Rapsodo MLM2PRO Launch Monitor Review – Complete Insight Into Your Game

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The Rapsodo MLM2PRO was just one of many hot new launch monitor releases for the 2023 season. It made its debut at the 2023 PGA Show in Orlando, Florida.

As the trusted launch monitor and data partner for the Golf Digest Hot List in 2023, it’s designed to carry forward and improve on the best aspects of its predecessor, the Rapsodo MLM, while addressing the common pain points users had in the previous generation.

In particular, the MLM2PRO introduces Android compatibility and support for indoor golf simulation, giving it complete visibility into the games of golfers all around the world.

In this Rapsodo MLM2PRO review, I’ll take a comprehensive look at the launch monitor. I’ll look at how well it measures ball and swing data, its usability and shot visualization features, and its golf simulation capabilities.

How does the Rapsodo MLM2PRO perform? How does it compare to other launch monitors like the Garmin Approach R10? Is it worth getting if you’re looking for a quality golf launch monitor?

Here’s what I’m going to be covering in the review:

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Note: In the majority of cases, launch monitors tested on Golfstead are acquired temporarily and are not purchased. The review that follows is based on personal experience and research. Although the author makes every effort to ensure proper setup of the device and do direct comparisons with other launch monitors when possible, there are many variables that can affect data readings and performance. Therefore, exact results with a particular launch monitor may differ from person to person.

What is the Rapsodo MLM2PRO?

Rapsodo MLM2PRO Launch Monitor on turf with Callaway RPT ball

Rapsodo, the creator of the incredibly successful SkyTrak, originally developed the radar-based MLM launch monitor to provide golfers with various shot data metrics, ball tracing, shot visualization, and other benefits.

However, the MLM had a few major limitations, namely that it was only usable with iOS devices and it lacked the capability for golf simulation.

This led Rapsodo to develop its successor, the MLM2PRO, which addresses both of these shortcomings and appeals to a broader audience in general.

One of the things they did to achieve this was to integrate cameras into the unit itself. Previously, with the MLM, the camera on your iOS device was needed to track ball flight.

The MLM2PRO combines Doppler radar with two high-speed cameras to provide the following:

  • slow-motion closeup of the club swinging through the ball (Impact Vision)
  • down-the-line video of your shot with a ball tracer (Shot Vision)
  • a total of 13 club and ball parameters (Callaway RPT golf balls required for spin measurement)
  • golf simulation through Rapsodo Range, Rapsodo Courses, and some third-party solutions
  • other benefits such as shot dispersions and Rapsodo Combines

The MLM2PRO pairs with the MLM2PRO app, available on any iOS or Android device. The device weighs just 2.4 pounds and is highly portable, being able to easily fit into most golf bag storage compartments.

Setting Up & Using The MLM2PRO

Note: The MLM2PRO uses a built-in lithium-ion battery that lasts 2-4 hours on a full charge. It should be charged fully before first use which can take as long as four hours.

Setup is pretty straightforward and requires these steps:

1. Get the MLM2PRO ready.

Attach the MLM2PRO device to the included tripod. Note that a slot in one of the tripod’s legs can be used to hold a phone, and two leg slots can be used to hold a tablet or iPad.

Then, press and hold the power button on the left side of the MLM2PRO to power it on.

2. Set up the app and connect it to the MLM2PRO.

Rapsodo’s MLM2PRO app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store for iOS or Android devices.

Within the app, create a new Rapsodo account (or log in to an existing one) and register your device via Bluetooth and WiFi. Your device will now be associated with your Rapsodo account and you will gain one free year of MLM2PRO Premium Membership.

Ensure that all permissions are enabled for the app so that the launch monitor can function properly.

Then, connect the device to your phone or tablet using a local network connection or direct WiFi connection. Once detected, your MLM2PRO will be shown on the screen. Follow the prompts.

3. Position the MLM2PRO.

Rapsodo MLM2PRO Positioning Diagram
Source: MLM2PRO User Manual

Place the MLM2PRO unit 6.5-8.5 feet directly behind the ball with the alignment aid on top of the device aimed directly down the target line.

The unit needs a minimum of ~30 yards of ball flight in range mode and ~8 feet of ball flight in net mode. It should be as level with the hitting surface as possible.

In the settings, choose a mode depending on whether you’re hitting into a net or not. The app will take you through an alignment process so you understand what the MLM2PRO sees as the target line and what the hitting area is.

The LED indicator on the device will be a solid green when it’s detecting a ball and is ready to take a shot. Once you hit your shot, the LED will turn blue indicating that the shot is being processed.

Here are some other tips:

  • there should be no obstructions between the device and the hitting area
  • when hitting indoors, the environment should be well-lit in order to ensure that the cameras can capture a good image
  • it’s important to enter your elevation data into the session settings for best results
  • the MLM2PRO is not water-resistant, so avoid using it in rainy or wet conditions
  • we suggest playing with the included Callaway RPT Chrome Soft X golf balls so that you can get spin measurements

For indoor net or simulator sessions, you’ll need a solid hitting mat and net. Take out your longest club (driver) and ensure that you have enough clearance to make a full swing.

This section gives you a concise summary of the setup process. For full details, you should consult the user manual.

Data Parameters & Accuracy

MLM2PRO App Sample Views


The Rapsodo MLM2PRO launch monitor provides a total of 13 data parameters. It can measure six directly:

  • ball speed: the speed of the ball immediately after impact.
  • clubhead speed: the speed of the club head at impact.
  • launch angle: the angle the ball starts moving relative to the ground.
  • launch direction: the direction the ball starts moving, right or left of target.
  • spin rate: the spin of the ball immediately after impact.
  • spin axis: the axis tilt the ball spins on.

Callaway RPT balls and the MLM2PRO Premium Membership are required for the spin rate and spin axis measurements.

Seven more parameters are derived through calculations:

  • carry distance
  • total distance
  • smash factor
  • descent angle
  • apex height
  • side carry
  • shot type


Of course, everyone wants to know about accuracy. It doesn’t matter how many parameters there are; if the measurements are way off, it doesn’t do you any good, right?

After extensive testing pitting the MLM2PRO against the GCQuad and GC3 which are two of the most accurate launch monitors on the market, I can say that the overall accuracy of the MLM2PRO is very impressive for the price.

Rapsodo says that when using Callaway RCT golf balls, you can get spin readings that are within 1% of the readings of professional-grade launch monitors. In my experience, this is mostly true, although I would bump that up to within 2% or so. Spin accuracy seems to get worse the longer the club is.

When it comes to other measured parameters like speed and launch, the MLM2PRO appears to be accurate to within 2% or so of the top launch monitors.

I’d also like to comment on how the accuracy compares to the Garmin Approach R10. I find that in the majority of cases, the MLM2PRO has a slight edge, especially when it pertains to club data. The MLM2PRO also seems to be less finnicky than the R10 in terms of positioning the device to produce the best accuracy.

As long as the setups are correct for both units, the data readings are generally going to be very close to each other. However, the R10 does provide a few more metrics than the MLM2PRO, and you can still get spin readings (albeit inaccurate ones) without using Titleist RCT golf balls.


Through the MLM2PRO app, you can do a lot more than just view data parameters after each shot. Features include:

Rapsodo Vision

Rapsodo Vision consists of Impact Vision and Shot Vision, both enabled by the MLM2PRO’s built-in cameras.

Impact Vision

Rapsodo MLM2PRO Impact Vision Sample

Thanks to the Impact Vision camera, a global shutter camera running at 240 fps, you can view a closeup slideshow of the club impacting the ball for each shot. This gives you an idea of where the ball makes contact with the face as well as the initial direction of the ball right after impact.

This camera view is in black and white, but in addition to impact, it also shows the clubhead approaching the ball and following through until the ball moves out of view.

The MLM2PRO Premium Membership is required to access Impact Vision.

Shot Vision

Rapsodo MLM2PRO Shot Vision Sample

The Shot Vision view is similar to what the original MLM had.

The wide-angle Shot Vision camera provides down-the-line video showing your entire shot as well as a tracer that tracks the ball flight. Data metrics such as distance, ball speed, launch angle and apex height are overlaid on top of the clip for your viewing convenience.

In addition, you can use your phone’s camera to set up a second shot view, known as Swing Vision. This dual swing replay can give you both a down-the-line and face-on perspective, or you can position your phone wherever else you want such as at your backside.

Rapsodo Combines

Rapsodo MLM2PRO Combines Sample

Combines is a standardized performance-based test you can take that allows you to gain advanced insight into your game, understand what your strengths are, and identify weaknesses that need to be improved.

Initially rolled out for the MLM, the test takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. It consists of hitting a series of 24 shots to targets. Combines uses the shots you hit to assemble a dataset, generate a final performance score, and provide you with the following:

  • a handicap index
  • the average proximity from the target for each shot type
  • lateral and distance dispersion circles of the shots hit
  • average driving distance and distance away from center line

Combines is a highly visual experience. It can test your entire bag from putter to driver, and it’s designed to mimic the pressure you would feel on an actual golf course.

An MLM2PRO Premium Membership is required to access Combines, but there are no limits on how many times you can take the test, making it an excellent way to keep track of your progress over time.

The one thing I will say is that because the MLM already offers so many performance analysis features such as dispersions and average club distances, some of the information provided by Combines can feel a bit redundant.

Session Insights

Rapsodo MLM2PRO Session Insights

Insights provides personalized charts and graphs that help you identify trends, visualize your performance, and target weaknesses in your game.

Insights are divided into three sections:

  • Accuracy: view dispersion patterns and landing area tendencies for each club. You can compare your accuracy to similar players and to Tour pros, which will help you identify areas of improvement.
  • Distance: get information on your average distance, ball speed, club head speed, and smash factor along with your club gapping details. You can view how changes in launch angle and smash factor can influence your distance.
  • Consistency: analyze the consistency and repeatability of your metrics like club head speed, launch angle and ball striking. You can view your shot shape trends and get key takeaways so that you can set goals for your next session.

You can view a general overview of your performance for all the clubs in your bag or drill down into the data for individual clubs.

Insights also offers key takeaways with the goal of helping you identify weaknesses in the bag that should be addressed. For example, the app can compare your lateral dispersions for certain clubs with your handicap range.

An MLM2PRO Premium Membership is required to access Session Insights.

Shot Storage & Analysis

Rapsodo MLM2PRO Shot Analysis Screen

In the MLM2PRO app, you can view your data for every shot in a session in tabular form. You can see a dispersion map for each club at a glance, along with the average distances for each club in the session.

With an MLM2PRO Premium Membership, the Shot Vision and Impact Vision video clips are stored for each shot and can be viewed on demand.

In addition, a Premium Membership allows you to sync your data to R-Cloud. This web platform can be accessed on PCs and tablets, where you can view session data, view all your video clips, view highlights, compare data between two clubs, and more.

You can also use R-Cloud to store data for the R-Speed swing speed platform. R-Speed, which is accessed through a Premium Membership, is a non-impact feature, meaning no ball impacts are necessary. It allows you to train your swing speed via your own clubs or existing speed trainers like TheStack, RypStick, or SuperSpeed in conjunction with the MLM2PRO.

Callaway RPT Golf Balls

Callaway RPT Chrome Soft X Golf Ball Box

Rapsodo partnered with Callaway to develop an exclusive Chrome Soft X golf ball with Rapsodo Precision Technology (RPT).

The Callaway RPT Chrome Soft X ball has the same makeup as the standard Chrome Soft X, but it’s printed with a custom “Truvis” print pattern that is recognized by the MLM2PRO’s Impact Vision camera.

The camera uses this print pattern to measure spin rate and spin axis to a high level of precision that is similar to the top launch monitors on the market.

Of course, this is a fantastic enhancement to the MLM2PRO, but it would have been nice to be able to get the RPT pattern on another model of golf ball since the Chrome Soft X is a high-compression ball designed for higher swing speeds.

Golf Simulation

With the MLM2PRO, there are currently four ways to get a virtual golf simulator experience. Rapsodo will be adding more third-party options in the future.

1. Rapsodo Range

MLM2PRO - Rapsodo Range Sample View

Through the MLM2PRO app, you can access Rapsodo Range which simulates your shot (trajectory and ball trace) on a virtual driving range and provides the full set of data metrics after every shot.

The driving range mode can be used indoors with a net/screen as well as outdoors. It requires an MLM2RO Premium Membership to access.

2. Rapsodo Courses

MLM2PRO - Rapsodo Courses Sample View

This is Rapsodo’s in-house golf simulator software solution for MLM2PRO Premium Members. It offers a database of over 30,000 rendered courses including nationally recognized courses and championship venues.

With Rapsodo Courses, MLM2PRO users can play their local course or a dream course that they’ve always wanted to play. The software is similar in many ways to Home Tee Hero for the Garmin Approach R10.


Rapsodo E6 CONNECT iOS Sample View 1

If you want a more realistic simulation environment than what Rapsodo Courses has to offer, the MLM2PRO is also compatible with the powerful, world-renowned E6 CONNECT software.

E6 CONNECT is highly customizable and has some of the most photo-realistic graphics on the market. It offers various course simulations, minigames, training aids, tournaments, multiplayer formats, and more.

A separate subscription will need to be purchased in order to use E6 CONNECT, and it’s not cheap.

You will need to download and install the E6 CONNECT app on your mobile device and set up a Basic or Expanded subscription to start playing the software.

4. Awesome Golf

Awesome Golf Software - Boat Blast

Awesome Golf is a third-party golf simulator software that is heavily focused on fun and entertainment with friends, family and children.

Awesome Golf has four main modes:

  • Range: informative practice sessions and an in-depth analysis of every shot.
  • Challenges: closest to the pin, long drive, target golf, and skills challenges.
  • Shootouts: kid-friendly minigames including Super Splash and Boat Blast.
  • Virtual Golf: full course play at four fictional courses in different environments.

Awesome Golf is packed with fun simulation features that will keep you busy for hours on end.

Licenses for Awesome Golf are available in the form of a monthly membership or one-time purchase. They are multi-platform, and the software is available for PC, iOS and Android.


The Rapsodo MLM2PRO launch monitor costs $699.99 USD. This includes:

  • the unit itself with tripod
  • a carrying case
  • a charging cable
  • a sleeve of three Callaway RPT Chrome Soft X golf balls
  • one free year of the MLM2PRO Premium Membership

The companion MLM2PRO app, which is required to use the launch monitor, can be downloaded for free. However, the free version is very limited in its features. The MLM2PRO Premium Membership costs $199.99 per year and gives you:

  • storage capacity in the cloud of up to 10,000 videos
  • Impact Vision slow-motion replay
  • spin rate and spin axis parameters with the use of Callaway RPT balls
  • Rapsodo Combines
  • Rapsodo Courses
  • Rapsodo Range
  • Session Insights
  • Rapsodo Combines
  • R-Cloud access
  • R-Speed access

The E6 CONNECT software integration typically costs $300/year for a basic subscription and $600/year for an expanded subscription, but there are occasional discounts.

Awesome Golf costs $199.99+$9.99/month or $349.99 one time.

The majority of MLM2PRO customers will likely find the simulation capabilities of Rapsodo Range and Rapsodo Courses sufficient. If you want to add a third-party solution, I recommend Awesome Golf unless you really like E6’s gameplay and graphics.

Where To Buy The MLM2PRO Online

There are many places where you can buy the MLM2PRO. If you’re looking online, the best places I would recommend are:

You can choose any of these sellers based on your preferences. They all have excellent support teams that will help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

If you’re interested in the MLM2PRO, I highly recommend grabbing it as soon as it’s available because it’s constantly going out of stock due to high demand.

Another thing that’s worth considering if you plan to use the MLM2PRO indoors is a good net and hitting mat setup. You can even take it to the next level and have a full simulator screen & enclosure, with your mobile device connected to a projector.

The buttons below all open in new tabs, so go ahead and click on all of them to compare.

Final Thoughts

Rapsodo MLM2PRO Launch Monitor - Front View

Until now, nothing has really competed with the Garmin Approach R10 when it comes to measuring a healthy amount of data points and providing golf simulation for under $1000. That has changed with the MLM2PRO.

With the MLM2PRO, Rapsodo has succeeded in maintaining the strengths of the MLM launch monitor while addressing its weaknesses. This thing is impressively accurate, differing from high-end professional units like the GCQuad by only one or two percentage points on average.

The MLM2PRO provides plenty of parameters, the companion app is well-designed, and there are plenty of opportunities to understand your numbers, analyze and improve your game. The addition of indoor golf simulation takes it to another level of awesome.

That’s not to say the MLM2PRO is without faults. One of the major ones that stands out to me is the fact that there is no direct-to-screen output and a mobile device is required to use the launch monitor. Some people are just not into mobile devices and want to bypass all that.

One thing that irked me was how many features are locked behind the Premium Membership which costs $199/yr after the first year. At some point you realize that, without the subscription, you can’t do much at all except view the shot tracer, do some practice, and view a limited amount of historical shot data.

I think that when you pay for a launch monitor up-front, you should have access to the bulk of the features without having to pay extra for add-ons or subscriptions. It’s unfortunate that Rapsodo doesn’t feel the same way.

It’s also worth noting that the initial launch of the MLM2PRO was pretty rough, with many users having serious problems connecting to the app and the simulator software. Fortunately, firmware has been released that has mostly cleared this up.

All things considered, at its price point, the MLM2PRO is a force to be reckoned with. And Rapsodo will build on it with updates, improvements and new additions over time, so it will only get better.

Thanks for reading my Rapsodo MLM2PRO review. Are you interested in the MLM2PRO? Have you tried it already? What’s your experience? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Rapsodo MLM2PRO Launch Monitor on turf with Callaway RPT ball
Rapsodo MLM2PRO Launch Monitor
Value For Money
Accuracy is impressively close to top launch monitors
Reads shots reliably
Plenty of data parameters
App is packed with useful features
Included RPT balls allow for direct spin measurement
A good amount of simulation software solutions available
Mobile device and app are required to use the launch monitor
Rapsodo Courses is pretty basic and needs some work
Too many features locked behind the paid subscription
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