PING G20 Driver Reviews


PING G20 Driver Reviews

PING G20 Driver Reviews

Here I will be reviewing the PING G20 driver.  Considered a game-improvement driver, the PING G20 has some great attributes and is designed for golfers of all skill levels.  Are the claims of high ball flight, low spin and great distance true?

Read on to find out what you need to know about this quality driver to make an informed purchase.

What are the reviews like?

The PING G20 is generally very well received — it has a 4.4/5 customer rating on Amazon (click to see their comments on the driver) and countless positive in-depth reviews.

Experts and reviewers have confirmed that the G20 does indeed deliver high and straight trajectories with a piercing ball flight for sweet distance.  Customers have also praised the driver for its soft, springy feel at impact, cool appearance and excellent forgiveness on mishits.

Some negatives brought to the table include a rather limited workability (shot-shaping ability), as well as a large bulky 460cc clubhead that may not appeal aesthetically to everyone.

Overview and Features

The PING G20 incorporates an external weight which serves to move the center of gravity (CG) into a position that promotes high-launch, low-spin shots — a recipe for maximum distance off of the tee.  The TFC 169D shaft has what PING calls a “high-balance point”.  This supposedly allows you to swing more mass without sacrificing speed and therefore increase your ball speeds.

The G20 has a large clubhead and clubface, and PING states that the variable thickness of the face helps to increase both moment of inertia (MOI) as well as ball speeds.

The 460cc clubhead is made out of a light, low-density titanium alloy known as Ti 8-1-1.  This material has a high strength-to-weight ratio which, according to PING, basically allows additional weight to be “strategically placed” and as a result increase the MOI of the vertical and horizontal axes (which translates to forgiveness), as well as increase the durability and performance of the club.

The standard lofts available depend on the shaft used.  The G20 comes in two shafts: the TFC 169D and TFC 169D TOUR.  The TOUR shaft variant generally weighs more for each flex and has a lower launch angle than the standard.  See the specifications and more info in the table below:

LoftHandHead WeightLieVolume (Head Size)LengthSwing Weight

How does the driver perform?

Trajectory and Distance:  Assuming that your loft and shaft flex are optimized or near-optimized for your particular golf swing, well-struck shots with the G20 will generally produce a mid-high, straight ball flight.  The low-spin attribute of the driver helps produce a piercing ball flight that carries a long way and helps to counteract wild slices or hooks.  Such a ball flight does well on windy days, which is great.  Slight mishits retain a good trajectory and distance.

Workability is somewhat limited, and there are other drivers available that are more conducive to shot-shaping.

Forgiveness:  The forgiveness with the G20 is superb, with its elognated, large-faced 460cc clubhead — much better than drivers that you wouldn’t call “game-improvement” like the TaylorMade SLDR.  Shots that are hit closer to the toe or heel still go relatively straight, although they do typically suffer some distance loss.  You should certainly expect terrible shots to yield terrible results, but slight to moderate mishits will still turn out quite good.

The G20 is a great friend to higher-handicap golfers looking for a lot of forgiveness off the tee; it can help golfers to swing with more confidence.  Even skilled golfers will reap plenty of benefit with this driver.

What about look, sound and feel?

Look:  Despite having a large, elongated clubhead, PING manages to pull off an elegant look with a sole design that is effective and to-the-point.  The club sports a sophisticated gray/black colour duo with a tasteful addition of red on the G20 logo, and the alignment aid on the crown is slick and unobtrusive.  The clubhead is large without being clunky, and it looks great at address.  Overall an excellent job by PING.

Sound and Feel:  Although the clubface is not “hot” per se, solid strikes seem to spring or “explode” off the face and they feel fantastic.  Mishits, while well forgiven, tend to feel a bit soft and feedback doesn’t seem to be all that distinct (in the sense that it can be difficult to feel where the ball made contact on the face).  I suppose in a way this is to be expected with a game-improvement driver.

I also enjoy the impact sound of the G20.  Good hits produce a satisfying “thwack” sound — almost a mix between a “ping” and a “crack”.  You can count on mishits not sounding as nice; in fact, you should be able to immediately tell when you missed the sweet spot just by listening to the impact sound.

To summarize, good strikes on or near the sweet spot are rewarded with great feel, great sound and a great result.

Where should I buy this driver?

As this club is now a few years old, it’s a bit more difficult to get your hands on it new through some of the more obvious channels.  There are a ton of listings on this eBay page for new PING G20 drivers of all lofts and shaft types at bargain prices, as well as this Amazon page.  Before you buy, you should have a good idea of what loft and shaft flex are best for your particular swing speed; that way, you stand the best chance of getting the most in terms of distance and accuracy and not having to return or exchange the driver.

What about a used one?

This search page on eBay is arguably the best place now to find used G20 drivers at great prices.  In fact, eBay itself is one of the best places to find used golf equipment in general.  You can get G20 drivers in great condition for under $100.  Give it a look! Another good place to look is Global Golf.


Pros:  Very forgiving on mishits, solid hits go long and straight, great look and feel, great value for money
Cons:  Lacks adjustability (no loft sleeve, etc.), mishit feedback could be better, not ideal for extreme shot shaping, large 460cc clubhead can be unsightly for some

The PING G20 driver is a great driver and a worthy successor to the G15.  Golfers of all skill levels can find success with the G20; both low handicap and high handicap golfers will appreciate the nice blend of forgiveness, feel and power the G20 offers.  Golfers looking for maximum control off the tee may want to look elsewhere.

Think the G20 driver might be an option for you?  You’ll probably want to check this out here!

If you have any thoughts or opinions about the PING G20 driver, be sure to leave a comment below!

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