6 Best Indoor Putting Greens – 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

We all know how important good putting is to lowering your scores in golf.

And if you’re serious about improving your putting, being able to practice without getting out to the range or course is a huge asset.

This is where putting greens come in. While golf simulators allow you to analyze your shot data and hit your irons and woods indoors, indoor putting greens allow you to practice your putting (and often chipping as well) rain or shine, day or night.

Of course, not everyone can afford top-of-the-line putting green complexes that cost four or even five figures. Fortunately, many very affordable solutions have appeared on the market, so there are options that can accommodate a range of budgets.

There are many things that make a great putting green: quality of the turf, wrinkle resistance, size and ability to play break are among them.

In this article, we’ll review and compare our picks for the best indoor golf putting greens across a range of different budgets. Each of these greens can be used at home, at the office, or wherever else there is enough space indoors.

We have tested all of these putting greens, and all give excellent performance for the cost.

Our Top Indoor Putting Green Picks

Based on our own testing, research, and experience, the following are our top selections:

  1. Tour Links 4′ x 12′ Premium Putting Green
  2. Big Moss Country Club V2 Putting Green
  3. Fiberbuilt 10′ x 10′ Putting Green
  4. Big Moss Admiral V2 Putting Green
  5. Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green
  6. Fiberbuilt Combo Mat & Putting Green

1. Tour Links 4′ x 12′ Premium Putting Green

Tour Links 4' x 12' Premium Putting Green

If you’re looking for a truly high-quality, well-made indoor putting green with a true, realistic roll and premium feel, this is it.

The 4′ x 12′ is one of the most popular putting green models from Tour Links. It’s one of the most highly rated, and it’s under $1000 too. It’s perfect for the indoors (in the home, at the office, etc.) but it can also be used outdoors if you choose.

This green has a patented design that is excellent for reducing your three-putt frequency.


The Tour Links 4′ x 12′ has two regulation cups with pins. It rolls at about 11.5 on the USGA Stimpmeter, which is practically tournament speed.

Many golfers prefer this kind of speed, and because you don’t have to pound the ball to get it to the hole, you can fine-tune your touch and finesse and make big gains in your putting.

Interlocking panels allow you to assemble the green very quickly. It’s ideal for putts of around 10 feet.

Included are special contour pads that allow you to practice endless break variations. You can also lay the green over a non-flat surface to mimic natural slopes.

What Is Included

For starters, the Tour Links 4′ x 12′ putting green comes with straight and curved edge panels for containment and aesthetics. Then you have the turf itself along with (not limited to):

  • two cup filler plates
  • two cups and two pins
  • two contour packs (for break)
  • six packs of bump rail clips

The unit weighs 122 pounds. For more details about it, including specifications and installation instructions, go to this page.

Customers really love the pureness of the roll and the high-quality construction of the green, and so do we.

2. Big Moss Country Club V2 Putting Green

Big Moss Country Club V2 Putting Green

Big Moss is a putting green brand that we featured prominently in our list of the best putting mats. They craft some of the best surfaces on the market at affordable prices.

We think the Country Club offers one of the best balances between durability and performance. It has a large surface area (up to 6′ x 12′) with three regulation cups and one reduced-size cup.

The Country Club V2 is ideal for putting, chipping and pitching (a chipping mat is included) in basements, rec rooms, or in any other indoor space.


As with other Big Moss surfaces, the Country Club is multi-layered, triple-stitched, and made of durable material, so that little to no maintenance is required.

Big Moss uses what they call True Roll technology in their greens. This ensures realistic putting and chipping situations that allow you to take your practice to the golf course in the most effective way.

This new V2 model offers a number of improvements over the previous version, including:

  • a stadium-like backstop that wraps around and can be secured.
  • new cup sleeves and flag bases for regulation-sized cups
  • a wrinkle-free rubber-backed surface (no bubbling or bunching) that lays flat, even over carpet.
  • a high-density removable foundation that allows you to practice completely flat putts.

In addition, the included break snake can be slid under the surface and allows for an infinite number of break variations.

What Is Included

The Big Moss Country Club V2 package consists of the putting green itself along with a chipping mat. Also included are:

  • two limited-flight chipping balls
  • hole reducers
  • cup sleeves & flag bases
  • a stadium backstop
  • break pads that allow you to experience hundreds of terrain variations

The Country Club is handcrafted in the USA, portable, and sets up quickly and easily. It comes in sizes 6′ x 10′ and 6′ x 12′ — make sure you have the space to accommodate your choice.

For more details about what comes with the Country Club and the V2 improvements, check out this page.

We love this putting green because of the comfortable size and the 3″ reduced hole in the center, which is very handy for improving your accuracy.

3. Fiberbuilt 10′ x 10′ Putting Green

Fiberbuilt 10' x 10' Putting Green

If, for some reason, you don’t want a Big Moss putting green, or if you like the idea of having a lot of surface area to practice on indoors, check out this model from Fiberbuilt.

This premium putting green has 100 square feet (10′ x 10′) of space. The surface is designed to be realistic, with a true roll and a soft feel underfoot. The underfoot provides an accurate feel that emulates real green conditions, so you can get the most out of your practice.

The Fiberbuilt 10′ x 10′ is perfectly suitable for chipping as well; the turf delivers a realistic check and roll.


First off, it’s worth mentioning that the green surface rolls at 9 on the Stimpmeter. This is slower (but not too slow) than many of the other putting greens we review on this page, and if that appeals to you, it’s something to keep in mind.

The Fiberbuilt 10′ x 10′ has three hole cutouts and three metal cups that provide an authentic feel and sound. It’s water-resistant and features a modular rubber foundation with easy-lock fasteners. You certainly don’t need to be a skilled handyman to set this up.

See Fiberbuilt putting greens in action here:

Many guarantees back up this putting green, including a 300,000 shot guarantee, warranties of at least 1 year (up to 5 years), and a 30-day buy-and-try.

For a full description of the specs and everything that comes with the Fiberbuilt 10′ x 10′ Putting Green, go to this page.

4. Big Moss Admiral V2 Putting Green

Big Moss Admiral V2 Putting Green

This PGA-endorsed putting green by Big Moss has amazing reviews, and we think it offers one of the best balances between features and cost.

The Admiral is one of Big Moss’ traditional models, ideal for year-round practice and teaching. It’s perfect for the home or office.

Like the Country Club model, in addition to practicing your putting, you can also hit chips and pitch shots with a chipping mat and limited-flight chipping balls.


The Admiral also is triple-stitched, multi-layered, and uses True Roll technology.

The V2 version offers mostly the same benefits as the Country Club, namely a stadium-like backstop, rubber-backing, and a wrinkle-free surface. For more on this, you can see our section on the Country Club model above.

What Is Included

The Big Moss Admiral V2 package consists of the putting green itself, a chipping mat, and two limited-flight chipping balls.

Also included are hole reducers, cup sleeves and flag bases for all Regulation cups, a stadium backstop, and a break snake that allows you to create unlimited contours.

The Admiral is portable and sets up quickly and easily. It has three cups and is 6′ x 15′, so make sure you have the space to accommodate it.

For more details about what comes with the Admiral and the V2 improvements, check out this page.

We love this putting mat because it’s very durable, holds up very well to foot traffic, rolls fast, and enables you to improve in the critical 5-15 foot range.

5. Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green

Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green

We understand that some people reading this article might be looking to spend less than $100 on a cheap putting green. We don’t recommend this because they generally don’t give you the quality and performance you need to seriously improve your putting.

But if you’re set on getting this kind of putting green, maybe because you’re looking for recreation or something to pass the time indoors, then have a look at the Grassroots Par Three by Putt-A-Bout.

This very inexpensive putting green is manufactured in the USA and has a high average customer rating with thousands of reviews.


The Grassroots Par Three is a quirky kidney-shaped putting surface that has a size of 9′ x 3′. It has three practice cup cutouts along with sand trap areas that catch off-line puts.

The putting surface is made of PET resin. It seems to roll at about 10.5 on the Stimpmeter, which is a little faster than what you would find on a typical public course.

Given the price, the quality of the turf is decent and it rolls fairly smooth.

The putting green can be rolled up and unrolled easily, but keep in mind that rolling it up too tightly can introduce creases and kinks that can take time to disappear.

The simple layout is great for entertainment and also reasonably effective for developing a solid stroke.

In general, customers love the no-slide backing, the low price, and the convenience of the Grassroots Par Three.

6. Fiberbuilt Combo Mat & Putting Green

Fiberbuilt Combo Mat & Putting Green

How would you like to practice your chipping and pitching in addition to your putting? How would you like a world-class studio mat and putting green in a combo pack, so that you can practice with every club in the bag at your convenience?

If this appeals to you, the Fiberbuilt Combo Mat & Green system is what you want to look at. It requires a pretty big budget, but it’s totally worth it. Drivers, woods, irons, wedges, putters — you can hit everything off this turf.

This all-in-one combo mat gives you at least 100 square feet of flexible practice space. It’s also perfect to pair up with an indoor golf simulator system.


The system consists of a high-performance, durable fairway turf (10′ x 4′) along with a true-roll putting green with a realistic chipping and putting feel. You can choose from putting green sizes of 10′ x 6′, 10′ x 8′ or 10′ x 12′.

Hitting surfaces are made of genuine Fiberbuilt grass that accurately simulates real launch conditions. There are four tee holes on the hitting section. The putting turf features two cups in each corner.

One of the things we really love about the Fiberbuilt mat is that it easily sets up with radar launch monitors like SkyTrak and GC. So if you have simulator software, a net/screen or enclosure, you can create a full simulator setup and be able to practice your putting in the same area.

What Is Included

The Fiberbuilt Combo Mat & Green accommodates both left and right-handed golfers. It comes with a 300,000 swing guarantee and assembles in a few easy steps. Included are (not limited to):

  • one Fiberbuilt grass (nylon) section
  • two stance mats
  • two hole cutouts
  • two metal cups
  • a modular rubber foundation with lock fasteners

The unit has dimensions of at least 10 feet x 10 feet. Make sure you know if your space will be able to accommodate the exact size you choose.

For a full description of everything that comes with the Fiberbuilt Combo Mat & Green and the options available to you, go to this page.

Buying Guide

An indoor golf putting green can be a big investment. Because of this, it’s important to consider all the factors that will affect your experience and match it with what your goals are.

Here are the most important factors you need to consider when figuring out what green will best meet your needs:

1. Size

Putting Green Size Diagram

Size can be critical in putting greens, particularly indoors where you’re confined by walls and other objects.

Assuming fixed quality, putting greens with larger footprints tend to be more expensive. At the same time, the more surface area you have, the more productive your sessions will likely be because you’ll be able to practice more putting scenarios.

With smaller and narrower putting greens, you may eventually get bored or unmotivated if it feels like you’re hitting the same putt over and over again.

You need to measure the width and length of your space and compare it to the dimensions of every putting green you look at. In general, you should be able to accommodate at least 10 feet of length and 6-8 feet of width for a putting green.

2. Material & Durability

Putting Green Material

For one, you should consider the turf of the putting green.

What is the quality of the roll, and how well does it emulate a green that you would find on a real golf course? Obviously, the more realistic the putting green, the better it is for improving your game.

You don’t have to have a Tour-like green speed, but having a green with some speed to it will allow you to develop your touch much more effectively.

As you would expect, cheaper putting greens tend to roll worse, but that’s not a hard rule.

When it comes to durability, consider things like whether or not the putting mat has a solid base that is thick enough to stay in good condition long-term, as well as how well the turf material resists wear.

A good way to gauge the quality & durability of a putting green, aside from reading customer reviews, is to compare the price with the size. Expensive greens that have less surface area are likely to have premium-quality surfaces.

3. Features

When it comes to putting greens, you don’t really need many bells and whistles. What’s important are a quality putting surface and at least several cups to putt to.

However, it’s still worth considering features that can make your life easier. Some putting greens have a ball return feature, but these mostly fall on the cheap end of the spectrum and have only a thin track to putt on.

Most putting green offerings allow you to practice chipping as well. For example, Big Moss putting greens come with special chipping mats.

Other offerings, like the Fiberbuilt Combo package reviewed above, feature a full hitting mat that enables you to hit any club in the bag, in addition to a putting green.

Also consider if your putting green includes items that allow you to add break, such as break snakes and break pads. These can make your practice sessions much more dynamic and useful.

4. Budget

Money bag

Of course, your budget is very important when shopping for an indoor golf putting green.

Not everyone can afford putting greens that cost four figures, much less five. Fortunately, there are options that cost well below this amount. Golfers with large budgets have some excellent options as well.

However, we take the view that if you’re serious about practicing your putting at home, you shouldn’t get a cheap putting green that costs under $100. These greens are typically of low quality or have a very small surface area, and won’t serve you nearly as well over the long term in terms of improving your game.

In this guide, we’ve tried to include quality putting greens over a range of budgets that golfers might have. But the great thing is that you don’t have to drop the full cost of it at once.

Our recommended putting green source here provides easy financing options that allow you to pay for something more pricey like a Fiberbuilt 10′ x 10′ over the course of a year or longer. Don’t forget about this option.


Maybe you want to get serious about improving your putting so you can lower your scores. Maybe you want a putting green to keep you and your friends entertained at home.

Whatever your reasons for wanting a putting green for indoor use, there are many excellent options available. Finding a putting green that meets your needs is certainly possible with some research.

Each of the putting greens reviewed above offer excellent value for the cost. We’ve given you the information you need to make a decision; now it’s up to you to go the rest of the way.

Many putting greens can be used for chipping, but if you want to hit irons or woods as well, we recommend pairing it with a quality golf simulator system. To that end, we have many buying guides you can take a look at.

We also highly recommend reading customer reviews of putting greens to obtain useful insights as to how they actually perform. This can help you a great deal in the decision-making process.

Thanks for reading this guide. Which putting green are you interested in? Do you have any questions? Feel free to drop a comment below.

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