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Nike Vapor Speed Iron Reviews

Nike Vapor Speed Iron Reviews (2015)

Here I will be reviewing the Nike Vapor Speed irons, the sister irons to the Nike Vapor Pro and Nike Vapor Pro Combo irons. Nike has made huge strides as a golf equipment brand and these irons are certainly indicative of that. Read on to find out what you need to know about these top-quality golf irons to make an informed purchase.

What are the reviews like?

These irons have been received extremely well. They have a 4.8/5 rating on Amazon (which is, not surprisingly, one of the best places to buy the irons) and a 4.5 star rating on Nike’s official website. Reviewers have lauded these irons for their great feel, aesthetics, distance and height, as well as being a big improvement over the previous year’s Nike Covert 2.0 irons. In terms of potential negatives, some feel that the forgiveness isn’t quit up to par with other irons in the game-improvement class, and also, some feel that the look at address isn’t very confidence-inspiring.

What are the features?

Nike’s top-of-the-line game improvement irons are low and deep weighted, which promotes a higher trajectory and increased distance. Also encouraging a higher ball flight (and increased ball speeds) are the lightweight, “tip-responsive” steel shafts. The center of gravity (CG) is balanced in the center of the face, and the clubheads themselves feature “Spring Steel” faces with NexCor technology (a technology that increases ball speed for a wide range of players).

Long irons (4, 5, 6, 7) have Flybeam reinforced hollow cavities that help with energy return and off-center stability, while short irons (8, 9, PW, AW) have RZN cavities that provide refined feedback and stability.

The grooves on the clubface are deeper and closer together (what Nike calls “X3X Groove Technology”), which promotes more ball spin. The width of the sole is moderate and the leading edge is beveled, and this allows for more forgiveness off when hitting off the turf.

Below is a table of the iron specs (loft, lie, etc.) if you’re interested.

NameLoftLength (men)Length (women)LieOffset
3 (Hollow Cavity)19°39.75"-59°0.180"
4 (Hollow Cavity)21°39.25"-60°0.170"
5 (Hollow Cavity)24°38.75"37.75"61°0.155"
6 (Hollow Cavity)28°38.25"37.25"62°0.140"
7 (Hollow Cavity)32°37.75"36.75"62.5°0.125"
8 (RZN Cavity)36°37.25"36.25"63°0.110"
9 (RZN Cavity)40°36.75"35.75"63.5°0.095"
PW (RZN Cavity)44°36.50"35.50"64°0.080"
AW (RZN Cavity)49°36.25"35.25"64°0.065"
SW (RZN Cavity)54°36"35"64°0.050"

What about look, sound and feel?

The Vapor Speed irons aren’t necessarily like typical game improvement irons you’d find on the market. The offset is reasonable, the top line isn’t overly thick, and the sole is wide enough to be very forgiving. The length of the head from heel to toe is a bit longer than other similar irons, but not offensively so.

The shafts are relatively long, and this, combined with stronger lofts, helps significantly with distance. These irons have really solid proportions overall, and they can make you feel pretty confident when you’re addressing the ball. The “swoosh” design on the back is very minimalist and effective — you can be sure that the irons will catch eyes when they’re sitting in your bag.

The strike itself sounds like that of decent golf club — very solid. Nothing amazing, but certainly nothing bad either. I personally liked the feel of the irons and found them very responsive and forgiving.

How do these clubs perform?

Compared to the other models in the Vapor series (Pro and Pro Combo), the Vapor Speed irons launch higher without excessive spin, and this is beneficial for golfers who hit it low and could stand to gain some distance by hitting a higher trajectory. Tests have shown that mis-hit shots with Vapor Speed irons typically go a bit further than the other Vapor models, probably due to the added stability from the Flybeam (see above). This can help amateurs with slower swing speeds improve their consistency.

The Vapor Speed irons are generally easy to hit due to the size and length of the clubface, as well as the weighting of the sole. As I mentioned above, they are very forgiving; you will definitely be able to tell when you mis-hit a shot, but your ball flight won’t be penalized as much as it could be, which is a big plus.

Where should I buy these clubs?

Like most other name brand golf products, the price is generally protected by the manufacturer, and any supposed new set being sold at a much lower price compared to what is listed on the brand website is most likely a knockoff. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Your best and safest bet is to get them from Amazon here (sets for women can be purchased here) or from the Nike website, but Amazon would likely be faster and more convenient if you already purchase things from there.

What about a used set?

If you would rather save money and get a used set of Vapor Speed irons, you can look at either this page on eBay or Global Golf. I think eBay is generally a bit better for used irons. There are plenty of listings for used sets that you can look through, and you’re completely protected by both retailers’ money back guarantees.


Pros: Can handle tough lies just fine; can shape shots with ease; consistent ball flight; nice look and feel
Cons: Forgiveness is decent but could be better; may be a bit too light for some; offset makes irons a little more difficult to hit compared to other similar game-improvement irons

The Vapor Speed irons are excellent irons at a reasonable price point, and if you’re someone who wants any of:

a) great forgiveness, more consistency, a higher launch and/or more distance on your iron shots (especially if you tend to hit low trajectories)
modern-design golf irons with the latest technology

… then these irons are certainly an option you should consider. They are among the best that Nike currently has to offer. A quality set of irons such as these can help you play better golf for many years and more than pay back their value over time. The Speed model is well suited for recreational golfers who want more forgiveness and a better trajectory on their shots. Moreover, the best thing you can do is try them out yourself and discover whether or not they are for you.

==> Think the Vapor Speed irons might be an option for you?  You’ll probably want to check this out here! <==

If you have any thoughts or opinions about the Nike Vapor Speed irons, be sure to leave a comment below!

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