Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor Review – Approved By Tiger

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If you’ve ever wanted to know what launch monitor Tiger Woods uses, look no further than the Full Swing KIT, an advanced radar-based launch monitor built at Woods’ request and according to his standards.

Unveiled in 2021, the KIT is designed with high processing power, high accuracy, and affordability in mind. It is said to achieve the same reliability that Woods gets with his indoor Full Swing simulator.

And now, with a major firmware upgrade, it has gained the ability to be used indoors with golf simulator software.

In this Full Swing KIT review, I’ll take an in-depth look at the launch monitor. I’ll look not only at how well it measures ball and swing data, but also at its usability and simulation capabilities.

How does the Full Swing KIT perform? How does it compare to other launch monitors like the GCQuad? Who is it best suited for?

Here’s what I’m going to be covering in the review:

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Note: In the majority of cases, launch monitors tested on Golfstead are acquired temporarily and are not purchased. The review that follows is based on personal experience and research. Although the author makes every effort to ensure proper setup of the device and do direct comparisons with other launch monitors when possible, there are many variables that can affect data readings and performance. Therefore, exact results with a particular launch monitor may differ from person to person.

What is the Full Swing KIT?

Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor - Diagonal View

The Full Swing KIT is an advanced portable launch monitor that tracks an array of club and ball data parameters through machine-learned Doppler radar and dedicated processors.

Full Swing developed the KIT over the course of many years in collaboration with Tiger Woods himself, who sought a launch monitor that he could take to the range and that he could count on as much as his indoor Full Swing Pro Series simulator.

The Full Swing KIT has been tested, approved and endorsed by Woods, who has used it in public many times. It has a compact design with a protective case that can fit in a golf bag. It also has direct-to-screen output and is the only launch monitor with a customizable OLED full-colour screen.

Other features of the KIT are:

  • separate processors for radar and media
  • an onboard 4K camera with 1080p output for swing capture and analysis
  • data customization and viewing on multiple devices including iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch
  • ability for data measurements to be spoken to you through headphones
  • five hours of battery life

A dedicated companion app (iOS only) is available for the KIT which allows you to view your historical shot data, store video, track trends, and manage your clubs and bag.

No leveling calibration or stickers are needed. The KIT is aligned to the target either through the companion app or buttons on the unit itself.

With a recent firmware update, the Full Swing KIT can now also be used indoors as a golf simulator. It is currently compatible with the iOS version of E6 CONNECT, provided through either a one-time purchase or a Basic or Expanded subscription.

Setting Up The KIT

Setup of the KIT is fairly simple. To begin, first press the power button on the left side of the KIT and hold it for two seconds to turn it on.

Then place the unit about 10 feet behind the ball, ensuring that it’s level with the hitting zone and there are no obstructions.

Note: The KIT comes with a charging block and USB-C charging cable. You should use these to fully charge the unit before first use. The charging port can be accessed by lifting the rubber tab on the left side of the unit.

Next, install the Full Swing KIT app on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch), create a Full Swing account, and pair the device with the KIT. You will need to connect the KIT to a Wi-Fi network in order to download firmware updates.

In the app, tap the “Start Practice Session” button, select the environment type (indoor or outdoor), and select your club.

Next, you need to set the alignment. Aim the KIT so that the solid white line in the middle is overlapping the target, and ensure that the ball is in between the dashed white lines.

You’re now ready to start hitting shots. Data can be viewed either on the KIT’s front screen or on the app.

Watch Full Swing’s official setup video here:

If you’re playing indoors with E6 CONNECT, you’ll need to:

  1. Download and install the E6 CONNECT app on your iOS device.
  2. Create an E6 account.
  3. Redeem your purchased E6 CONNECT license.
  4. Connect the KIT to your device through Bluetooth pairing.

Additional Info

  • the KIT can only handle slight wetness such as from damp or dewy grass.
  • soaps or cleaning products should not be used to clean the unit; only use a dry or slightly damp cloth.
  • the KIT has an IP54 rating which means there is limited dust protection and water splash protection.
  • the KIT contains a built-in lithium-ion battery rated for 8000 mAh.
  • the battery should not be left on an empty charge when not in use for long periods.
  • the unit weighs 4 lbs.

You can optionally use the KIT without a mobile app, but if you do so, data and swing videos will not be saved. Through the main menu accessed with the buttons on the right side of the KIT, you can select clubs, align the unit, change the data view format, and change the units of measurement.

Parameters & Features

Data Parameters

Full Swing KIT Data Points

The Full Swing KIT currently measures 16 data parameters. They are:

  • ball speed
  • club head speed
  • carry distance
  • total distance
  • side carry distance
  • side total distance
  • smash factor
  • spin rate
  • spin axis
  • face angle
  • face to path
  • attack angle
  • launch angle
  • club path
  • apex height
  • horizontal angle

Then there’s that all-important question: just how accurate is the KIT? All things considered, it’s at least as good as the Mevo+ and on par with even the Foresight Sports GC3.

MyGolfSpy performed an in-depth analysis of the KIT and compared the data readings to the GCQuad. It found that some measurements differed from the GCQuad (which can be considered the ultimate benchmark for accuracy) by as much as 50%, which is significant.

However, other testers have said that the accuracy is excellent and it goes above and beyond what you would expect for a launch monitor at this price point. They say that it doesn’t miss a shot and that there are no noticeable differences in readings compared to the more expensive GC3.

MyGolfSpy seems to be an outlier when commenting on the accuracy. And our most recent tests are mostly in line with what others say; it does seem like the accuracy has improved in recent months.

Having said this, to get the best results, you need to make sure that the setup is correct and that the unit is level with the hitting zone; otherwise, you might experience some really wonky readings.

The good thing is that Full Swing has been working to improve the accuracy of the unit through firmware updates, and the update rolled out in late March 2022 did just that.

Full Swing KIT App

Full Swing KIT app interface

The Full Swing KIT app, available for iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch, pairs directly with the KIT launch monitor, unlocking additional features for a richer experience.

The app is not necessary to use the KIT but it’s highly recommended. It allows you to:

  • set target alignment for the KIT
  • view and store 1080p video swing clips captured by the KIT’s on-board camera
  • customize and sort the data parameters that you see
  • view normalized data in the absence of environmental factors
  • view interactive dispersion charts
  • view trends and averages for different clubs
  • do custom bag and club management
  • get audio feedback after every shot

The Apple Watch version of the app allows you to view shot data and change clubs. A Premium subscription unlocks unlimited video storage and a range of historical data.

To find out if your mobile device can run the app, go to this page.

You can also customize the device display by going into the app settings and dragging the data metrics into the desired order with your finger.

Golf Simulation

The Full Swing KIT can currently integrate with the iOS version of E6 CONNECT, a top-tier golf simulation software known for its quality and diverse range of features.

Get a sense for what it’s like in the video below:

Basic Subscription

The Basic Subscription of E6 CONNECT includes 27 courses plus 12 additional courses that are rotated monthly by Full Swing.

Most of the courses aren’t particularly well-known but are still very fun to play. Courses include the PGA Centenary Golf Course at Gleneagles, Pinehurst No. 8, Troon North Monument Course, and The Belfry.

Also included with this subscription are six practice areas, chip & putt modes, one of 14 minigames rotated monthly, and 8 modes of play including stroke play, stableford, best ball and long drive.

Peer-to-peer play and online events with other KIT users are available.

Expanded Subscription

The Expanded Subscription includes full access to 101 courses, many of which are world-famous. Some notables include Bethpage Black, Firestone, Kiawah Island, Torrey Pines, and Cog Hill.

In addition to the practice areas, modes, P2P and online events of the Basic Subscription, you also get full access to 14 minigames and there are no monthly rotations.

Perpetual Package

The Perpetual Package only requires a one-time payment. It comes with 5 courses, practice areas, and chip & putt modes.

Only stroke play is available and online events are limited. There are no other features.

One of the things we love about E6 CONNECT is the level of customization and control over your experience. You can adjust things like mulligans, gimmie ranges, average ball speeds, ball size, and course conditions such as wind and green speeds.

E6 CONNECT is one of the best and most powerful golf simulator software solutions on the market right now, but it’s pretty expensive. Full Swing will hopefully add more software integrations soon, because it’s always better to have options, right?

Pricing & Plans

The Full Swing KIT launch monitor costs $4999. This includes the radar unit, protective travel case, and charger.

The companion app can be used for free but has a $99.99/year subscription plan that unlocks unlimited video storage and detailed historical data.

E6 CONNECT is available for the KIT in the form of:

  • a Basic Subscription ($299/year): includes 27 courses with 12 rotating courses and one rotating minigame each month, online contests, and P2P play.
  • an Expanded Subscription ($599/year): includes all software features with 100+ courses, minigames, practice areas, and play modes.
  • a Perpetual Package ($750 one time): includes 5 courses and practice areas.

For golfers that just want to practice on the range and play courses, the Perpetual Package is a really good option. If you want more features for entertainment, you’ll need to pay on a subscription basis.

Where To Buy The KIT Online

If you’re looking online, the best places I would recommend to buy the KIT are The Indoor Golf Shop, Rain or Shine Golf, and Top Shelf Golf.

Whichever you choose, you’ll have access to their great customer support team in addition to support from Full Swing, so you should be able to have all of your questions and concerns addressed. Each vendor offers financing as well.

If you’re looking for a discount on a used KIT, you may be able to find a good deal on eBay.

The Premium subscription for the app can be purchased through your mobile device, and E6 CONNECT packages for the KIT can be purchased on the Full Swing website.

Another thing that you should consider if you plan to use the KIT indoors is a full golf simulator setup with screen, enclosure and projector. One of the best packages available right now is the KIT SIG10. You could alternatively use a net, which is a cheaper option.

Final Thoughts

The Full Swing KIT launch monitor has many things going for it: it’s relatively affordable compared to the top units on the market, it measures a nice amount of data parameters, it’s accurate, the app is well-made and intuitive, and it’s backed by arguably the greatest golfer to ever play the game.

When it was released onto the market in 2021, it was pretty bare-bones in terms of features. It couldn’t even be used indoors with software. This has largely been addressed.

At this point, I can safely say that it’s a viable alternative to other established, proven launch monitors like the GC3, Mevo Plus, and even the GCQuad. In many cases, it’s a better option than the GC3 because it’s more affordable and measures more data parameters.

However, the two biggest issues with the KIT are:

  1. The Full Swing KIT app is not available to Android or PC users.
  2. Golf simulation functionality is limited to one piece of software (E6 CONNECT) on iOS only.

It’s practically required to have an iOS device (iPhone or iPad) to get the most out of the KIT. For people who are accustomed to Android devices or PCs and don’t want to use Apple products, this can be a challenge.

Fortunately, as I said in a previous section, Full Swing is committed to building on and improving the KIT. They are coming out with new features, improvements and optimizations through firmware updates, they’re working on Android compatibility, and they will almost certainly be adding more simulator software integrations in the future.

Although I wouldn’t have recommended the KIT in 2021, I can recommend it now after their major firmware update for indoor golf. Right now, it’s best suited for golfers who want accurate launch monitor performance with plenty of parameters and who value the high-profile endorsement of Tiger Woods.

Thanks for reading my Full Swing KIT review. Are you interested in the KIT? Have you tried it already? What’s your experience? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor - Diagonal View
Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor
Value For Money
Good selection of data parameters
Reliable and accurate
App is well-designed and intuitive
Used by top pros including Tiger Woods and Jon Rahm
Fast with smooth operation
Relatively simple setup with self-leveling
No compatibility with Android devices or PCs
Only one iOS simulation software solution available
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