The Stress-Free Golf Swing Review – Ben Hogan’s #1 Swing Secret?

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If you’re a keen golfer, then The Stress-Free Golf Swing is something that you should look at. Let me tell you why.

Discovered by Jeff Richmond, the man behind the very popular golfing website Consistent Golf, The Stress-Free Golf Swing is based on a secret move used by the legendary golfer Ben Hogan.

Before Jeff had stumbled upon this move, it had never been documented before, even by the numerous golfing experts who had closely studied Hogan’s swing.

While this is already quite a claim to fame, Jeff actually came across this move completely by accident as he was studying the head movement of a number of professional golfers. Once Jeff started using this move, he noticed a huge improvement in his golf game.

This article is for those who want to improve their golf game but aren’t sure how to do it.

I’ve been an avid golfer for over a decade now, and I wanted to write this review to share my experience with the Stress-Free Golf Swing in the hopes that it can help you the way it’s helped me.

I’ve been a huge fan of golf for over a decade (long before I played it properly) and I thought I’d seen it all when it came to different swings and moves. But this system really managed to amaze me.

My good buddy and I used to play golf every weekend until he unexpectedly passed away a few years ago. Since then, I’ve upheld our weekly tradition of playing a few holes at the local club, which I know he would have wanted.

Golf was a big part of his life, and when he got more free time, he was able to truly throw himself into it. We both loved reading and learning more about our favorite pastime.

I think he would have been so stoked to come across the Stress-Free Golf Swing with me, since he was always looking to get better at his passion sport. So when I discovered it, I wanted to try it for for both of us.

If you’re ready to check out the program now, click the button below:

A Review: My Thoughts On The Stress-Free Golf Swing

So, what exactly is The Stress-Free Golf Swing?

Well, put quite simply, it’s a digital program that aims to teach you what they refer to as “the simplest golf swing on Earth”.

The Stress-Free Golf Swing Review - Product Shot

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

I thought the same before I purchased it, and was skeptical that it was some kind of scam.

After a lot of thinking and researching, I came to the conclusion that it was worth a shot, and I decided to try it out.

All the reviews I’d read were very positive, which was quite promising, and it came with a 60-day money back guarantee that made me feel much more confident about the purchase.

The Stress-Free Golf Swing is useful for all golfers, whether you’re just beginning or consider yourself seasoned. It’s a great confidence booster, and once it’s implemented into your swing pattern (1), it’ll very likely change the way you play entirely.

Before you attempt the move though, be sure to approach it with an open mind because it really is like nothing you’ve seen or heard before.

When I tried it, I was really quite surprised that such a small change in movement could make such a drastic difference in my ability on the golf course.

The move can be practiced anywhere, any time, and you can learn it in as little as five minutes.

It’s surely a move that you’re not used to because it’s hardly ever been seen before, and in fact, it’s almost the complete opposite movement to what is usually taught in mainstream golf instruction (2). But the more you practice, the more natural it’ll feel.

Here’s something interesting to know about the history behind the move: Ben Hogan actually didn’t begin using it until he was involved in a near-fatal car accident in which him and his wife, Valerie, collided head-on with a Greyhound Bus.

They survived, but his swing had changed forever, and from that, the secret move was born.

Here’s what you get with The Stress-Free Golf Swing…

Not only do you get everything you need to replicate Hogan’s move, but you also get additional tips, techniques and instruction on maximizing your results with the swing in mind.

Included in the package is:

  • an 85-page PDF with easy-to-follow, detailed instructions and images that give you all the information you need to start using Hogan’s secret move
  • 53 free extra pages that include even more pictures detailing the move
  • mental golf drills to assist in prepping you before a round
  • 7 videos that showcase not just the secret move, but also Hogan’s slow-motion practice and waggle, to up your game even more
  • 10 free bonus training videos that help you achieve the perfect position for the swing
  • various tips, tricks and techniques from a golfing expert

Go here to find out more.

The Stress-Free Golf Swing - Hogan's Head Movement Sequence

The Stress-Free Golf Swing Pros & Cons

Here’s what I like about the program:

  • it’s quick and easy to learn (I got the hang of it in just one afternoon!)
  • unlike other golfing systems that focus on many moves, this system focuses on just one, and this focus allows you to truly master the swing without having to worry about other factors
  • the program is highly affordable and packed with a ton of value
  • it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so if you try it and decide you aren’t satisfied, you can easily get a refund
  • it’s suitable for golfers of any experience level
  • the move can be employed by people over a wide range of physical ability
  • the package is full of practical advice that is easy to apply to your golfing game
  • the download format allows you to view it on your computer, laptop, smartphone or any other electronic medium, so you can practice it on the go

Here’s what I don’t like that much:

  • the system is entirely digital; if you don’t have access to a computer then you can’t really use this
  • the system isn’t guaranteed to improve your game, especially if you don’t incorporate the move correctly

My Results After Getting The Stress-Free Golf Swing

While I have enjoyed golfing for many years, there were always things about my form that I didn’t particularly like and knew were giving me problems.

I would often struggle to make solid contact, and I had struck my fair share of hooks and pull shots.

But after just a few days of reading and practicing the Stress-Free Golf Swing, I was able to overcome almost all of these issues in the simplest of ways — it really did seem obvious once I’d mastered it!

Since then, my golfing has become so much more consistent and my average score has dropped substantially.

Here’s a before-and-after example of how this move has affected my game. Before I employed the “secret move” in The Stress-Free Golf Swing, this is what a typical round for me looked like at my local golf club (click to enlarge):

The Stress-Free Golf Swing Before Result
A typical round at my local golf club before discovering the program

Now I regularly shoot rounds like this!

The Stress-Free Golf Swing After Result
A typical round for me after applying the move in The Stress-Free Golf Swing

This is just from learning and practicing Hogan’s “secret move” for a few weeks and also applying many of the other strategies covered in the program. Pretty good, eh?

Conclusion: Very Happy With The Stress-Free Golf Swing

Whatever problems you might be having with your swing, The Stress-Free Golf Swing can both solve that problem and drastically improve your game.

This way, golfing will be more enjoyable than you ever thought possible.

It’s an excellent system that is simple, effective and honest. It did wonders for my game, and I think there’s a great chance it’ll do wonders for your game too. I strongly recommend it.

If it doesn’t work out? I doubt that’ll happen, but you’ll be able to get a refund no questions asked.

Thanks for reading my review of the Stress-Free Golf Swing. See my summary and rating below. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to drop them in the comments!

The Stress-Free Golf Swing






Long-Term Potential





  • Program is easy to follow
  • Value-packed and affordable
  • Good for golfers of any experience level and physical ability
  • Contains great practical advice
  • Convenient format allows electronic viewing anywhere


  • No physical copy currently available
  • Likely won't see improvement in your game if not implemented correctly
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