Cobra 2024 AIR-X Irons Review – Next-Gen Performance

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Cobra 2024 AIR-X Irons - 3 Perspectives

In this review, I’ll be taking a comprehensive look at the Cobra 2024 AIR-X irons.

The 2024 AIR-X irons (also sometimes referred to as the AIR-X 2 irons) are lightweight and designed for easy, high launch for maximum stopping power into greens. This is bolstered by an internal draw bias and offset to accommodate higher handicappers.

The 2024 model of the AIR-X improves upon the original (2022) version with new H.O.T. Face technology designed to give a boost to mis-hit performance.

How does the 2024 AIR-X actually perform on the course? How does it compare with the original model? Is it worth putting a set in the bag?

Here’s what will be covered in the review:

Read on to find out what you need to know to make an informed purchase.

Note: Unless otherwise stated, stock shafts and stock grips are used when evaluating this club. In most cases, the golf clubs reviewed on Golfstead are acquired temporarily for testing purposes and are not purchased. The review that follows is based on the personal experience and research of the author. Because everyone’s swing and body are different, results with a particular club may differ from person to person.

What are the reviews like?

At the time of writing, critic reviews of the 2024 AIR-X irons are very limited.

However, I asked around and got the opinion of 10+ golfers who just started playing these irons, and the consensus seems to be that these are just as good as the original AIR-X irons if not better.

What People Like

  • lightweight and easy to swing
  • even higher launch and more stopping power compared to 2022 AIR-X
  • excellent forgiveness
  • solid, satisfying feel
  • draw bias and offset is great for higher handicappers

What People Don’t Like

  • thick profile might put off some people

The Features

The main change Cobra has made with the 2024 model of the AIR-X iron compared to the 2022 model is the introduction of an A.I. H.O.T. Face, also found in their AEROJET line of clubs.

The idea behind H.O.T (“Highly Optimized Topology”) is similar to innovations from other brands such as Callaway’s A.I. Flash Face.

Using machine-learned data from thousands of impact simulations, the thickness of the face is optimized in multiple locations through CNC machining. The result is more efficient spin and increased ball speeds across the face, not just in the sweet spot.

This technology gets its name from the fact that these zones create a topology map consisting of peaks and valleys.

With the 2024 AIR-X iron, you also have:

  • Ultra-Lightweight Design: a lighter head, along with lightweight stock shafts and grips, allows slower swingers and players with smooth tempos to increase their clubhead speed and get a better launch
  • Heel Weighting: heel weighting shifts the center of gravity (CG) to add a draw bias for slice mitigation
  • Offset Hosel: works with the heel weighting to help reduce or eliminate misses to the right

In addition, the purchase of Cobra golf equipment like the AIR-X irons immediately makes you eligible to receive free Arccos Smart Sensors and a one-year free trial to the Arccos Caddie app.

Arccos sensors are attached to the clubs in your bag and enable automatic shot tracking, real-time GPS yardage information adjusted for environmental conditions, caddie advice, and post-round strokes gained analytics.

Arccos features can be accessed through a smartphone, smart watch, or Arccos Link device. It is said that Cobra players improve by five strokes on average after their first year using the Arccos Caddie system.

Stock Info

The 2024 AIR-X irons are available from the 4-iron all the way to the sand wedge. The stock set is 5-GW. Custom sets and individual selections are possible.

The stock steel shaft is the Cobra FST Ultralite (97g), and the stock graphite shaft is the Cobra Ultralite (45, 50). The stock grip is the Lamkin EPDM R.E.L. Black STD 58R.

Also available are the:

  • AIR-X Combo Set: consists of five irons and two 2024 AIR-X hybrids
  • Women’s 2024 AIR-X irons: features light blue accents on the back instead of red; club lengths, shafts and grips are tailored to women to maximize their performance

If you’re interested, more information on shafts, grips and other customizations can be found here.

Below are the specs of the 2024 AIR-X irons. Click or zoom to enlarge.

Cobra 2024 AIR-X Irons Specs

The Performance

In the sections that follow, I’ll talk about my experience with the 2024 AIR-X irons. Let’s jump right in.


My tests saw a nice little boost in ball speed and carry (a few yards) with the 2024 AIR-X irons compared to the originals. I thought distance performance was similar to the AEROJET and LTDx irons.

Spin seems to be unchanged if not marginally lower.

Of course, the main benefit of these irons is the light weight which allows slower swingers to generate more clubhead speed. This takes care of nearly everything, because the higher clubhead speed leads to a higher launch, higher ball speed, and more distance.


The 2024 AIR-X irons have excellent forgiveness overall. Not only is the mis-hit performance exceptional, but the increased offset and draw bias really makes this an iron that high handicappers could have a lot of success with.

The progressive offset is greatest in the long irons, and also, weight is positioned low, wide and in the heel for added mis-hit stability.

Based on my testing, forgiveness is where I noticed the greatest improvement compared to the 2022 irons. Dispersions are as tight as you could ask for in a quality GI iron.


Trajectories with the 2024 AIR-X irons tend to be high with a moderate draw bias. Launch is slightly higher than the original AIR-X, maybe by half a degree to a degree on average depending on the number of the iron.

I would have preferred it if the lofts of the 2024 model were not stronger than the original, mostly because I value spin and stopping power much more than raw distance in irons (if you need more distance, you can always club up).

Having said that, the difference is subtle and these irons are still a joy to hit out of a variety of lies. The thicker head powers through the rough nicely, and the wider, flatter sole helps prevent digging into the turf.

The workability of these irons is limited; they certainly won’t afford the precise control and shotmaking demanded by many professionals.

The Look

The 2024 AIR-X irons naturally have many similarities in appearance to the original AIR-X model, namely a chunky game-improvement look at address with thick top line and chrome finish.

It’s interesting to note, however, that the lofts of the 2024 AIR-X are a little stronger throughout the set, and there’s quite a bit more offset as well.

I thought the 2022 AIR-X irons had more than enough offset given who they were designed for, but that’s just me. It’s clear that Cobra went even more in the GI direction with this model, so it’s very possible that their data was suggesting to them that most people who played the AIR-X irons would benefit from more forgiveness.

In terms of the back aesthetic, I do prefer it a little more than the original as I think the “AIR-X” logo stands out more against its background.

The Sound & Feel

The 2024 AIR-X irons feel just as lightweight and easy to swing as the 2022 irons. I probably wouldn’t game them personally, but it does feel easy to put speed into the shot which should really help seniors in particular.

Feel at impact is a solid “crack” with a medium-pitched sound. I found the feel to be a touch more lively/responsive off the face, which is no doubt due to the H.O.T. Face tech.

Sound and feel hold up well as you move towards the heel and toe regions. There is a clear game-improvement level of feedback through the hands, so you should be able to discern the general area of the strike without it feeling too harsh or jarring.

Where To Buy These Irons Online

You can buy the 2024 AIR-X irons directly from the Cobra store, with the ability to select the hand, shaft, and one of two set compositions. Single irons are available here.

The Cobra store also currently offers women’s AIR-X irons, AIR-X Combo Sets, and complete AIR-X bag sets.

Another great place to order 2024 AIR-X irons with customization options is PGA TOUR Superstore. PGATS accommodates custom requests for most new models, and they also offer financing plans, performance guarantees, and club trade-in programs.

If you want to save some money, you can find discounts on eBay.

Final Thoughts

With the 2024 AIR-X iron, Cobra essentially brought in the H.O.T. Face technology found in their AEROJET model. This gives a nice little boost to ball speeds across the face compared to the original AIR-X, which many high handicappers are sure to appreciate.

Not only do these irons provide a game-improvement level of forgiveness, but their lightweight qualities make them easy to swing and generate speed through the ball.

The 2024 AIR-X irons are an excellent choice for many seniors. In addition, I think their affordability makes them attractive as starter irons for beginners, who can also get them as part of complete AIR-X sets.

Are you interested in the 2024 AIR-X irons? Have you tried them yet? What’s your experience? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Cobra 2024 AIR-X Iron - Featured
Cobra 2024 AIR-X Iron
Sound & Feel
Very affordable
No obvious weaknesses
A little faster off the face than the 2022 AIR-X
Super lightweight and easy to swing
Great for seniors and novice golfers
Terrific forgiveness
Limited availability
Very chunky look at address
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