What Clubs Does Tiger Woods Use? (2015 In The Bag)

“What clubs does Tiger Woods use?” you ask.  So, you’re curious to know what clubs Tiger has in his bag when he’s out playing in golf tournaments.  Well, Tiger has made changes to his bag over the years, and the list below details what he’s currently using as of the 2015 Quicken Loans National, as well as where you can buy his clubs.  Naturally, all of his clubs are manufactured by Nike, as they are his main sponsor.

Tiger Woods: In-The-Bag 2015

Driver:  Nike Vapor Speed Prototype (set to Tiger’s own specifications)
Driver shaft:  Matrix Ozik TP7HDe 78X
Where to buy:  A standard Nike Vapor Speed driver can be purchased on Amazon (cheaper than the Nike store) and on eBay, as well as the extra stiff shaft.  Note that the shaft is top-of-the-line and very expensive.  The driver is highly rated.  The Nike Vapor Speed driver built to Tiger’s specifications is supposedly being sold on the Nike website, but I haven’t been able to find it.  It’s worth a look, though, if you’re interested.

What Clubs Does Tiger Woods Use 2015 Driver

Nike Vapor Speed Driver

3-Wood:  Nike Vapor Speed (15°)
3-wood shaft:  Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana Blue Board 103X
Where to buy:  The 3-wood can also be purchased on Amazon and eBay (also highly rated).  The shaft is more difficult to find; I tried looking on the Mitsubishi Rayon website but it appears that they may have taken the relevant page down.  This might be it.  You should look into it more if you’re interested in getting the shaft, as there are many slight variations.

5-Wood:  Nike Vapor Speed (19°)
5-wood shaft:  Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana Blue Board 103X (same as above)
Where to buy:  See the Amazon link above for the 3-wood and just select a 19° loft as one of your specifications.  As for the shaft, also see above.

What Clubs Does Tiger Woods Use 2015 Fairway Woods

Nike Vapor Speed Fairway Woods

Irons:  Nike Vapor Pro Blades (3-PW)
Iron shafts:  True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100
Where to buy:  Unsurprisingly, Amazon is a great place to buy these.  You can select the Dynamic Gold shaft right on the page, although I don’t believe it’s Tour issue.  If you want the absolute top-quality Tour issue variant, try looking here or on the True Temper website.

What Clubs Does Tiger Woods Use 2015 Irons

Nike Vapor Pro Blades

Wedges:  Nike Victory Red Forged X3X (56° and 60°)
Wedge shafts:  True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400
Where to buy:  There are plenty of variants of very similar wedges in this category.  High bounce X3X wedges, as well as the True Temper S400 Tour Issue shaft, can be purchased on Amazon here and here (Amazon really is an amazing place to buy, isn’t it?).  You can find tons of similar wedges here in the Nike store.

What Clubs Does Tiger Woods Use 2015 Wedges

Nike VR Forged Wedges

Putter:  Nike Method 001
Where to buy:  You’re probably best off buying this putter from the Nike store.  The reviews are glowing.

Golf Ball:  2014 Nike RZN Black
Where to buy:  Get these new on Amazon.  They’re a bit cheaper compared to the Nike Store.  Note that these are highly praised golf balls — look at the 4.7/5 rating and read the reviews and you’ll understand why.

What Clubs Does Tiger Woods Use 2015 Putter & Balls

You can be sure of the quality of the above equipment, but it’s up to you whether or not you think it’s worth the price.  Personally, I think they’re a great way to go if you’re have an interest in using the clubs that top pros use.  Every club I listed above has overwhelmingly positive reviews, which you can read on Amazon and the Nike store among other places.  Also, there are definitely more expensive clubs out there.

Images courtesy of:  Amazon


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