitor and the SIGPRO Golf Net equipped with a SIG Preferred impact screen. Also included are:

  • a SkyTrak Play & Improve Plan subscription
  • a SkyTrak official protective case
  • side barriers with sandbags
  • a 1080p short throw golf simulator projector
  • SIGPRO Turf (6 ft x 10 ft)
  • a projector floor shield
  • your choice of hitting mat (5’x5′, 4’x7′ or 4’x10′)

The SIGPRO Golf Net has an aluminum frame with a snap-button system, and the SIG Preferred screen hangs directly over the net from a top crossbar.

Note that the WGT full-course play on the SkyTrak is only compatible with iOS devices. All other SkyTrak software features can be enjoyed on a PC or Android device.

Minimum room dimensions of 8 ft high x 10 ft wide x 12 ft deep are recommended. This should be good enough for most indoor spaces.

For more details about setup steps and what comes with the package, go here.

5. Uneekor EYE XO SIG10 Golf Simulator Package

Uneekor EYE XO SIG10 Golf Simulator V2

This is a dream indoor golf simulator for anyone with a mid-high budget who wants highly accurate measurements and comprehensive swing analysis tools.

In general, we think the added cost of the EYE XO over the QED is well worth it. The EYE XO uses unmarked ball technology so you can use any ball you want, and it also offers more powerful features and additional data parameters.

This particular simulator package uses The Indoor Golf Shop’s popular SIG10 enclosure, which can fit into spaces with a typical 9-foot ceiling height, and the EYE XO tracking system is mounted on the ceiling so that no adjustments are needed for hand switching.

What Is Included

The Uneekor EYE XO SIG10 Simulator package was put together by The Indoor Golf Shop and includes:

  • the EYE XO bar tracking system with high-speed cameras
  • a SIG10 simulator screen & enclosure
  • side barrier netting
  • a Panasonic PT-VZ580U WUXGA projector
  • a ceiling projector mount
  • your choice of hitting mat (5’x5′, 4’x7′ or 4’x10′) or full flooring

The high-speed cameras can track club path, spin, and ball impact at over 3000 fps.

The included View software has its own cool features such as a swing motion analysis tool and videos of your club impact and ball spin. Upgrades are available to access additional features.

The EYE XO is compatible with The Golf Club 2019, E6 CONNECT, Creative Golf 3D, and GSPro. We recommend getting TGC 2019 if possible, since it allows you to play over 150,000 courses!

Room dimensions of at least 9 ft high x 12 ft wide x 18 ft deep are recommended. For more details about what comes with the package, optional add-ons, pricing, and setup instructions, visit this page.

6. SkyTrak Practice Golf Simulator Package

SkyTrak Practice Golf Simulator Package

Interested in the SkyTrak but don’t want to put down the cash for a pricey screen/enclosure/projector setup? The SkyTrak Practice Simulator is perfect for you.

This simulator pairs the SkyTrak with either the Rukket Sports Premium or GoSports hitting net, each of which have their strengths and weaknesses. It’s a very portable setup that can be moved around as needed, and it’s less complicated than a full screen & enclosure.

Whether you’re a skilled golfer or a high-handicapper that wants to get better, this package gives you everything you need to improve your game, regardless of the season or weather.

What Is Included

The SkyTrak Practice package features the SkyTrak Launch Monitor and Game Improvement Plan along with your choice of the:

  • GoSports Net: 7.5 ft x 7.5 ft, durable steel frame, automatic ball return, can handle shots up to 225 mph
  • Rukket Sports Premium Net: 7 ft x 9 ft, easy assembly, more affordable, hanging hitting target included

Also included are:

  • a protective case for the SkyTrak
  • a choice of SwingTurf hitting mat (5’x4′ or 9’x4′)
  • landing pad turf (optional)
  • a gaming laptop optimized for golf simulation (optional)
  • accessories including a laptop stand and ball tray

The SkyTrak comes with an out-of-the-box driving range, but if you want to do more than just practice on the range, you can get separate simulation plans at extra cost. Three of the best ones are TGC 2019, E6 CONNECT, and WGT Golf, which allow course play, online play, multiplayer, challenges, and more.

The minimum space requirements are 8.5 ft high x 8.5 ft wide x 10 ft deep.

The SkyTrak Practice package is very popular; people just love it, and it’s relatively affordable too. We think it’s a great choice for golfers that want to stick their toe into the world of golf simulation but don’t want to go all out just yet.

7. SkyTrak Retractable Golf Simulator Package

SkyTrak Retractable Golf Simulator Package

Yes, we’re once again featuring a SkyTrak package in our indoor golf simulator list — the value it offers is just tremendous. This one pairs the SkyTrak with a state-of-the-art HomeCourse retractable screen enclosure.

The attraction of this particular simulator is the ability of the screen to retract with the click of a button, allowing you to easily repurpose an indoor room (such as a basement or garage) or return it to its original form as needed.

In addition to this big convenience factor, the SkyTrak Retractable Package comes with everything you need to improve your game and have a blast with friends and family, whatever the weather conditions are outside.

If you place a lot of importance on being able to repurpose your space, you should seriously consider this simulator package.

What Is Included

The SkyTrak Retractable Simulator Package includes:

  • SkyTrak Launch Monitor with protective case
  • SkyTrak Game Improvement Software (upgrade from base)
  • HomeCourse ProScreen 180 Retractable Screen
  • HomeCourse Ceiling & Wall Mount Kits
  • Optoma 1080p HD Short Throw Projector
  • SwingTurf hitting mat (5’x4′ or 9’x4′)
  • ceiling or floor projector mount (your choice)
  • landing pad turf (optional)
  • gaming laptop optimized for golf simulation (optional)
  • accessories including a ball tray and BirTees

The new and improved HomeCourse ProScreen 180 features side walls made of ballistic material. The Pro Arms can be optionally extended to create an ultra-wide 16:9 projectable area, which could even be used to watch movies.

The screen can be mounted to the wall or ceiling with the included kits. If possible, we recommend a wall mount if the ceiling is higher than nine feet.

The retractable screen is wireless. The motor runs on a chargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts for months at a time, and the motor can be controlled with an included wireless remote.

Minimum room dimensions of 9 ft high x 11 ft wide x 12 ft deep are required.

Customers love the fast shipping and how painless setting up and taking down the simulator is. It is commonly used in garages, but also in other indoor rooms.

For more details about what comes with the simulator, how exactly to set it up, and more, go here.

8. OptiShot 2 Golf-In-A-Box 2 Simulator Package

OptiShot 2 Golf-In-A-Box 2 - Look 2

Even the cost of a SkyTrak may be too much for some people. We totally get it. Fortunately, there are still options for a good indoor golf simulator experience.

The OptiShot 2 Golf-In-A-Box 2 is a great entertainment package that is less than $2000. It uses the OptiShot 2 simulator system, which is less accurate than the systems already mentioned in this guide.

Its main attraction, though, is the software: it’s a truckload of fun, with many different game modes, multiplayer, and potential for online and tournament play.

What Is Included

What really helps keep the price of the Golf-In-A-Box 2 simulator down is the lack of a screen and projector. The package pairs the OptiShot 2 simulator with:

  • The Net Return Pro Series Net
  • an OptiShot 4’x5′ hitting mat
  • adjustable rubber tees and foam practice balls

Side barriers and a screen are available as add-ons at extra cost.

You can play with all of your own clubs and real golf balls. The Net Return Pro Series net has a high-quality, durable construction, is able to withstand ball speeds of 225 mph, and returns the ball back to your feet after every shot. Its dimensions are 7.5’H x 8’W x 3.5’D.

The hitting mat uses high-density foam and turf, and allows for flush mounting of the OptiShot 2 unit.

A minimum space of 8.5 ft height x 9 ft width x 10 ft length is recommended. Setup is straightforward, and you can contact support anytime if you need help.

As we already mentioned, the OptiShot system is excellent entertainment. It’s not so ideal for seriously improving your game, but you can bring your buddies over or play with the family and get a ton of value out of it.

Buying Guide

Investing in a quality indoor golf simulator is a big step.

Because of this, it’s important to consider all the factors that will affect the experience and match it with what your goals and requirements are.

Here are the most important factors you need to consider when figuring out which simulator will be best for you:

1. Size

White Measuring Tape

Size is a very important factor in golf simulators, especially indoors where space is more limited.

As a rough rule, the more expensive the simulator, the larger the footprint it will take up. A full screen, enclosure and turf will likely require the most space, while a practice net will require less space.

In any case, you need enough space for the simulator setup and to swing your longest club (driver) unimpeded.

You need to measure the width, length and height of your indoor space and compare it to the minimum space requirements of every golf simulator you look at.

The average space requirements for full golf simulator setups tend to be roughly 9 feet high, 12 feet wide and 15 feet deep. Whether you want to use your simulator at home or in a commercial building, your space should be able to easily accommodate this.

2. Tracking

OptiShot Swing Pad

Consider the tracking system that measures your ball and club data. Is it photometric (SkyTrak), stereoscopic, infrared, radar-based, or something else?

Some tracking systems are superior to others, which is where much of the price difference comes from. Some tracking systems have better accuracy, better reliability, and less lag between the ball hitting the screen and the ball flight displaying.

For example, while the inexpensive Optishot 2 is regarded as being a lot of fun, many complain that the infrared tracking system doesn’t do a good job of detecting clubs and is too picky about lighting.

The SkyTrak is excellent in comparison, but many people don’t like its shot delay, which can be upwards of five seconds. The GC3 and QED systems don’t have such a lag.

Generally (but not always), the more expensive the simulator, the better the tracking system. Look into the performance of each and decide how you weigh the importance of entertainment vs. game improvement.

3. Net Vs. Screen

Netting Closeup

There are generally two options when it comes to golf simulators:

  1. You can project your shots onto a life-size screen.
  2. You can hit into a net, but still be able to view your shot data and see the ball flight on your connected computer or tablet.

Unlike outdoors, setting up a screen and projector indoors is straightforward. They are more expensive than net setups, but they can make a huge difference in terms of the simulator experience; a big part of this is that you don’t have to look over at your computer after every shot to see the active ball flight.

Nets, on the other hand, are not only cheaper, but also very portable and can much more easily be moved out of the way to create more space in a room.

If the full golf simulator experience is important to you and you want to feel like you’re playing a real-life simulation, then you’ll probably want to invest in a screen and projector setup.

If you’re satisfied with seeing your shot data on your PC or mobile device, then you should go with a net.

4. Software

The Golf Club Simulator Logo

You should also consider what kinds of things you want to do, games you want to play, and activities you want to take part in on your golf simulator.

Different simulator systems will support different software. For example, SkyTrak has software in three membership levels:

  • Basic Plan: practice driving range.
  • Game-Improvement Plan: minigames, numeric display, and many other advanced features.
  • Play & Improve Plan: all features of other plans plus full integration with WGT (World Golf Tour).

OptiShot 2, which is considered a “tight-budget” solution, has exclusive software that allows you to practice and play multiple different game types including stroke play, better ball, alternate shot, and match play.

Foresight Sports FSX Software Logo

The GC3 is compatible with FSX 2020 software, which allows you to play world-class courses, compete in skills challenges with other players, and benefit from in-depth practice sessions on the range.

The new FSX Play software builds off of FSX 2020 and is designed to provide an ultra-realistic golf simulation experience with support for up to 5K resolution.

The QED’s Ignite software features an in-depth swing analysis tool and driving range, with an optional upgrade to The Golf Club 2019 (4K resolution, courses, live tours, tournaments, course building tool) or E6 CONNECT (courses, minigames, training aids, tournaments, etc.) available.

Other software possibilities include ProTee Golf 2.0, Creative Golf 3D, Fitness Golf, Perfect Parallel Golf, GSPro, and Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf.

What software features do you see yourself using most often? Do you just want to practice on the range, play world-class courses, or both? Consider what software options are available when looking at simulators, and make your decisions accordingly.

5. Budget

Money bag

This may be the last entry in the buying guide, but it’s one of the most important.

Not everyone can afford golf simulator packages that cost $10,000+, and fortunately, there are options that cost well below this amount.

With that said, it’s important to realize that the less you spend, the less you’ll usually get, both in terms of hardware and software.

In this guide, we’ve tried to include quality golf simulators over a wide range of budgets that golfers might have. But the great thing is that you don’t have to drop the full cost of a simulator at once.

Our recommended golf simulator source here provides easy financing options that allow you to pay for your golf simulator over the course of a year or longer. Don’t forget about this option.


An indoor location is the most logical place for a golf simulator because it’s a safe environment that is not affected by adverse weather like rain, snow or lightning.

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, then, that there are plenty of great options out there. Finding a simulator package that can meet your needs is certainly possible with some research.

Each of the simulator options reviewed above offer excellent value for the cost. We’ve given you the information you need to make a decision; now it’s up to you to go the rest of the way.

Remember that a good golf simulator can serve you well for years and even decades.

We highly recommend reading consumer and professional reviews of golf simulators to acquire useful insights as to how they actually perform. This will help you a lot in the decision-making process.

Thanks for reading this guide. What golf simulator are you considering? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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