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Cobra F-MAX Irons Review – Effortless Speed & Distance

Here I’ll be reviewing the Cobra F-MAX and F-MAX ONE Length irons. Cobra claims the F-MAX are their lightest, most forgiving irons yet. They are intended to deliver super game-improvement performance with maximum swing speed, distance and forgiveness at an affordable price point. How does the F-MAX really perform when push comes to shove? Is it a good… Read more »

A Review of the Cobra MAX Irons

Cobra MAX Iron Reviews (2016) Here I’ll be fully reviewing the Cobra MAX super game-improvement iron, which recently earned a gold medal on the 2016 Golf Digest Hot List. The MAX iron features technology that optimizes performance all throughout the set; it’s currently one of Cobra’s best, most forgiving offerings for the high-handicap golfer. How does the MAX iron actually perform? Is… Read more »

Cobra Baffler XL Irons Review

Cobra Baffler XL Irons Review Here I’ll be reviewing the Cobra Baffler XL game-improvement iron set, said to deliver “easy distance and consistently higher ball flight” for those seeking maximum forgiveness. The Baffler XL irons supposedly offer tremendous value for the price; how much truth is there to this statement?  Are they worth the buy?  What are their… Read more »

Cobra BiO CELL Irons Review

Cobra BiO CELL Irons Review This is a review of the Cobra BiO CELL iron set, a game-improvement iron set said to pack “game-changing technology”.  The BiO CELL line serves as the predecessor to the Fly-Z. How do these irons perform?  Are they worth the buy?  How do they stack up against other similar offerings in the game-improvement class?  Read on… Read more »

Cobra Fly-Z XL Irons Reviews – High-Flying Distance

Cobra Fly-Z XL Irons Reviews (2015) This is a review of the Cobra Fly-Z XL iron set, a game-improvement iron set intended to deliver consistently higher trajectories and increased distance.  The Fly-Z line serves as the successor to the previous BiO CELL. How do these irons perform, and are they worthy of being compared with similar offerings in the game-improvement… Read more »