5 Tips For A Cheap Golf Vacation

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Most people are of the opinion that golf is for the “big wigs”. They see it as the sport of the rich and extravagant.

This is not the complete truth. You can actually go on a golf vacation without breaking the bank if you follow these tips for a cheap golf vacation:

1. Get feedback from a trustworthy third party.

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While making plans for your vacation, try to get information from a trustworthy and impartial source. By this, I mean a source that can evaluate certain options like you would normally do.

One of the worst sources you can allow to influence your decision are marketers and agencies. These people are trying to make money and will say and do a lot to make it happen. They will always tell you the juicy parts of their proposition while downplaying certain drawbacks.

Instead, get information from impartial third parties like a friend or an average regular golfer who does not gain anything by referring you.

2. Opt for complete deals but beware of hidden charges.

The method you might normally follow, where you book a separate transfer flight or opt for budget airlines as a means of saving on flight costs may not work here.

One way to spend more on a golf vacation is by paying for different services from different service agencies. Most individuals who go on golf vacations will agree that you stand a higher chance of getting a discount when you opt for an all-in-one service.

When doing this, be very observant of the offer and ensure there are no complex clauses that can give your service provider excuse for draining your money.

3. Pick your golf destination and tee time correctly.

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Truth be told, you do not have to spend extra cash on a flight to a golf vacation miles away when you have one within driving distance. But it can make financial sense if the cost of flying is less than the cost of driving to the closer destination.

Besides the destination, seasons also play a role. I recommend that you opt for an off-season vacation if you don’t want to blow your budget. This idea is actually a pretty good one. You get to enjoy a nice and quiet vacation, and you also will not have to wait turns after each shot you take.

4. Prepare properly for your traveling.

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This is closely related to my next point. The only difference is that this tip focuses more on the efforts you make before you travel.

A very assured way to spend less while traveling is to travel light. But in the case of a golf vacation, this may not always be possible. This takes me back to my first point of getting accurate and complete information.

In some cases, carrying your golf equipment with you may be more expensive than buying or renting equipment when you arrive at your destination. However, you may not want to use just any equipment; you may want to use your own equipment.

The issue of locks is another thing to consider. There are certain locks that are not acceptable to use in securing your bags while traveling.

You should also consider what golf equipment you’ll need for the vacation. Look at things like GPS watches, rangefinders, and iron sets, and make sure your swing is solid.

5. Spend your money wisely.

While others will be renting a buggy, consider opting for a caddie instead. Many caddies are professional golfers and can help you with some sound advice. Consider the price of both these options.

Consider purchasing less expensive accommodation and less expensive food; this can make a huge difference in your total spend.

You can also choose to play a course multiple times rather than playing multiple courses.


Golf vacations don’t have to be once-in-a-lifetime money sinks. If you plan carefully, consider tips like the ones above, and explore all your options, you can enjoy these outings very affordably.

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