Cobra KING Pro Irons Review – Better Player’s Best Friend

by | June 28, 2016

Cobra KING Pro Irons Review

Cobra KING Pro Irons Review (2016)

This is my full review of the Cobra KING Pro iron set, which consists of KING forged CB (cavity back) mid and long irons and KING forged MB (muscle back) short irons optimized for tour-proven feel and precision performance. The Pro irons were developed with the help of pro golfer Rickie Fowler.

Is this set a must-try for skilled players? Read on to what out what you need to know to make an informed purchase decision.

What are the reviews like?

The KING Pro irons have a highly positive reception — 5/5 ratings on the official Cobra website and generally positive verdicts from most of the professional critic reviewers. People really love the beautiful compact look, soft yet solid feel off the clubface, flexible workability and great trajectory throughout the set. Most of the negative lies with left-handed availability (many locations do not offer fitting for certain left-handed Pro clubs) and unfriendly mis-hit feedback — this is not an iron for forgiveness-seeking golfers.

What are the features?

The KING Pro iron set offers a combination of cavity (CB) long and mid irons and muscle back (MB) short irons that work to deliver a high degree of accuracy, precision, control and feel for the skilled golfer. The cavity back irons are designed to be forgiving and easy to hit, while the muscle back irons are designed for precision, accuracy and workability for attacking the pin.

The center of gravity (CG) is moved to the center of the club with the help of strategically-placed tungsten toe inserts; this enables greatly improved shot-making and precision.

Soft yet solid feel on every shot is provided by a refined grain structure in a 10-25 Carbon Steel head that is forged five times. Wedge-style grooves and CNC Milled faces maximize spin and deliver more consistent launch trajectories throughout the set.

The stock set, called the “flow set”, consists of 8 clubs (3-6 CB, 7-PW MB) with the KBS C-Taper 120 stock shaft. The stock grip is the Lamkin UTX/KING LTD. Full information on the shaft, grip and their specs can be found on the Cobra website. The KING Pro irons specs are tabulated below:

ModelLoftLieOffset (CB/MB) (mm)Length (steel)Swing Weight (steel)CB RH/LHMB RH/LH
219°60°2.8 / 2.539.75"D2RH/LHRH
321°60.5°2.5 / 2.339.25"D2RH/LHRH
424°61°2.3 / 2.038.75"D2RH/LHRH
527°61.5°2.0 / 1.838.25"D2RH/LHRH
630°62°1.8 / 1.537.75"D2RH/LHRH
734°62.5°1.5 / 1.337.25"D2RH/LHRH/LH
838°63°1.3 / 1.336.75"D2RH/LHRH/LH
942°63.5°1.3 / 1.336.25"D2RH/LHRH/LH
PW46°64°1.3 / 1.336"D3RH/LHRH/LH
GW50°64°1.3 / 1.335.75"D3RH/LHRH/LH

How do these irons perform?

Distance Control: Top-notch. The KING Pro irons are among the best when it comes to consistent flights and carries, even more so than you might expect from a typical players iron. I would consider myself a low-mid handicapper myself, and even I experienced pretty tight dispersion despite some slight deviation from the center of the face.

Forgiveness: It’s important to keep in mind that the KING Pro irons won’t save your moderate and bad misses. Large enough misses will more or less yield the result you deserve: an off-line shot with lost distance. With that said, you shouldn’t worry about the forgiveness being especially bad — that’s not the case. Forgiveness, particularly in the cavity back irons (long and mid), is actually pretty good for a players iron. Overall I have nothing to complain about here.

Ball Flight/Playability: This is one of the areas where the KING Pro irons really shine. Workability is terrific. Despite my rather limited ability to shape the ball, I was able to work within my capabilities really easily during my testing. These can really be shaped in every way — high, low, fade or cut. When you hit a solid shot, you will be rewarded handsomely with these irons. They are a shotmaker’s club that can be counted on to deliver the outcome expected when struck properly; that’s really the job of a players iron, and the KING pro irons pass with flying colours.

What about look, sound and feel?

Look: In my opinion, the KING Pros are some of the best-looking players irons I have ever seen.  Black finish and bright orange accents aside, the thin top lines and sole widths and small offsets make for a compact look that is tremendously appealing to professionals and low-handicappers alike. These metrics naturally increase as you move from the short to the long irons, but on the average it’s just an awesome better-player profile. The black finish, back logo and badge labeling is something you’re going to have to make your own judgement on. I personally like the simplicity of the aesthetic, which I’m sure was influenced somewhat by Fowler.

Sound and Feel: True to its description, the KING Pro irons have a stable, firm feel at impact with a side of softness and responsiveness. The sound at impact can be described as a solid “whack”. The short iron MBs feel and sound a little softer than the cavity backs, which is great for developing the touch needed around the greens. Sound and feel on center hits is another strong point of these irons. As expected for a forged iron, mis-hits sound and feel dead and a little jarring; the upside to this is very helpful feedback and an incentive to make good ball contact.

Where should I buy these irons online?

Currently is offering new 8-piece flow sets of KING Pro irons for the best price by far — under $900! Prices can change though, and thus I would strongly recommend checking the current prices on eBay and this Global Golf page to compare. You can find deals for used clubs as well at these locations. Get discounts for new and used KING Pro irons on eBay by clicking this special link.


Rating: 4.8/5 (a must-try for skilled golfers!)

Pros: Top-notch distance control, accuracy, playability, workability, repeatability and reliability; slick aesthetic and compact profile; sound and feel of solid strikes is premium

Cons: MB long irons are not normally available for lefties; doesn’t sugarcoat the result and the deadrock sound/feel of mishits

Classification: Better-Player

Best suited for: Shot-makers; skilled golfers who hit the ball solid consistently; less skilled golfers who want to challenge themselves to improve their game

Best places to buy online: Please see the buying section with links directly above.

The Cobra KING Pro MB/CB irons are best friends to even the most demanding of skilled golfers. They deliver what you would expect from players irons — workability, feel and a thin head profile — and more. They are among the best players irons on the market today.

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If you have any thoughts or questions about Cobra’s KING Pro irons, leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you!

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11 thoughts on “Cobra KING Pro Irons Review – Better Player’s Best Friend

  1. Elmarie

    Hi Paul
    my husband is a keen golfer, I tried it but could not really get the hang of it. I really learned a lot from your article now I can sound very knowledgeable if my husband starts talking about the pro’s and cons of various Irons. You mentioned the features of being forgiving and easy to hit, while the muscle back irons are designed for precision, accuracy and workability for attacking the pin I take it that you should actually know how to play and these irons will not miraculously make you an expert golfer – so still no hope for me…. lol…..

    1. Paul Post author

      Glad you took something away from the review Elmarie. You should probably look at something on the game-improvement side with more forgiveness for yourself, like the Cobra KING F6. The women’s KING F6 hybrid/iron combo, seen here, may be good for you. There are plenty of other quality GI irons that I have reviewed as well which you can look at. Consider sending your husband over to this page; he may be interested. Do let me know if you have any specific questions.

  2. Alec Terry

    I really enjoyed this review of the Cobra KING pro Irons. I have a question for you though. If I am a beginner golfer, which brand do you think would be best for me to be able to get started? I definitely don’t want to go out there and mess up a really nice set of clubs right away, but I also don’t want to have to go to a yard sale somewhere and pick up an old rusty set. Do you know of a reasonably priced set of beginner clubs?

    1. Paul Post author

      Pretty much every well-known golf brand offers both game-improvement irons and players irons. If you prefer a certain brand, check to see if the models you’re interested in (I’ll assume that as a beginner you’d want to play a game-improvement iron) are priced within your budget. I wouldn’t worry about “messing up” game-improvement irons; they typically have large and durable clubheads that are meant to take a lot. Off the top of my head I know a couple of really affordable (meaning $500 or less for a full set) quality GI irons from Cobra — the Fly Z XL (full review here) and the Baffler XL (full review here). I hope this helps.

  3. Daniel

    I’m really torn between a full set (3-PW) of the Cobra King Pro MB’s versus Mizuno MP-4’s.
    Can anyone weight in? Thanks!

    1. Paul Post author

      It’s hard to say without knowing more about you. I personally would recommend trying both sets if you can and seeing which one produces better results; check the golf retail stores and pro shops in your area to see if you can find test models to try out, whether in a fitting session or not. If you don’t want to do that, you can always choose a set under a playability guarantee or return policy (please check out the links in the review for some of the best online deals) and return it if you don’t like the performance. Be aware that used sets, which the MP-4s are mostly available in these days, are usually non-returnable. The MP-4 irons are a few years old now so their local availability might be limited. Remember to also take into account price if your budget is an issue for you. Good luck. You’re welcome to provide more info so we can try to help you better.

  4. Daniel

    In the market for new irons.
    Recently spent a few hours testing all of the current “player’s irons”.
    Narrowed it down to:
    – Cobra King Pro MB’s
    – Mizuno MP-4’s
    Would appreciate any thoughts, as I’m stuck between these two beauts! Thanks all.

    1. Paul Post author


      Did you see my previous reply to this? Which gives you better results, the MBs or the MP-4s? If they’re about equal, perhaps you should go for whichever you can get for cheaper. If you want new MP-4s but can’t find them, I would suggest possibly getting the MBs. I have not tested the MP-4s myself. I encourage anyone reading this who has an opinion on the matter to comment. If you’re really having trouble deciding, I would just pick one or go with whatever you’re leaning a little bit more towards. Hope this helps in some way.

  5. Daniel

    Sorry for the double post. Thanks a mill for your advice. I’ll see if I can “demo” a set of each.
    Already hit them side by side in a simulator and Trackman had the results as pretty equivocal…
    Can’t help but love the look and feel of the Cobras.
    They’re a pleasant surprise as I’ve had my mind on the MP-4’s for so long.
    Thanks again,

  6. Ray


    I tested out the King Pro irons and I absolutely love the CB’s, but I’m not sure my game is ready for the MB irons yet. Do you know if there is a possibility of ordering a complete set (4-Gap) of all CB irons, and if so, where would be the best place to order the set?


    1. Paul Post author

      Glad to hear it. That is indeed a bit of a tough one since the stock set has the 7-PW in MB. Did you test the 7-PW in MB or CB? If buying online, probably the safest thing to do is to order a set directly through the Cobra website — as I’m writing this they’re offering full cavity (CB) 4-GW sets with custom shaft, grip, loft, lie options as well. Could you get a better price for this particular set somewhere else? Maybe, but there’s also the convenience and reliability factors to take into account. If you haven’t already, I would recommend checking out the King Pro CB irons currently on offer on this eBay page (it might have what you want) as well as the links in my review. Do make sure you compare your online options (can also do a Google search for 7-PW CB irons) with any local options you might have. Good luck!


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