Cobra LTDx LS Driver Review – Penetrating Low Spin

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Cobra LTDx LS Driver - 3 Perspectives

In this review, I’ll take a look at the Cobra LTDx LS driver.

The LTDx LS packs the same cutting-edge technologies that mark Cobra’s LTDx family of drivers, but features adjustable heel and toe weights and shifts more weight forward for low spin and a penetrating ball flight.

The LTDx LS is designed for skilled players with high swing speeds who demand workability. But how does it actually perform when put to the test? How does it compare with the standard LTDx, and does it set a new bar in low-spin distance? Who is it best suited for?

Read on to find out what you need to know to make an informed purchase.

Note: Unless otherwise stated, stock shafts and stock grips are used when evaluating this club. In most cases, the golf clubs reviewed on Golfstead are acquired temporarily for testing purposes and are not purchased. The review that follows is based on the personal experience and research of the author. Because everyone’s swing and body are different, results with a particular club may differ from person to person.

What are the reviews like?

Customer ratings of the LTDx LS driver are stellar — the driver has a perfect average score of 5/5 on the Cobra store, 5/5 on Global Golf, 5/5 on PGA TOUR Superstore, and 4/5 on Rock Bottom Golf. Critics have also rated the LTDx LS very highly.

It’s also worth noting that the LTDx LS, along with the other LTDx drivers, earned a gold medal on the Golf Digest 2022 Hot List.

What People Like

  • impressive forgiveness for a “players” driver
  • monstrous distance potential
  • very workable yet surprisingly easy to hit
  • incredibly solid feel
  • holds up very well in the wind

What People Don’t Like

  • stock shaft options could be a little better
  • ultra-low spin doesn’t suit many

The Features

The LTDx LS driver has the same core technologies as the LTDx, namely:

  • PWR-COR: positions as much weight as possible low and forward, right behind the hitting zone, to maximize ball speed and reduce spin.
  • H.O.T Face: optimizes face thickness in multiple locations using machine-learning and CNC machining, resulting in increased ball speeds across the face.
  • Infinity Face: wraps around the leading edge in an effort to increase ball speeds on the bottom part of the face, as well as creates a traditional top line meant to improve visual alignment.
  • Multi-Material Construction: consists of a light and strong titanium chassis, sole plate, and lightweight carbon crown, all of which enable weight savings that are shifted low and forward in the PWR-COR for increased speed.

The purchase of an LTDx LS driver also makes you eligible to receive free Arccos Smart Sensors and a one-year free trial to the Arccos Caddie app. Arccos sensors are attached to the clubs in your bag and enable automatic shot tracking.

The key difference with the LTDx LS is weighting. The PWR-COR consists of 19 grams of weight (5g exterior aluminum weight and 14g machined steel internal weight) behind the hitting zone, but unlike the standard LTDx, there is no back weighting that would increase launch.

Also, the LTDx LS features two adjustable sole weights (10g and 3g) — one towards the heel and one towards the toe.

The heavy 10g weight can be put in the toe position for as much as four yards of fade bias, or it can be put in the heel position for a neutral or light fade ball flight. This weight distribution can be further customized with LTDx weights sold separately.

Stock Info

The LTDx LS driver is available in and 10.5° standard lofts at 460 CC.

The LTDx LS comes with a MyFly adjustable hosel that has eight loft settings: -1.5°, -1°, -1° Draw, STD, STD Draw, +1°, +1° Draw, and +1.5°.

Several premium aftermarket shafts are available with the LTDx LS. The stock options are the:

  • TENSEI AV RAW White (65g) (low launch, low spin)
  • Project X HZRDUS Smoke iM10 (60g) (mid launch, mid spin)
  • Project X HZRDUS Smoke RDX Blue (60g) (mid launch, low spin)

The stock grip is the Lamkin Crossline 58R. Custom options are available.

The LTDx LS is also available in Tour Length (shorter 44.5″ length with heavier sole weights) and Limited Edition Black variants.

If you’re interested, full information on the driver, shafts, grips and their specs can be found here.

Below are the specs of the LTDx LS driver. Click or zoom to enlarge.

Cobra LTDx LS Driver Specs

The Performance


For golfers with high swing speeds (around 100+ mph), the LTDx LS will likely deliver more carry, more rollout, and more total distance compared to the LTDx. I even found that I was picking up a couple mph more ball speed and club head speed during my tests.

Under the right conditions, the LTDx LS is a bomb, a rocket, smoking hot — whatever you want to call it. It can be just as long, if not longer than modern low-spin drivers from other manufacturers such as Callaway — the Rogue ST MAX LS comes to mind.

Average launch angles with the LTDx LS tend to be a couple degrees lower than the LTDx, so you’ll need more swing speed in order to compensate. If you can do this, you will be amazed at how far you can hit it off the tee.


As you would expect, the forgiveness of the LTDx LS is the worst in the LTDx family of drivers. However, I still found that it’s surprisingly good for a low-spin driver; poor swings actually have a decent chance of staying in the fairway.

I don’t know how you pull off speed, low spin, workability, and forgiveness all at the same time, but Cobra has managed to pull it off with the LTDx LS. During my tests, dispersions were wider than the LTDx only by about 5-8 yards.

The fade bias resulting from the 10g weight being placed in the toe position can also help golfers who struggle with hooks off the tee.


The standard trajectory produced by the LTDx LS is low-mid with 0-4 yards of fade bias depending on whether the 10g weight is in the heel or toe port.

You can switch out the sole weights with different LTDx weights sold separately (6g, 8g, 12g, 14g), and this can alter performance. You can also use the MyFly hosel to add loft, remove loft, or introduce draw bias.

All of this means that there is plenty of opportunity to dial in a driver setting that gives you the best results.

The LTDx LS has excellent inherent workability, and on top of that, putting the 10g weight in the heel position for a neutral flight bias is like a blank canvas for shot shapers. Along with low spin, the high level of controllability is one of the greatest benefits of this driver.

The Look

Although the LTDx LS has the same head volume (460 CC) as the LTDx and LTDx MAX, it has a bit more of a traditional pear shape with a crown that is less elongated. The LTDx LS also appears less closed when set up behind the ball.

The alignment aid and the raised crown accents help keep the ball in visual focus. The overall look and aesthetic is very identical to the LTDx, with one major exception: Cobra has removed the weight port in the back and added two near the face, which gives the middle triangle pattern room to extend towards the rear.

There are two different colour schemes available: matte black with gold or gloss peacoat with red. Providing more choice when it comes to colour aesthetic is a great way to get interested golfers off the fence.

I generally like the design of the LTDx drivers, and the LS is no exception.

The Sound & Feel

The sound & feel of the LTDx LS in the sweet spot region, which is that circle with the infinity symbol on the face, is among the best you’ll experience in golf. It’s simply fantastic.

Compared to the LTDx, the feel is even more explosive, and it’s also solid and muted. The sound (a satisfying “crack” with a little bit of a “pop” mixed in) is there, but it seems just a little quieter overall.

In my experience, the configuration of the sole weights has minimal impact on the sound and feel. You might be able to feel a slight shift in the center of gravity, but that’s it.

The feel gets noticeably worse the farther you move away from the center of the face — even more so than the LTDx and LTDx MAX. However, when you consider the fact that this driver has “better-player” characteristics, it’s really not something to complain about.

Mis-hit feedback is distinct, and keen golfers should be able to determine where they make ball contact with fairly high precision.

Where To Buy This Driver Online

The LTDx LS driver is not a current-season model, so ordering it custom is difficult.

A fantastic place to snatch up this driver at low prices (new or used) is eBay.

I also recommend looking at the stock available on Global Golf and PGA TOUR Superstore. These vendors may offer club trade-ins, performance guarantees, and/or financing plans to help you minimize the financial hit and maximize peace of mind.


It’s difficult to find any fault with the Cobra LTDx LS as a low-spin driver.

Distance is explosive, the ball flight is strong, forgiveness is good, workability is great, feel is top-notch, and there’s plenty of room for adjustability. The fact that the LTDx LS is more affordable than other low-spin drivers from other brands is also a nice bonus.

The LTDx LS is best suited for low-handicap or scratch golfers with fast swing speeds (around 100+ mph) that can take advantage of the low-spin, penetrating flight by getting the ball sufficiently airborne. If you don’t fall in this category, you’re likely to perform better with the LTDx or even the LTDx MAX.

For best results with the LTDx LS, it’s important to not only use a shaft that suits your swing, but also to experiment with the sole weights and MyFly hosel. If you can do that, you’ll be well-positioned to take advantage of strong driver performance for the upcoming season and beyond.

Are you interested in the Cobra LTDx LS driver? Have you tried it yet? What’s your experience? Let us know in the comments below.

Cobra LTDx LS Driver - Featured
Cobra LTDx LS Driver
Sound & Feel
A speed machine with bomb potential
Surprisingly good forgiveness for a low-spin driver
Very workable and controllable
Penetrating flight holds up well in windy conditions
Top-notch sound and feel
A great deal of adjustability
Doesn't have a wide appeal like the LTDx or LTDx MAX
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