Cobra RADSPEED Irons Review – Pure Technological Advancement

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In this review, I’ll be taking a close look at the Cobra RADSPEED irons.

The RADSPEED (or KING RADSPEED) not only benefits from new breakthrough RADIAL WEIGHTING technology, but it’s also the first Cobra iron to have a 3D-printed medallion which saves weight and optimizes feel.

The RADSPEED iron is all about speed, forgiveness and feel. But how does it actually perform when put to the test? How does it compare to the Speedzone? Who is it best suited for? Is it worth putting a set in the bag?

Read on to find out what you need to know to make an informed purchase.

Note: Unless otherwise stated, stock shafts and stock grips are used when evaluating this club. In most cases, the golf clubs reviewed on Golfstead are acquired temporarily for testing purposes and are not purchased. The review that follows is based on the personal experience and research of the author. Because everyone’s swing and body are different, results with a particular club may differ from person to person.

What are the reviews like?

The Cobra RADSPEED irons won a gold medal on the 2021 Golf Digest Hot List in the game-improvement category, and the reception has been generally positive.

Critics praise the irons for their forgiveness and innovative technologies. They currently enjoy average customer ratings of 4.9/5 on Global Golf and 5/5 on Rock Bottom Golf.

What People Like

  • longer than the Speedzones
  • exceptional forgiveness
  • ball launches off the face
  • smooth feel
  • not too expensive
  • great looks

What People Don’t Like

  • strong lofts and low spin limit stopping power into greens
  • sound doesn’t appeal to everyone

The Features


Cobra’s RADSPEED equipment line centers around what’s called RADIAL WEIGHTING technology.

This consists of weight in the extreme toe and heel of the iron. The increased distance between the weights is said to produce low spin, fast ball speeds and stability.

The toe weighting, positioned low, comes in at 10g; it not only increase MOI for more stability and forgiveness on mis-hits, but it also helps center the center of gravity (CG). The heel contains a 3g weight.

3D-Printed Medallion

The RADSPEED iron is the first to utilize 3D printing. This process enables an extremely high degree of design complexity.

As a result, Cobra was able to create an intricate lattice medallion structure that enhances feel, saves weight, and lowers the CG.

Forged PWRSHELL Face

A PWRSHELL face insert forged out of 17-4 stainless steel is engineered to increase flex on the face and sole, resulting in a higher launch and faster ball speeds.

Carbon Fiber Topline

The carbon fiber strip with black carbon finish on the top line serves two functions:

  1. It saves 2g of weight, lowering the CG and increasing MOI.
  2. It creates the illusion of a thinner top line for a more appealing look at address.

Arccos Sensors

The purchase of Cobra golf equipment like the RADSPEED irons immediately makes you eligible to receive free Arccos Smart Sensors and a one-year free trial to the Arccos Caddie app.

Arccos sensors are attached to the clubs in your bag and enable automatic shot tracking, real-time GPS yardage information adjusted for environmental conditions, caddie advice, and post-round strokes gained analytics.

Arccos features can be accessed through a smartphone, smart watch, or Arccos Link device. It is said that Cobra players improve by five strokes on average after their first year using the Arccos Caddie system.

Stock Info

The RADSPEED irons are available from the 4-iron all the way to the sand wedge. The stock sets are 4-PW and 5-GW. Custom sets and individual selections are possible.

The stock steel shaft is the KBS TOUR 90, and the stock graphite shaft is the UST Mamiya Recoil 460 ESX. The stock grip is the Lamkin Crossline Black.

Also available are the:

  • RADSPEED Combo Set: pairs six RADSPEED irons with a RADSPEED hybrid that is forgiving and easy to launch
  • RADSPEED One Length irons: every iron is 37.5″ long to help encourage a consistent setup and swing through the set

If you’re interested, more information on shafts, grips and other customizations can be found here.

Below are the specs of the RADSPEED irons. Click or zoom to enlarge.

Cobra RADSPEED Irons Specs

The Performance


The overall distance of the RADSPEED irons is really monstrous. This is due to low spin in combination with high launch and fast ball speeds off the face.

While this kind of length in irons is nice to have, it’s a double-edged sword because it can reduce stopping power into greens and create issues with gapping. With these irons, the former is less of an issue than the latter.

In fact, I personally would shy away from a “distance iron” like the RADSPEED simply because of the reduction in control, particularly the short irons. The long irons are easy to get up in the air and will help you reach par-5s in two.


The focus on MOI and stability with the RADSPEED irons is very apparent when you start hitting shots.

The forgiveness on mis-hits is extremely good, to the point where I often had trouble distinguishing mis-hits from solid strikes just based on the ball flight alone.

I also found forgiveness to be excellent towards the top and bottom of the face, which you don’t see with many other so-called GI irons.


Trajectories with the RADSPEED irons are generally mid-high. Stopping power into greens is actually quite good when you take into account the low spin and strong lofts (due mainly to the high launch angle), but on an absolute scale, it’s certainly not the best.

The peak trajectory of the RADSPEED irons is pretty middle-of-the-range — no complaints there.

Workability is good for a GI iron. During my testing session, I was able to flight draws, fades, high balls and low runners with some effort. But it’s worth noting that shot shaping is not a focus of this model.

The Look

The RADSPEED irons have a typical game-improvement profile with thick top line, longer blade length and wide sole, although I have certainly seen chunkier irons.

There is some offset, but not a ton. The reduced camber compared to the Speedzone, as well as the narrower sole, also contribute to a slimmer look at address so that you can’t see the back of the iron behind the top line.

I really dig the unique dark carbon strip on the top line — it does help to make the iron look slimmer at address, and it adds a contrast between the chrome dominating around it while also matching with the dark region on the hosel neck.

I think the intricate 3D-printed design on the back of the iron is very appealing; it’s modern but not excessively edgy. The regular RADSPEED irons have vivid yellow accents, while the One Length irons have peacoat blue and red accents.

The Sound & Feel

The sound and feel of the RADSPEED irons is very much characteristic of a hollow-bodied GI iron. By that, I mean to say that:

  • the sound at impact is clicky, like a crisp snap of the fingers
  • the feel is springy, explosive and responsive

While I love the feel, I’m not a huge fan of the sound, even though I know it’s a natural consequence of the game-improvement construction. The sound is quieter than it was in the Speedzone, and the 3D-printed medallion contributes to a softer feel.

The feel also holds up well as you move away from the sweet spot towards the heel and toe regions, as you would expect from a GI iron. I thought the feel was especially good low on the face near the sole.

Where To Buy These Irons Online

The RADSPEED iron is not a current-season model, so ordering it custom is difficult now.

A terrific place to grab these irons at great prices (new or used) is eBay. Some of the listings there allow you to choose shaft, flex and set configuration.

I also recommend looking at the stock available on Global Golf and Rock Bottom Golf. These vendors may offer club trade-ins, performance guarantees, and/or financing plans to help you minimize the financial impact and maximize peace of mind.


The Cobra RADSPEED irons are super long and forgiving, which is typical of a distance iron. While the strong lofts and low spin limit stopping power to a small degree, the fast face and high launch compensate for it in order to maintain a good amount of control into greens.

The main issue lies in the fact that because the irons are so long, the gaps in your yardages can be significant, making it difficult to pick the right club. This means it’s more likely that half or three-quarter swings will be necessary.

Overall, the RADSPEED is a rock-solid game-improvement offering that’s best suited for for mid and high handicappers.

Interested in the RADSPEED irons? Have you played them? What have your results been? Let us know in the comments below.

Sound & Feel
Monstrous distance
Long irons are excellent for struggling golfers
Exceptional forgiveness
Good launch and descent angles despite strong lofts & low spin
Looks amazing for a GI iron
Responsive feel
Clicky sound at impact
Yardage gap between irons tends to be large
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