Titleist 913 D3 Driver Reviews

by | December 11, 2015

Titleist 913 D3 Driver Reviews

Titleist 913 D3 Driver Reviews

Here I will be reviewing the Titleist 913D3 driver, the better-player brother in the Titleist 913 line of drivers.  At the time of its debut, it was considered Titleist’s most playable and forgiving driver along with the game-improvement 913D2 (review here).  It was also touted to have more mis-hit forgiveness over the older 910D3.

Is the 913D3 worthy of being called an upgrade to the 910D3?  In what areas is it lacking?  Read on to find out what you need to know about the driver to make an informed purchase.

What are the reviews like?

Like the 913D2, the 913D3 driver has received glowing ratings since its debut.  It has a perfect 5-star aggregate rating on Global Golf (customer reviews can be read here), and has been given top ratings by most critics and professionals.

The 913D3 has been lauded for its compact look, excellent tour-level playability/workability (while still managing to offer very good forgiveness), extensive adjustability, solid feel and affordable price point, among other things.  Although distance results are consistent and very decent, it’s not quite as long as some people would like it to be; still, though, countless golfers have reported distance gains over their previous drivers.  Also, some players find the trajectory and spin rate to be a bit too low for their taste.

Overview and Features

The 913D3 driver features a 445cc classic pear-shaped titanium head (discussed more below).  It has a high-speed forged insert in the clubface which delivers more ball speed (and hence distance) over a larger area of the face.  The center of gravity (CG) has been lowered to a more “optimal” position, and a rear “SureFit Tour” weight has been added to both reduce spin and optimize the launch angle for more distance.

The 913D3 also has an adjustable hosel with “SureFit Tour hosel technology“, and it allows the golfer to dial in their launch flight.  With the SureFit Tour hosel, you can adjust the loft and lie to one of four positions each (4 x 4 = 16 total configurations); the adjustments can be made in increments of 0.75° over a range of 2.25°.

Compared with its brother, the 913D2, the 913D3 has a slightly smaller head (445cc as opposed to 460cc) and delivers a slightly lower trajectory with less spin.  It also offers a little less mis-hit forgiveness due to a smaller moment of inertia (MOI).  The 913D3 driver is available in 5 standard lofts, one standard lie and one standard length.  See the specifications of the 913D3 below:

Stock grip:  Titleist Tour Velvet 360
Stock shafts:  Mitsubishi Diamana +Plus White 72 (low launch), Aldila RIP Alpha 60 (lower-mid launch), Aldila RIP Phenom 70 (low-mid launch), Mitsubishi Diamana +Plus Blue 62 (mid launch)
Standard lofts:  7.5° (RH only), 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5°
Standard lie:  58.5°
Standard length:  45″

How does the driver perform?

Distance:  Like most adjustable drivers, you can take advantage of the adjustability in order to optimize your ball flight and distance — in the case of the 913D3, you can change the loft, lie and weight of the clubhead (through the removable pentagon-shaped weight) to your liking.  Be sure to adjust your alignment to compensate for any face angle changes.

Distance results with the 913D3 are very consistent and respectable, although it’s not necessarily the longest driver out there.  It retains a good amount of ball speed and distance on off-center hits — arguably not as much as the 913D2 (due to a slightly lower MOI) but still more than the 910D3 and good for a modern driver.

Forgiveness:  The forgiveness of the drivers in the Titleist 913 line remains among the best in the market.  Forgiveness has generally been improved since the 910D3 — the face insert results in ball speed increases of about 2 mph near the toe (about 4-6 more yards) and around 1% near the heel.  Directional dispersion is good, and it can be argued that it’s even tighter than the 913D2 because of the lower spin; you should expect slight to moderate mis-hits to not deviate much from the intended target line.  Skilled players should see very few to no wild shots out on the course.  Note that the face angle adjustments can help suppress slices or hooks to an extent.

Playability/Trajectory:  One of the key differences between the 913D3 and 913D2 is the location of the center of gravity.  The CG is positioned closer to the face in the head of the 913D3 — this results in better workability (shot shaping), a slightly lower ball flight with less spin, and a straight flight bias as opposed to a slight draw bias in the 913D2.  More skilled golfers should be able to control and shape shots with relative ease.

What about look, sound and feel?

Look:  The compact 445cc pear-shaped titanium head of the 913D3 has a rich black finish complimented with some white and red accents.  The sole and the clubhead overall sports a sharp and traditional design that’s not too busy (a Titleist logo surrounded by the driver model and standard loft), and the crown has a nondistracting and effective aid to help with alignment.  It’s a classy look that many people will love.  To get a higher-resolution look at the 913D3, click on the composite image at the top of the page.

Sound and Feel:  The 913D3 feels pure, stable and balanced through the swing, even with a lighter shaft.  It produces an explosive, crisp sound (not too loud or soft) at impact that most people would say is an improvement over the previous 910 driver.  Mis-hits feel quite solid and produce minimal vibrations.  It’s still by and large the classic Titleist sound/feel combo that people have come to know and love from the company.

Note that the rear pentagon-shaped weight can be removed and replaced to change the weight of the clubhead, and you can do so (weight kits purchased separately) if you don’t like the feel of the current weight.

Where should I buy this driver online?

As the 913 series isn’t the most recent in Titleist’s line of drivers, new 913D3 drivers are a bit difficult to find.  Your best bet would probably be to look through this eBay page for the configuration you’d be most interested in.

What about a used one?

If you’d rather save some money and get a used 913D3 driver, eBay would probably be the best place to look for bargain deals (go to this page here for that).  You can also take a look at this Global Golf page, where 913D3 drivers in “very good” condition are currently in stock.


Pros:  Workability is among the best on the market, compact 445cc look is preferred by many, look/sound/feel is top notch, doesn’t do anything poorly, price point is affordable
Cons:  Driver isn’t the absolute longest out there nor is it the most forgiving, some people might prefer a larger head that’s more confidence-inspiring, low spin rate and trajectory won’t suit some golfers who hit it too low

As with their other clubs, Titleist recommends a thorough fitting in order to unlock the full potential of the Titleist 913D3 driver.  Even without a fitting, though, you can still be successful, especially if you properly take advantage of the built-in adjustability.

The added workability, more compact head and lower ball flight of the 913D3 makes it a great driver for more skilled golfers, but anyone — low, mid or high handicap — can do really well with it.  It certainly doesn’t have any glaring weaknesses, and it’s enough of an improvement over the previous 910D3 to hold its own as a proper successor.

If you have any thoughts or opinions about the Titleist 913D3 driver, be sure to leave a comment below!

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8 thoughts on “Titleist 913 D3 Driver Reviews

  1. William

    Excellent review on the Titleist 913D3. My father and best friend are huge golf guys. I’m going to let them know about your site as I imagine they can really benefit from all you have to offer. My father was talking about looking into a new driver about 3 weeks ago. I’m not sure if he pulled the trigger, but I will definitely let him know your thoughts on this one and let him know you have other driver reviews as well.


  2. Mac

    Thanks for the review I need all the help I can get…the 913D3 looks like it would help my insufferable game. My 89 year father beats me…so I might have to try this club out before I buy. I will keep this page bookmarked. The good part is you get to experience all these clubs.

    1. Paul Post author


      If you are able to find a 913D3 to test, make sure you check to see if you can get the one you want for less money online. With older models like the 913D3, you can find some pretty awesome deals for both new and used on sites like eBay (link is in the review). Do let me know if you have any questions.

  3. npern

    Hey Paul,

    Thanks for the great review on the 913 D3 driver. I’m an average golfer so I don’t know how much this club would help me but I see the positives of this club if your golf game is tight. I like the forgiveness info as I tend to slice my shots when I don’t connect properly. I liked the breakdown of the club’s pros and cons. It gives a real feel of how the club performs. Cool stuff!

    1. Paul Post author

      Appreciate it, thanks. If you’re a fairly consistent driver of the golf ball and you have a high trajectory, I reckon you’ll have a lot of success with the 913D3; as I imply in the review, it’s not strictly for skilled players (although it was designed with them in mind).

  4. MS

    Hi, great piece!

    I just picked 913 D3, based on reviews and my appreciation for Titleist quality (Iron set is 714 Ap2). Been using Cobra AMP Cell with Fujikura, S, 65 gms. for last 2 years. I get an avg distance of 290 yds. However, I’m failing badly with D3, low trajectory, hooks and hardly a proper contact. I got my game in place (current HC 8) but just can’t figure out the problem. I pick up Cobra and am back to my normal driving. I understand that a simple response could be to stick to Cobra but I wish to move to a better driver that allows workability and just looking for some advice if anyone faced this and fixed it.
    Thanks and Happy Golfing!

    1. Paul Post author

      Thanks for the comment. Sorry to hear that you had difficulty. If you’d like to make it work with the 913D3, and given what you’ve said, I would recommend getting a complete custom fitting for it if you haven’t already — that is if custom fittings for it are still available. If you’re not set on the 913D3 but still want to play Titleist, you should consider their latest players driver model, the 915D3; you can try it off the rack, get an online fitting here or get a complete Titleist fitting at a local golf shop. If you’re willing to use a non-Titleist driver, I would recommend either trying another better-player driver like the Callaway XR 16 Pro or Cobra KING LTD Pro, or just going in for a general driver fitting at your local golf store or pro shop. Good luck, and let me know if you have any questions.


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