Best Golf Shoes of 2015 (Reviews)

Best Golf Shoes of 2015 (Reviews)

The following is a review of several excellent golf shoes from reputable and trusted companies like Adidas, Callaway, FootJoy, Nike and others.

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Below the comparison chart that will follow next, I will list the shoes by personal rating from highest to lowest and talk about their features and benefits, as well as how well they have been received.  Each of the links on this page will take you to Amazon pages where you can get them for a great price.

Before I get into it, though, I’ll first go over (briefly) what makes a good golf shoe.  A great golf shoe should provide all of the following:

  • A good grip that will keep your feet planted during your swing and prevent you from slipping.  This is achieved through the cleats or molded grip bottoms on the bottom of the shoe.
  • Traction that makes climbing hilly terrain on a golf course easier on your body.
  • Comfort.  If you’re desperate to get off the course by the time you reach the back nine because your feet are blistered and aching so badly, you probably need another golf shoe.

Now that you understand the importance of a good pair of golf shoes, let’s look at some of the best options to consider.

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Golf ShoePrice Range on Amazon in USD (subject to change)Spiked/SpikelessStrengths and WeaknessesAmazon Review RatingMy Rating
1. ECCO Biom Hybrid II

Men: $130.56 - $194.95 + free returns on some sizes and colours

Women: $135.23 - $190.00 + free returns on some sizes and colours
• extreme comfort and support
• nice aesthetics
• lightweight
• very durable
• minimal-to-no break in required

• shoes may be too narrow for some people
• incorrectly sized shoes will be uncomfortable
2. Nike Men's Lunar Control II

$69.95 - $190.38 + free returns on some sizes and colours SpikedStrengths:
• very durable
• very comfortable
• nice look
• excellent traction in both wet and dry conditions
• lightweight
• feels like a running shoe
• great value for money

• tends to not run true to size
• too narrow for some feet
3. ECCO Tour Hybrid Wingtip

$70.02 - $199.95 + free returnsSpikelessStrengths:
• very stylish
• break-in, if needed at all, usually happens fast
• really great traction for a spikeless shoe
• comfortable when you nail down the right size

• can be uncomfortable for those who aren't wearing the correct size
4. Nike FI Impact

Men: $49.99 - $158.99 + free returns on some sizes and colours

Women: $69.99 - $129.99 + free returns on some sizes and colours
• great traction
• lightweight
• very comfortable
• can be worn off the course

• shoes can slip on wet ground, on slopes or from awkward lies
5. Skechers Women's Go Golf 2 Fairway

$59.99 - $79.95 + free returns on some sizes and coloursSpikelessStrengths:
• wonderfully comfortable even without break-in
• very lightweight yet supportive
• true to size
• can be worn as general-purpose sneakers
• good arch support

• may be too narrow for some feet
• toe box may be too "roomy" for some people
• water can soak through shoes in wet conditions
6. Ashworth Cardiff ADC

Men: $44.99 - $120.00 + free returns on some sizes and colours

Women: $47.97 - $89.99 + free returns on some sizes and colours
• quality construction
• lightweight
• often little to no break-in required

• shoe tends to feel smaller than stated size (try going half a size up)
• heel upper can rub against the back of the heel and cause cuts/blisters
7. Callaway Chev Aero II

$49.99 - $80.01 + free returns on some sizes and coloursSpikedStrengths:
• comfortable
• great appearance
• really good traction even in wet conditions
• good budget shoe

• some people may find arc support excessive and uncomfortable and will require break-in
8. adidas Adizero Sport II

Men: $44.99 - $130.00 + free returns on some sizes and colours

Women: $32.20 - $110.00 + free returns on some sizes and colours
• generally very comfortable (feels like a running or soccer shoe)
• lightweight
• very solid traction in wet conditions

• traction is noticeably worse than a spiked shoe in certain situations
• fit is often tighter than expected (try getting a half size up)
9. FootJoy D.N.A. Dryjoy

Men: $129.99 - $199.95

Women: $150.00 - $160.00
• very comfortable foot bed
• nice look
• soft and supple leather
• great Footjoy customer service -- will honour warranties and send replacement pairs

• questionable durability -- cleats may frequently fall out and soles can separate from the leather
• shoe is rather heavy

1. ECCO Biom Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe (Spikeless)

Price and where to buy:  Starts at $130.56 on Amazon for men (see chart for link).  Starts at $135.23 for women.

Features/Benefits:  Like the Tour Hybrid Wing Tip shoes, these ones are also equipped with E-DTS Hybrid Technology to provide excellent traction/grip.  An extra set of laces is included.  More details:

  • Yak leather upper is treated with an anti-stain formula (protects from dirt, etc.) and HYDROMAX (for water resistance)eccobiomhybrid2
  • The feet of around 2500 athletes were scanned in order to develop a shoe shape that provides as much comfort and support as possible
  • An ultra-premium insole with silicon printing that helps prevent unwanted foot movement during the golf swing

These shoes are relatively pricey, but rest assured that you get what you pay for and more with them.

Reception:  This is the #3 best-selling golf shoe on Amazon and the men’s model has a 4.8/5 (!) rating with over 79 reviews.  You know ECCO did something right with these shoes when you see those numbers.  Many people feel that these are the best golf shoes they’ve ever owned.
Pros:  Extremely comfortable and supportive, nice look, very durable, lightweight, excellent traction even in wet conditions, minimal to no break-in required
Cons:  Shoes may be too narrow for some people or uncomfortable if the size is not correct
My rating:  4.9/5

2. Nike Men’s Lunar Control II Golf Shoe (Spiked)

Price and where to buy:  Starts at $69.95 on Amazon (see chart for link)

Features/Benefits:  This shoe has a 0.5 inch heel and is made of a full-grain premium waterproof leather.  Two-year limited waterproof warranty.  Other features:

  • Contoured sockliner and Lunarlon cushioning — both full-lengthnikemenlunarii
  • Lightweight Flywire midfoot saddle
  • Articulated Power Platform outsole
  • Champs Zarma spikes with Tri-LOK

Nike has a Lunar Control III model out on the market, but in my opinion it’s a regression in many ways.  I’d recommend going with the Lunar Control II as long as it’s still available.

Reception:  This is the #6 best-selling golf shoe on Amazon currently.  It has a rating of 4.5/5 stars with over 239 customer reviews.
Pros:  Very durable, great look, comfortable, extreme traction in both wet and dry conditions, feels like a running shoe even though they are spiked, lightweight, great value for money
Cons:  A bit too narrow for some feet, tends not to run true to size
My rating:  4.9/5

3. ECCO Tour Hybrid Wing Tip Golf Shoe (Spikeless)

Price and where to buy:  Starts at $70.02 on Amazon for men (see chart for link).  Starts at $94.51 for women.

Features/Benefits:  The outsole of this wingtip shoe has what is called “E-DTS Hybrid Technology” which provides over 700 traction angles and an excellent gripping ability.  Other features and details of this shoe include:

  • Rich leather uppereccomenwingtip
  • Leather treated with HYDROMAX, which makes the leather highly water resistant
  • Anatomically shaped leather-covered ECCO Comfort Fibre System inlay sole
  • Breathable and durable full-leather lining as a second skin

Reception:  This shoe is the #16 best-selling golf shoe on Amazon, with a 4.7/5 star rating.  It also has a 4.6/5 star review based on 23 ratings on the ECCO website.
Pros:  Very stylish, comfortable (when you nail down the right size), really good spikeless traction, any break-in needed usually happens quickly
Cons:  Can be uncomfortable for people who don’t have the correct size
My rating:  4.9/5

4. Nike FI Impact Golf Shoe (Spikeless)

Price and where to buy:  Starts at $49.99 on Amazon for men (see chart for link).  Starts at $69.99 for women.  Can also be purchased on the Nike Store, but likely at a higher price point.

Features/Benefits:  Nike has always ranked near the top when it comes to the quality of their golf shoes, and this one here is certainly a hit.  The main features include:nikeimpactfi

Upper Description:  Breathable mesh with strategic TPU overlay.  Nike Dynamic Fit system (which eliminates the space between the foot and the shoe for added comfort)
Inner Description:  Nike Free-Inspired Last, Molded sock liner.
Outer Description:  1-year Limited Waterproof Warranty.  Free-Inspired outsole with rubber traction pods and flex grooves.

The heel measures about 2 inches.  The shoes are light and very comfortable, and their spikeless design makes it feasible to wear them off the course as well.

Reception:  This is an extremely popular golf shoe — it’s currently the #2 best-selling pair on Amazon and has a 4.6 star rating at over 150 reviews.
Pros:  Very comfortable, lightweight, great traction, can be worn off the course
Cons:  Shoes tend to slip in wet conditions or from awkward lies
My rating:  4.8/5

5. Skechers Women’s Go Golf 2 Fairway Golf Shoe (Spikeless)

Price and where to buy:  Starts at $59.99 on Amazon for women (see chart for link).

Features/Benefits:  A full description of the shoe details and construction can be found on the Skechers website here or on Amazon.  This is a synthetic shoe with a rubber sole and soft fabric lining.  Each shoe is very light at around 0.5 pounds (depends on size).  A few notable features include:

  • a “quick-fit portal” that allows you to slip these shoes on and off easilyskecherswomen
  • a comfortable 4-way stretch mesh on the front panel
  • an anti-microbial sockliner that prevents odor and slipping, and allows you to wear without socks

Reception:  This is one of the best-selling golf shoes for women on Amazon, and it has a 4.7/5 rating with over 117 reviews.
Pros:  Fantastically comfortable even without break-in, light but supportive, true to size, can be worn as general-purpose sneakers, good arch support
Cons:  People with narrow feet might find these a bit too wide, toe box might be too “roomy” for some people, water can soak through in wet conditions
My rating:  4.8/5

6. Ashworth Cardiff ADC Golf Shoe (Spikeless)

Price and where to buy:  Starts at $44 on Amazon for men (see chart for link).  Starts at $49.95 on Amazon for women.  Some sizes available for $49.99 at Global Golf.

Features/Benefits:  This is a golf shoe with the crossover appeal of a leisure shoe.  Features include:

Upper Description:  Rich and soft tumbled leather upper.ashworthadc
Inner Description:  PU sock liner and full-length cushioning on the top of insole board for great comfort. Softer EVA midsole with full-length cushioning.
Outer Description:  Re-designed spikeless outsole delivers improved traction, additional cushioning and increased flexibility.  2 Year Waterproof Warranty.

This shoe is a good wear off of the golf course as well as on it.  Like other quality golf shoes, they are comfortable and provide good traction in wet conditions.

Reception:  4.7 stars with over 140 reviews on Amazon.  I’d say this one is a winner.
Pros:  Many customers have noted that there is very little to no break-in required, lightweight, well made
Cons:  Shoe feels a bit smaller than stated (consider going a half-size up), heel upper is fairly high and can cause cuts or blisters on the back of the heel
My rating:  4.7/5

7. Callaway Chev Aero II Golf Shoe (Spiked)

Price and where to buy:  Starts at $49.99 on Amazon for men (see chart for link).  There does not seem to be a women’s variant, but a good pair of spiked Callaways
can be found here.

Features/Benefits:  This information can be found on the Callaway website:callawaychevaeroii

  • An enhanced storm guard in water-resistant Clarino microfiber to ensure playability during summer squalls.
  • 3D breathable breeze airmesh and debris guard for cool comfort and performance.
  • Lightweight EVA midsole.
  • 3D Ortholite insert for exceptional comfort right out of the box.
  • 30-Day Comfort Guarantee — Warrants shoes for fit, comfort, or cushioning within 30 days of purchase.

The shoe has a rubber sole and is the sequel to the 2014 Chev Aero.

Reception:  Very positive.  4.5/5 rating on Amazon.
Pros:  Comfortable, great look, excellent traction even in wet conditions, good budget shoe
Cons:  Integrated arc support can cause discomfort for some people and require break-in
My rating:  4.7/5

8. adidas Adizero Sport II Golf Shoe (Spikeless)

Price and where to buy:  Starts at $44.99 on Amazon for men (see chart for link).  Starts at $32.20 on Amazon for women.  Also sold on the adidas Store.

Features/Benefits:  The features (typical gibberish marketing, but I’ll include it anyways):

Upper Description:  Performance mesh upper offers durability and lightweight comfort.  ClimaProof delivers 100% waterproof protection.adidasadizero
Inner Description:  Lightweight CLOUDFOAM EVA Insole provides cushioning, support and comfort.
Outer Description
:  1-year Limited Waterproof Warranty.  Free-Inspired outsole with rubber traction pods and flex grooves.

Another very comfortable shoe, with good traction in wet conditions.  It is recommended  that you purchase a half-size larger than what you normally would; otherwise, they will likely be too snug and you will have to break them in.

Reception:  Like the Nike shoes above, these are very popular best-sellers at #13 and #14.
Pros:  Generally very comfortable (feels like a running shoe or soccer shoe), lightweight, good traction in wet conditions
Cons:  Tighter-than-expected fit (as I said above, you will probably need to break them in and/or get a half size larger), traction isn’t quite as good as that from a spiked shoe
My rating:  4.5/5

9. FootJoy D.N.A. DryJoy Golf Shoe (Spiked)

Price and where to buy:  Starts at $114.34 on Amazon for men (see chart for link).  Women’s model can be found here.

Features/Benefits:  Here are the features (you can find this on the FootJoy website);footjoydna

  • ChromoSkin leather (a supple, lightweight and durable leather), developed by Pittards of England and offering two year waterproof protection.
  • The SnugFit tongue with MicroVent technology shapes to the foot while providing breathability.  A 3D FoamCollar molds to the ankle for support, comfort and fit.
  • The lightweight cushioned Fine Tuned Foam (FTF) fit-bed provides excellent underfoot comfort and heel support.
  • The NitroThin TPU outsole provides lightweight stability and performance. Stealth Cleats by Softspikes help to achieve a low profile while the thinner spec receptacles ensure low-profile performance through the P.I.N.S. system.
  • Nitro Last, which offers a full rounded toe character, slightly shallow forefoot, slightly narrow heel and standard instep. The extra depth helps accommodate a thicker fit-bed for enhanced cushioning.

Reception:  This shoe has more mixed reviews than the others, although it still averages a 4.5/5 rating on Amazon.
Pros:  Foot bed is very comfortable, shoe looks nice, leather is supple and soft, Footjoy customer service is great about honoring warranties and sending replacement pairs
Cons:  Questionable durability — soles can separate from the leather and cleats can persistently fall out, shoe is on the heavy side
My rating:  4/5

Here’s the takeaway:  all of these golf shoes are great and, unless you’re a professional, they will likely serve your purposes out on the golf course just fine — as long as you’re wearing the correct size and you’re comfortable!  If you prefer a certain brand, look through their available shoes and choose one that fits your budget and has good reviews (a good look would be nice too).  If you’re on a budget and are looking to spend less than $100 (or even less than $60 or so) there are plenty of options (many listed above) for just about every brand.  If you’re someone who always wants the latest and greatest, or you have more money to spend, you can purchase a more expensive shoe ($130+) made of higher quality materials.

Spiked or Spikeless?

The decision on whether to go with a spiked or a spikeless shoe can be a difficult one for many.  Both types of shoes have their strengths and weaknesses.

Spiked shoes generally give a better grip and are more stable, particularly in wet conditions. Spikeless shoes are generally more comfortable (although spiked shoes can be comfortable as well) and convenient since you don’t have to change them when going on and off the course.  It also comes down to personal preference — what you think looks better, what brand you like, etc. Spikes wear out over time, and if you want fresh ones you either have to replace them or get a new pair.

If you mostly play in dry conditions or on courses that are fairly flat, you can probably get away with a good pair of spikeless shoes.  On the other hand, if you play in a variety of different conditions (in the rain or in the morning when there’s dew on the grass), it may be better to go with spikes.

It’s also very important to ensure that you settle on the correct size; it could make the difference between aching, sore and blistered feet at the end of the day and feet that are just golden.  I would recommend wearing golf shoes that are snug but not uncomfortable — with time you will probably break into them a little bit and have a great fit.

Note that you can get all of the shoes mentioned above at unbeatable prices .

Best of luck shopping for your golf footwear!

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