Best Cart Golf Bags of 2015 (Reviews)

Best Cart Golf Bags of 2015 (Reviews)

The following is a review of several excellent cart golf bags from reputable brands such as Callaway, TaylorMade, PING, Nike and others.

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Below the comparison chart that follows, I list the bags and talk about their features and benefits, as well as how well they have been received.  The bags are listed according to my personal rating from highest to lowest.

Note that the golf bags that follow are cart bags, which are meant to be carried on a golf riding cart or golf push cart.  If you plan to walk the course with your bag over your shoulders, look at other bag types like stand or carry bags.  Reviews and discussions of these other types of bags will eventually be posted to Golfstead, if they haven’t been already.

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Cart BagPrice on Amazon in USD (subject to change)Approximate WeightStrengths and WeaknessesAmazon Review RatingMy Rating
1. Sun Mountain C-130

Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag Review
$229.95 + free shipping8 lbsStrengths:
• straps do not block any pockets
• fat grips have no trouble being stored in the putter well
• clubs rest snugly in dividers
• very durable
• lots of storage space

• rough material around club dividers can damage club grips
2. Bennington QO-14 Quiet Organizer

Bennington QO-14 Quiet Organizer Review
$289.99 + free shipping10 lbsStrengths:
• extreme durability
• tons of pockets and storage space
• quality construction and great look
• clubs are secured and protected from bag chatter

• bag is tall compared to other cart bags
3. PING Pioneer

$218.997 lbsStrengths:
• insulated pocket is large and can hold many beverages
• great design and high quality construction
• good placement of most pockets

• a couple pockets are in inconvenient spots
4. OGIO Giza

$123.995 lbsStrengths:
• slick design
• nice construction
• conveniently placed pockets
• light weight
• ample storage space

• some oversized putter grips will have problems being put into the putter well
• bag is top-heavy
5. Callaway Chev

$139.993.8 lbsStrengths:
• lots of storage space
• very light weight
• club dividers are full length

• lacks an insulated pocket
• not the most durable cart bag
6. Cleveland Golf Lightweight

$139.95 (depends on colour) + free shipping5.5 lbsStrengths:
• clubs are separated nicely in the dividers
• adequate storage space for all your carrying needs
• light weight
• quality insulated pocket
• club dividers are full-length

• no tee holder
• no putter sleeve
7. Nike Sport III

$135.157 lbsStrengths:
• large number of pockets/compartments/zippers
• fairly light
• solid durability

• cooler is on the small side
8. RJ Sports Wheeled Transport

$145.768 lbsStrengths:
• wheels make cart bag very easy to transport -- good for seniors, women, etc.
• wheels roll well and where you want them to roll
• good amount of storage space

• bag is prone to losing its balance and tipping over while being pulled
• wheels make a lot of noise, particularly on hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt
• insulated pocket does not keep temperature as well as it could
9. Callaway Solaire

$103.674.5 lbsStrengths:
• great looking colours and design
• plenty of storage space
• light weight
• dividers separate clubs nicely

• bag is made of thin material and may wear more quickly than other bags
• no rings to hang towels, bags, etc.
10. Callaway Org. 15

$164.99 (depends on colour)6 lbsStrengths:
• more than enough pockets and storage space
• can retrieve clubs quickly and easily
• can fit more than 14 clubs in the bag
• strong handles -- carries well

• some people find the look of the bag unattractive
• bag can feel flimsy
11. TaylorMade Catalina

$125.97 + free shipping5.6 lbsStrengths:
• spacious cooler pocket for snacks/beverages
• lots of pockets with plenty of room
• fairly light

• flimsy
• questionable construction
• bottom of the bag has a shape that makes it difficult to fix to certain carts
• only has 4 full length dividers
• may be difficult to place and remove clubs while fixed to a bag

1. Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag (2015)

Price and where to buy:  $229.95 USD & free shipping on Amazon (see chart for link), $229.99 USD on Global GolfSun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag Review

Features/Benefits:  This is Sun Mountain’s best-selling golf bag.  It has a reverse orientation top, a strap channel and three utility handles at the top.  It also has an integrated putter well, and all of the pockets are accessible when the bag is on a cart.  It also has:

  • New 10.5″ top with fourteen individual, full-length dividers
  • Two velour-lined valuables pockets, including one sized for a rangefinder
  • A rainhood

The putter well easily handles “fat” or super stroke putter grips.  Also, pockets are not obstructed by cart straps.  Full-length dividers are the perfect size for your clubs; you can slide them in comfortably and they rest snugly.

Reception:  A real winner here, this bag is heavily praised and is arguably one of the best cart bags currently available on the market.  Reviewers love the durability, the accessibility of the pockets, and the amount of room available for storage.  Sun Mountain appears to have hit the mark on almost everything that makes a quality cart bag.
My rating:  4.9/5

2. Bennington QO-14 Quiet Organizer Cart Bag

Price and where to buy:  $289.99 USD with free shipping on Amazon (see chart for link)Bennington QO-14 Quiet Organizer Review

Features/Benefits:  This bag is quite heavy at about 10 lbs, but in this case, the weight translates to fantastic durability.  The bag has a “Patented Quiet Organizer System” which is comprised of:

  • 2 slots for hybrid clubs and 8 other individual slots that keep clubs snug and prevent them from rattling
  • A waterproof, shaft friendly foam insert that will not crack

The individual full length divider system prevents tangling of clubs.  Like many other bags, it has an insulated pocket, fleece-lined valuables pocket and an oversized putter slot.  The bag is made of nylon and polyester.  Although the bag is quite pricey, it is extremely well made, and it is arguably one of the best bags you can buy.  Keep in mind that the bag is fairly tall compared to most other bags.

Reception:  Extremely positive (4.8/5 stars on Amazon), which is not surprising considering the quality of the bag.
Pros:  Amazing durability, great protection of clubs from bag chatter, a plethora of pockets that are easily accessible, very high quality construction
Cons:  Bag may be a bit too tall for comfort for some people
My rating:  4.9/5

3. PING Pioneer Cart Bag (2015)

Price and where to buy:  $219.99 USD on Amazon (see chart for link)

Ping Pioneer 15 Cart Bag Review

Features/Benefits:  From PING’s website:

  • 15-way high-impact polypropylene top with anti-flex walls
  • Integrated soft-molded lift handles
  • 8 zippered pockets, including 2 large apparel pockets
  • Water-resistant, velour-lined valuables pocket
  • Range-finder pocket
  • Large, insulated beverage pocket
  • Magnetic quick-access pocket
  • Cart-strap channel allows access to pockets
  • Rubberized, recessed bottom fits securely on carts
  • Approximately 7 lbs.
  • Zip-off, customizable ball-pocket pan

The bag has 14 full-length dividers, which few golf bags have these days.  The cooler holds 6 cans of your favourite beverage.  At 7 lbs, it is on the heavier side, but it is a very well built quality bag with a fantastic design, and this certainly justifies the higher price point.

Reception:  The reviews for this bag are glowing — it has a 4.9-star rating on Amazon with only 1 out of 25 being a 4-star.  People love the design, the quality, and the placement of the pockets (aside from some valuable pockets being low and on the side).  If you don’t mind spending a bit of extra money, the PING Pioneer is a great option for those looking for a top-of-the-line bag.
My rating:  4.8/5

4. OGIO Giza Cart Bag 2014

Price and where to buy:  $123.99 USD on Amazon (see chart for link)ogiogiza

Features/Benefits:  It weighs about 5 lbs, which is very light for a cart bag.  It has numerous gear-specific pockets and a pretty sweet looking design.  Features include:

  • 10″ Uniter 15-way cart top with putter pit for oversized grips
  • Seven (7) zippered pockets
  • Insulated cooler pocket (for drinks, snacks, etc.)
  • Fleece-lined valuables pocket, ideal for personal items
  • Umbrella holster/holder

Reception:  Great.  This is the #6 best selling cart bag on Amazon.  The bag has a 4.8/5 star rating on Amazon, with only a few 3 and 2-star reviews.
Pros:  Great high quality look, ample storage space (including room to store golf shoes), light weight, convenient pockets
Cons:  Putter pit not big enough for some oversized grips, bag is top-heavy
My rating:  4.6/5

5. Callaway Chev Cart Bag (2015)


Price and where to buy:  $139.99 USD on Amazon (see chart for link), $136 USD on Global Golf including a discount

Features/Benefits:  This is Callaway’s lightest cart bag at 3.8 lbs, and you will probably appreciate the light weight.  The bag has a 14-way top and 6 pockets, which consist of:

  • Water Resistant, Velour-lined Valuables Pocket with Key Fob
  • 2 Full Length Apparel Pockets
  • 2 Accessory Pockets
  • Full Size Ball Pocket

The pockets are quite large and the bag will likely hold everything you will need out on the course.

Reception:  The reviews for the Callaway Chev Cart Bag are extremely positive in general.  The bag is heavily praised for its light weight and ample storage space.  See the near perfect rating on Amazon.  It’s a solid price point too.
My rating: 4.5/5

6. Cleveland Golf Lightweight Cart Bag

Price and where to buy:  $139.95 USD with free shipping on Amazon (see chart for link)

Features/Benefits:  It’s a light bag at 5.5 lbs.  It has a 14-way top, full-length club dividers, seven pockets, as well as (from Cleveland’s website):clevelandlightweight

  • Fleece-lined valuables pocket
  • Glove Grip, Scorecard Sleeve
  • Injection-molded ergonomic rubber handle
  • Cart strap containment loop
  • Insulated cooler pocket that can be used for drinks, snacks, etc.
  • Pen sleeve, Oversized towel ring, Integrated tee sleeves, Integrated trunk handle, Front shoulder strap containment slot
  • Ergonomic rubber foot pads with stability control
  • Umbrella cord containment

The dividers separate your clubs nicely, and there’s plenty of storage space for all of your carrying needs.  It works well on both a push cart and a golf cart.  However, there is no tee holder nor is there a putter sleeve.

Reception:  This is Cleveland’s current top-selling cart bag on Amazon.  As you can see, this bag has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon with only one 4-star review.  People love the insulated pocket, light weight and ample storage space.  For more information, see the reviews on Amazon.  This is a really solid cart bag for the price.
My rating:  4.5/5

7. Nike Sport III Cart Bag

Price and where to buy:  $122.40 USD on Amazon (see chart for link)

Features/Benefits:  This is a great smaller profile cart bag that’s still able to fulfill your storage and mobility needs.  It has 9 functional pockets, 9.5 inch oval top, a 14-way divider and features:

  • Trolley and golf cart compatiblenikesport3
  • Quick access drawstring pocket
  • Insulated cooler pocket
  • Fleece lined valuables pouch
  • Matching rain hood included
  • GPS/rangefinder pocket
  • Integrated pencil/pen sleeve and velcro glove patch/towel ring

The bag weighs approximately 7 lbs.

Reception:  Very positive, although there are not as many reviews out there as other bags.  I see very few potential problems with this bag, and if you’re a fan of Nike or you just want a great bag at a lower price point, consider this one.
My rating:  4.4/5

8. RJ Sports Wheeled Transport Cart Bag

Price and where to buy:  $145.76 USD on Amazon (see chart for link)

Features/Benefits:  As you might have gleaned from the name, this is a wheeled cart bag.  It weights 8 lbs.  Features of the bag include (from the RJ Golf website):rjwheeled

  • 14 Way Full Length Dividers
  • Retractable Handle, Rolling Wheel Base
  • 7 Convenient Access Pockets
  • Insulated Beverage Compartment
  • External Oversized Putter Tube

When not transporting the bag, the pull handle slides out of the way into the support.  The wheels are large and they roll very nicely.  This bag is a great choice for senior or lady golfers who have difficulty carrying their bag from the parking lot to the clubhouse.

Reception:  4.5/5 stars over 38 customer reviews on Amazon.  #13 best selling cart bag on Amazon.
Pros:  Wheels make for very easy transport, easy access to pockets and zippers when loaded onto cart, adequate storage space
Cons:  Tends to tilt over when being pulled on the wheels, wheels are noisy on harder surfaces like concrete and asphalt, insulated pocket does not function as well as it could
My rating:  4.3/5

9. Callaway Solaire Cart Bag (For Women)

Price and where to buy:  $103.67 USD on Amazon (see chart for link)callawaysolaire

Features/Benefits:  This nylon cart bag is meant for ladies.  It is very light at 4.5 lbs, and it has the following features (from the Amazon website):

  • 10-Inch, 14-way top with 4 full-length dividers
  • Anti-Crush System (ACS) internal frame
  • 10 pockets, including a mesh water bottle pocket and a velour-lined valuables pocket
  • Zip pockets facing forward for easy access while on a cart
  • External putter tube

This shouldn’t be considered a high-end bag, but it serves the purposes of most golfers just fine.

Reception:  This bag has a great 4.4/5 star rating on Amazon and is currently the #9 best selling cart bag there.
Pros:  Nice colours to choose from, great appearance, lots of space, light weight, clubs separate well in the dividers
Cons:  Bag material is fairly thin and may wear out relatively quickly, there are no rings to hang towels, etc.
My rating:  4/5

10. Callaway Org. 15 Cart Bag (2015)


Price and where to buy:  $164.99 USD (depends on colour) on Amazon (see chart for link), $199.99 USD on Global Golf including a discount

Features/Benefits:  This bag features a 10″, 14-way Divider, an insulated cooler pocket, and 10 pockets including:

  • Water Resistant, Velour-lined Valuables Pocket with Key Fob
  • 2 Full Length Apparel Pockets
  • GPS/Rangefinder Pocket
  • Full Size Ball Pocket
  • 2 Accessory Pockets
  • 2 Mesh Utility Pockets

 The Callaway website has the full rundown of all the features, although some of them might be considered a bit gimmicky.  At 6 lbs, it weighs almost twice as much as the standard Chev Cart Bag.  Nonetheless, it’s still currently the #4 best selling cart bag on Amazon.

Reception:  The reviews for the Callaway Org. 15 Cart Bag are very positive, but there are a few complaints about the bag being on the flimsy side and also being too cumbersome.  Since the bag is relatively new, it does not have nearly as many reviews as the previous year’s Org 14; I would suggest looking into that bag if you’re not happy with the available information for the Org 15.
My rating:  4/5

11. TaylorMade Catalina Cart Bag (2015)


Price and where to buy:  $119.98 USD on Amazon (see chart for link), $119.99 USD on Global Golf including a discount

Features/Benefits:  This bag weighs 5.6 lbs.  It has a 15-way top (10″ by 12″), integrated putter well, water-resistant umbrella slot, 4 full-length dividers and a sturdy construction.  The bag has a cart lock strap, shoulder strap, removable ball pocket (for custom embroidery) and comes with a rain hood.  It has 10 pockets including:

  • 2 Velour-lined valuables pockets
  • 2 Garment pockets with double zippers
  • 3 Accessories pockets
  • Rangefinder pocket
  • Cooler pocket for snacks and beverages
  • Ball and tee pockets

Reception:  This cart bag has a decent review rating of 4.1/5 stars on Amazon.  Some people are frustrated with the shape of the bag, and some find it a bit flimsy and unsuitable for some golf carts. On the whole, however, it is a great bag at a great price point.
My rating:  3.8/5

Here’s the takeaway:  all of these cart bags are great and, unless you’re a professional, they will likely serve your purposes out on the golf course just fine.

If you prefer a lighter weight and/or are on a tight budget, you should probably look at bags like the Callaway Chev, Solaire or the TaylorMade Catalina.  On the other hand, if you don’t mind pushing around something a bit heavier and/or have a budget that isn’t as tight, you might want to look into getting something that has a better build quality (and will likely last you for longer) like the Bennington QO-14, PING Pioneer or the Sun C-130.  If you’re a senior or you have difficulty carrying bags over any distance, consider the RJ Wheeled Transport.

Like most things, which bag is best for you depends on your specific needs and budget.

Note that you can get all of the bags mentioned above, including used ones at very low prices, through this eBay page.

Best of luck shopping for your cart bag!

Images courtesy of:  Amazon


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