PING G25 Iron Reviews

PING G25 Iron Reviews

PING G25 Iron Reviews

Here I will be reviewing the PING G25 game-improvement iron set.  These irons have a number of key technologies that are claimed to result in great forgiveness, distance and a high trajectory for the higher-handicapper.  How much truth is there to these claims?

Read on to find out what you need to know about these irons to make an informed purchase.

What are the reviews like?

Customer and reviewers have confirmed that the G25 irons deliver the reliable distance and great forgiveness we’ve come to expect from PING clubs.  They have a 5-star aggregate rating on AmazonGlobal Golf and the Dick’s Sporting Goods website.

One of the most widely praised aspects of the G25 irons is the weighting and feel.  Also mentioned is the excellent mishit forgiveness, the straight, high-trajectory launch, and a look that is less bulky than the previous G20.  The G25 isn’t as conducive to shot shaping as other irons, and not everyone likes the feel at impact.

What are the features?

The PING G25 irons lie in the game-improvement class, and as such, they generally produce a higher trajectory, solid distance and great forgiveness, with a clubhead that is meant to inspire confidence in the golfer.  According to PING, the G25 irons are designed to appeal to golfers of all skill levels.

The sole of the iron has an integrated custom turning point (CTP) that decreases the mass and lowers the center of gravity (CG); PING states that this results in shots that are long, high and forgiving.  The CTP aligns directly with the impact area, and this allows for a higher moment of inertia (MOI) in addition to a lower center of gravity.  The high MOI contributes to the G25’s forgiving clubhead.  The clubface is stabilized by low-toe weighting and face support bars to help improve feel and distance control.

A multi-material cavity badge made of aluminum and a soft elastomer helps to produce a solid impact sound and further improve feel.  The sole widths of the G25 irons are progressive — greater on the harder-to-hit longer irons, and less on the more workable and controllable shorter irons.

The G25 irons are available in 3-9, PW, UW, SW, and LW.  For more information on specs with a steel shaft and black dot configuration, see the table below.  Full details can be found on the PING website.

NameLoftLengthOffsetLieBounce WidthSwing WeightHand

How do these irons perform?

Forgiveness:  Very forgiving.  Shot dispersion is minimal thanks to the high MOI, among other things, which minimizes flexing and twisting of the clubface at impact.  Sidespin is also minimal, and this certainly helps to combat unwanted slices or hooks particularly with the longer irons.  Severe misses usually aren’t catastrophic, and often they still remain relatively on line.

Distance:  A repeatable swing and a solid strike will yield a consistent and reliable distance, even with the long irons.  The short irons afford a good amount of control for precise shots into the green. Yardages are respectable, but arguably not as long as long as other irons in the game-improvement class like the TaylorMade RocketBladez.

Trajectory:  Good strikes on the ball produce a relatively straight, high-trajectory shot throughout the bag.  It’s easy to get the ball up in the air from almost any lie with a properly executed shot.  Like most game-improvement irons, workability is limited, but not as much as some might expect in the case of the G25.

What about look, sound and feel?

Look:  The G25 features a non-glare matte finish.  The back of the iron head has a clean design with a mostly black/white/silver colour scheme.  It’s simplistic yet effective.  Many golfers appreciate the thinner topline and thinner, more progressive sole width of the G25 iron compared to that of the previous G20.  Offset is substantial, but less in the shorter irons when compared with the G20.  PING did a great job with the G25 achieving a look that is less bulky (for a GI iron) while still maintaining a level of forgiveness worthy of the G line of irons.

Sound and Feel:  Shots with the G25 have the characteristic PING feel and sound of solidness and stability.  Although feedback generally isn’t very distinct with game-improvement irons, the G25 actually does a good job of letting you know where you make contact on the face, so you shouldn’t have any problems in that regard.

Where should I buy these clubs?

At the time of writing, black dot standard lie G25 irons (a large selection of different set, loft and shaft flex configurations) are available for purchase on Global Golf.  You can also find listings for various G25 iron sets in different dot colours and configurations on this eBay page or this Amazon page.

If buying online, it is recommended to do the following to maximize your success with these clubs:  measure both your height and the distance from the ground to your wrist when standing naturally.  Then match these two measurements to a PING colour code chart to find the dot colour (lie setting) that is best suited for you.  You should ideally use G25 irons with the correct colour dot, but it isn’t necessarily imperative.

What about a used set?

PING clubs are more difficult to find online than other brands, but regardless, eBay is probably the best place to look for used G25 irons at really good prices.  Click through the link to eBay I provided above, go to the advanced search settings and check the “Used” box.  You can also look through Amazon (see the link above) for used G25 listings.


Pros:  Good and reliable distance, really great forgiveness, easy to get the ball up in the air from a variety of lies, wonderful feel with solid and stable impact, slick aesthetics with a nice finish
Cons:  Some still may find the look of the iron to be a bit too fat, workability could be a little better

The PING G25 irons offer a fantastic balance between distance, forgiveness, look and feel.  Although it would seem that the G25 irons are best suited for a high handicapper looking for better forgiveness, golfers of all skill levels can find success with them.  Those looking for maximum control in a super-thin package may want to look into irons in the better-player category.

Think the PING G25 irons might be an option for you?  You’ll probably want to check this out here!

If you have any thoughts or opinions about the PING G25 irons, be sure to leave a comment below!

Images courtesy of:  Amazon


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