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The SkyTrak Plus (ST+) was unveiled in 2023 as an upgrade and modernization to the original SkyTrak, which is probably the most popular and successful launch monitor of all time.

The SkyTrak+ builds on the strengths of the SkyTrak and address its weaknesses. With a faster processor, dual Doppler radar capability, club data, upgraded software, and other improvements, it’s built to help you understand your game on a better level indoors or outdoors.

In this SkyTrak Plus review, I’ll take a comprehensive look at the launch monitor. I’ll look at how well it measures ball and swing data, its usability and shot visualization features, and its golf simulation capabilities.

How does the SkyTrak+ perform? How does it compare to the original model as well as other launch monitors like the Mevo Plus? Is it worth picking up if you’re looking for a quality golf launch monitor?

Here’s what I’m going to be covering in the review:

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Note: In the majority of cases, launch monitors tested on Golfstead are acquired temporarily and are not purchased. The review that follows is based on personal experience and research. Although the author makes every effort to ensure proper setup of the device and do direct comparisons with other launch monitors when possible, there are many variables that can affect data readings and performance. Therefore, exact results with a particular launch monitor may differ from person to person.

What is the SkyTrak+?

SkyTrak Plus (ST+) Launch Monitor

The original SkyTrak was unveiled in 2014 by Rapsodo, and while it has enjoyed tremendous success for nearly a decade, it was clearly becoming outdated and overshadowed by the latest and greatest golf tech.

Rapsodo understood that it was time to bring the SkyTrak into the current generation of launch monitor capability, hence the SkyTrak+. Wearing the tagline “the next evolution is a leap forward”, it brings major advancements to the core SkyTrak technology.

One of the biggest differences is that the ST+ puts much more emphasis on club data thanks to the addition of a dual Doppler radar system. This combines with an improved photometric camera system and machine-learning software to bring the ST+ to a new level of accuracy and comprehensive data measurement.

Other improvements made to the SkyTrak+ include:

  • an improved on-board processor for less shot delay
  • a roughly 40% larger hitting area
  • no special balls or club stickers needed for club data
  • enhanced and more reliable Wi-Fi connectivity
  • USB-C connectivity for faster charging
  • better outdoor performance
  • additional courses in the software

The SkyTrak+ also provides a massively improved Shot Optimizer. You can now compare your numbers for each club to the best players in the world, compare your numbers to players of various skill levels, and get instructional tutorials from top PGA golf professional Nick Clearwater.

Setting Up The SkyTrak+

SkyTrak Plus Launch Monitor - Back and Top Views

The SkyTrak+ comes with the unit itself, USB and USB-C cables, and a wall charger.

The first thing you should do is register your ST+ unit to your account. If you haven’t already, create a new account on the SkyTrak website and register the device’s ESN (Electronic Serial Number) which is located under the barcode on the bottom of the unit.

Once this is done, you can go ahead and download and install the SkyTrak app for PC, iOS or Android. The .exe file for PC can be downloaded here, and the mobile versions can be retrieved from the Apple and Google Play stores.

Open the software and log in to your SkyTrak account. Then connect the ST+ to your PC or mobile device using either USB, direct or network methods — the USB method is recommended during the initial setup while memberships and licenses are being synced.

Once the ST+ has been successfully configured and paired with your device, all three lights at the top of the unit will turn green, and a red laser dot will be projected onto the ground in front of the unit.

Hitting Area

You can use the ST+ indoors or outdoors on the range. If you’re using it indoors, I strongly recommend a solid hitting mat along with either a net or a screen/enclosure setup with projector.

Take out your longest club (driver) and ensure that you have enough clearance to make a full swing.

Also try to make sure that your space is of the appropriate size which will be dictated by your setup. Indoors, you’ll generally need at least 9 feet of ceiling height, 10 feet of width, and 12 feet of depth.


SkyTrak Plus Launch Monitor Positioning Diagram
Source: Quick Start Guide

The ST+ unit must sit in front of you as you address your shot, with the front lens facing perpendicular to the target line. I suggest using alignment sticks to verify that the unit is properly aligned with the target.

For right-handed golfers, the unit should be placed on the right side, and vice versa for left-handed golfers.

Ensure that the bottom of the unit is level with the hitting surface. The greater the distance between the levels, the more inconsistent the measurements will be.

The golf ball you hit should be clean and white, and it should always be placed on the projected red dot. There is more room for error than the OG SkyTrak thanks to the 40% larger hitting area, but you still need to place the ball (or the base of a tee) on the dot.

In my experience, the ST+ sits a couple inches farther away from the hitting zone than the SkyTrak, which is nice because you don’t feel like it’s crowding your space.

Additional Info

  • if you already have a membership with the original SkyTrak, you can migrate that over from within the SkyTrak Clubhouse on the website.
  • to keep the ST+ constantly charged even when in use, you’ll need to use the included splitter cable, first plugging it into the unit, then the USB-C to the power adapter, then the USB-A to your PC.
  • when you connect your SkyTrak to your device, you may be prompted to install a firmware update. It’s important to let this process play out for optimal functioning of the unit.
  • the Lithium-polymer rechargeable battery of the ST+ can last up to five hours on a full charge depending on usage intensity.
  • in order for the ST+ to provide the best spin readings, the logo marking on your golf ball should be facing towards the laser.

For full details on setting up and operating the SkyTrak+, I recommend consulting the SkyTrak+ Support Page and Quick Start Guide.

Parameters & Accuracy


ST+ New Practice Range Sample View 2

The SkyTrak+ measures the following ball data:

  • ball speed
  • launch angle
  • carry distance
  • total distance
  • back spin
  • side spin
  • total spin
  • side angle
  • max height
  • descent angle

Thanks to a new dual Doppler radar system, the SkyTrak+ is able to measure the following club data:

  • clubhead speed
  • club path
  • face to path
  • face to target


There are a few things I want to say when it comes to accuracy.

First, I was told by Rapsodo that tests have shown that the SkyTrak+ is around 40% more accurate than the original SkyTrak. Take from that what you will, but in my experience having used both units, the ST+ numbers do seem to be a little closer than the truth based on what I get with the EYE XO or GCQuad.

Second, when you compare the SkyTrak+ data to data from a top launch monitor like the FlightScope X3, you should find that the discrepancy is no more than 5% or so. For example, if the X3 is showing a clubhead speed of 78 mph, the ST+ might give a reading of 74-77.

It’s worth noting that it’s difficult to do a direct comparison with the ST+ and another camera-based unit like the GCQuad because both sit in front of you at address. On the other hand, it’s easy to do a direct comparison with a radar-based unit like the Mevo+ or X3.

With the ST+, I find that ball speed tends to be the most accurate, followed by launch angle. Club data tends to be a little less accurate, but it’s still outstanding for a unit at this price point.

Club data seems to be a little more accurate with short irons and wedges. Spin readings are also excellent, usually differing from the X3 by no more than about 100-150 RPMs.

What I’m particularly impressed by is not just the accuracy, but also how reliably the ST+ is able to measure spin and club data without any stickers or special balls required. Even the best units require club markings or stickers, so this is a tremendous feat on Rapsodo’s part.

Outdoor Performance

ST+ setup in bright conditions

I also want to comment on using the SkyTrak+ outdoors, as the original SkyTrak was notorious for performing poorly in direct sunlight.

I’m happy to say that outdoor performance has improved significantly with the ST+. Even on a bright, sunny day, with glare on the ball and/or clubface, the ST+ seems to read shots just fine.

You’re obviously going to have the best results in shade or when it’s cloudy out. In such cases, the ST+ is practically just as reliable as any radar launch monitor out there.

In direct sunlight, the ST+ is still very reliable. Tests have indicated only a couple times in a 30-minute hitting session where it failed to pick up the shot, and I assume that can be attributed to the bright light interfering with the visual the camera needs. But it does a very impressive job nonetheless.

It’s also important to note that in order to get these kinds of good results outdoors, you need to be hitting off a mat. Hitting off grass is a no-no because the blades of grass, dirt, and other debris can interfere with the laser and photometric tracking.


With the exception of third-party software, all data and features related to the SkyTrak Plus are accessed via the SkyTrak app for PC, Android or iOS.

When you start up the software, you’ll be presented with up to three different modes depending on your membership level: PracticeChallenge, and Game Improvement.

You can access the settings from here and set your dominant hand (left or right) and units of measurement for distances and speeds.

You can also access a leveling screen where the software will tell you the current roll and tilt of your ST+ unit. These values should be kept under 5° for best results.

Practice Mode

ST+ New Practice Range Sample View 1

The Practice Mode is the core feature of the ST+ that will allow you to hit shots on a virtual driving range. After each shot, a tracer will simulate your ball flight and the full set of club and ball data points will be displayed.

This practice range has gotten a facelift since the days of the original SkyTrak. It now shows a much more detailed set of data at the bottom, including smash factor and the new club data that the ST+ can now measure.

The range now shows an updated top-down colour map of the range area instead of the old black and white radar style. The map will generate heat maps based on where the shots land during your session.

Underneath that, you can see a visual of the position of the club at impact with club path and face to target indicated.

For each data point shown, you can click on the question mark icon to bring up more information. A blurb will appear and a short clip will play of PGA pro Nick Clearwater talking about the importance of that data point and how it can help improve your game.

SkyTrak Plus Launch Monitor - Informational Popup

In addition, the optimal ranges for launch, backspin and descent angle have been brought from the Shot Optimizer section into the practice range overlay. This allows you to see how your data compares to the optimal range at a glance after every shot.

Shot Optimizer

ST+ Shot Optimizer Sample View 1

The Shot Optimizer window will display detailed data about your shot, and it will compare your launch angle, backspin and descent angle with the optimal range for that particular club.

For example, if you hit a 7-iron, it may compare your launch angle, spin and descent angle to optimal ranges of around 16°-23°, 5800-6800 RPM, and 32°-35°, respectively. You’ll also be able to view a trajectory graph of your shot that shows the apex.

The Shot Optimizer works according to a colour code, so:

  • if you fall within the optimal range, the reading will be coloured green
  • if you’re just outside the optimal range, the reading will be coloured yellow
  • if you’re far outside the optimal range, the reading will be coloured red

The Shot Optimizer can be a big help in dialing in your clubs. For example, you may notice that your spin reading is consistently in the red (this is common for amateurs), and in that case, you can either change balls, make a swing adjustment, or try another iron model.

Optimal ranges for the above parameters are generated from a database of millions of shots hit by golfers of all skill levels.

Shot Score

Tying in to the Shot Optimizer feature is something known as Shot Score, new to the ST+. This number is generated after you hit 20 shots with any club and is a comparative score for your performance relative to other golfers.

Shot Score observes your tendencies and patterns when hitting a particular club and determines your expected distance for that club, which is then used to arrive at a score.

The concept of Shot Score can be confusing to many people, and indeed, it confused me initially. The best way to think of it is that it’s a prediction of what you might shoot in an 18-hole round of golf.

You can use Shot Score as a general gauge of how your skill level is progressing. As you become a better ballstriker, you’ll find that your Shot Score will decrease over time.

Challenge Mode

ST+ Target Practice Sample View

The Challenge Mode is only available starting with the Game Improvement package.

It allows you to play the minigames Closest To The Pin, Target Practice, and Long Drive. Each minigame has single player, multiplayer, and event options, but you can’t play with other golfers online from around the world.

  • Closest To The Pin: You have 3-6 chances to get your shot as close to the pin as possible. The closest shot becomes your best score.
  • Target Practice: Similar to Closest To The Pin, you have 3-6 shots to get as close to the bullseye as possible. You can specify any target distance.
  • Long Drive: You have 3-6 drives to hit as far as possible. You can specify the range width as well. Your best drives will be ranked.

This mode is not only a great way to practice your driving and precision with your irons, but it’s also a bit more fun than a simple driving range session.

Each of your shots will display the standard data parameters including distance and spin.

Game Improvement Mode

The Game Improvement mode is only available with the Game Improvement or Play & Improve packages.

It contains the Bag MappingSkills Assessment and Wedge Matrix features.

Bag Mapping

SkyTrak Bag Mapping

This feature allows you to get detailed information about the clubs in your bag, including how far you hit them on average, their dispersions, and how the performance of one club relates to the performance of other clubs.

After the initial setup where you specify an intended gap (distance between clubs), the software takes you through a range session where you hit each club.

At the end of the mapping, you can view detailed data on actual gaps and dispersions. Gaps that are too large or too small will be brought to your attention.

Bag Mapping gives you a very valuable insight into your overall game. For instance, it can help you understand whether you’re overestimating or underestimating your yardages, or if you have large gaps in your yardages that you could address.

Skills Assessment

ST+ Skills Assessment Settings

This feature is similar to Bag Mapping. It allows you to assess how well you’re performing throughout your bag via target practice.

It does this by taking you through a series of target sessions, each target being a certain distance out and calling for a specific club in the bag. For example, you might set a 9-iron session at 125 yds, 6-iron session at 165 yds, and 3-wood session at 225 yds.

During and after the skills assessment, you can view detailed information about your shots. Afterwards, you can view your green accuracy and dynamic handicap for each club.

The Skills Assessment is a great way to isolate weaknesses in your bag so you can improve them.

Wedge Matrix

ST+ Wedge Matrix Setup

With the Wedge Matrix feature, you select four wedges (normally pitching wedge, gap wedge, sand wedge and lob wedge) and swing each club at four different lengths: 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and full swing.

At the end of the session, you’ll be able to view the yardages for all of your wedges in “matrix” format. This serves two useful purposes:

  1. You will understand the typical yardage that your wedge will fly for each swing length. This will allow you to choose the ideal club and swing length for each situation on the golf course.
  2. You can spot weaknesses, flaws, or undesirable results in your wedge game that you can subsequently work on.

You can also view average totals, offline tendencies, and shot dispersions for each wedge.

Third-Party Simulation

The SkyTrak+ is officially compatible with seven third-party simulation solutions: E6 CONNECTThe Golf Club 2019WGT GolfCreative GolfGolfisimoFitness Golf, and ProTee Play.

Each of these softwares has its own features, modes, and games. Let’s go through each of them:


SkyTrak Simulation - E6 Practice Range View

E6 CONNECT, available for iOS and PC, is top-tier golf simulation software known for its quality and diverse range of features. You get:

  • a full driving range and practice area
  • full course play
  • tournament play and online events
  • an array of multiplayer formats
  • flexible gameplay settings (mulligans, wind, weather, etc.)
  • minigames including Long Drive and Closest To The Pin

A Basic subscription to E6 CONNECT provides access to P2P gameplay and a library of content that changes on a periodic basis. With an Expanded Subscription to E6 CONNECT, you get over 68 additional courses to play (90+ total) and access to all content that has ever been released.

E6 CONNECT is one of the best and most powerful golf simulator software solutions on the market right now, so the fact that it’s integrated with the SkyTrak+ is a big positive.

Plus, the new Play & Improve Plan for SkyTrak now lets you play E6 CONNECT on 15 courses without paying for the software separately.

The Golf Club 2019

The Golf Club 2019 Simulator Software Sample 1

The Golf Club 2019 (PC only) is an excellent option for the SkyTrak+ because it has a massive course selection, plenty of features, and great graphics, lighting and sound effects. It’s also relatively affordable.

Originally released as a video game and later ported to simulators, TGC 2019 offers a selection of over 170,000 courses, many of which are user-designed. With the software, you can:

  • play online (with strangers, friends or family) and compete in live worldwide tournaments
  • play rounds solo or play multiplayer locally
  • access the TGC library of over 170,000 courses
  • do range, chipping or putting practice

Play formats include stroke play, match play, stableford, four ball, skins, and alternate shot. TGC has a cool feature that allows up to four players in a multiplayer setting to hit their shots at the same time.

You can also design your own course with a few clicks. A special editor allows you to customize everything in detail from the theme to the terrain and layout. If this is something you think you could have fun with, you could end up playing your own custom-created course with your SkyTrak+.

WGT Golf

WGT (World Golf Tour) by Topgolf offers stroke play on famous golf courses around the world, closest-to-the-pin challenges, and a driving range. It’s only available on iOS with the Play & Improve plan.

Settings and customization aren’t as extensive as E6 CONNECT or TGC 2019. Nonetheless, you can view various types of data such as green speed, wind strength & direction, pin locations, and ball data such as distance, speed, spin rate, launch, and other metrics that can be measured by your SkyTrak.

With WGT, you get access to:

  • full course play on 15 WGT golf courses
  • the WGT closest-to-the-hole challenge on 6 WGT golf courses

Notable courses include St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, Erin Hills, Bethpage Black, and Olympic Club. Graphics are very photo-realistic and course recreations are highly accurate to real life.

WGT is quite limited as far as third-party software goes, but the good news is it’s included in one of the SkyTrak plans at a fairly low annual rate.

Creative Golf (with Golfisimo)

Creative Golf Software Integration

Creative Golf is a software that is focused not so much on realism (although the graphics are good), but more on family-friendly entertainment.

The base version of Creative Golf contains 15 reproduced golf courses from around the world. For an extra $500, you can get over 130 additional courses to play.

This software is even more affordable than TGC 2019, and if you want, you can “supercharge” it with the Golfisimo software which adds a host of cute, entertaining games for children and non-golfers.

The modes of Creative Golf are:

  • Practice: Practice on a driving range or chip and putt on a course of your choice.
  • Course Play: Choose the course, game type (stroke, match play, etc.), number of players, and play a full round of golf.
  • Challenges: Participate in competitions locally (with friends or family) including closest-to-the-pin and long drive.
  • Mini Games: Play fairy tale golf (altered environment, larger holes, etc.), mini golf (putting), and demolition golf (hit windows of old buildings).
  • Online Game: Play a game type and course of your choice with anyone in the world. A Discord community is available to join.
  • Tournaments: Join tournaments listed on the tournament server and compete with players around the world.

If you have purchased Golfisimo along with Creative Golf, there will be a dedicated Golfisimo section on the main menu. From there, you can access fun games like darts, barrels, bridges, demolition golf, battlefield, and grand slam.

For people that don’t need the premium experience that E6 CONNECT offers, Creative Golf and Golfisimo can be excellent money-saving alternatives.

Fitness Golf

The unique idea behind Fitness Golf (PC only) is that you have to physically get to your shot before you can hit the next one.

By attaching a sensor to your shoe (if you want to walk or run between shots) or your stationary bike (if you want to bike between shots), Fitness Golf allows you to get the exercise that would normally come with playing a real course without a cart.

At the time of writing, there are 161 different courses you can play; 98 of them are based on world-famous courses.

You don’t have to do cardio if you don’t want to, though. The three game modes are Golf Only, Fitness Golf, and Fitness Only, which are self-explanatory. In Fitness Only mode, you walk, run or bike on any course without playing any golf; this can be good if you just want to study the layout of a course.

For golfers who want to get an aerobic workout in addition to playing on their golf simulator, Fitness Golf is a fantastic (and fun) option.

ProTee Play

ProTee Play Pub Darts Game

ProTee Play is a software that is similar in many ways to Creative Golf and Golfisimo.

While it offers a driving range and typical modes like long drive and closest to the pin, its main draw is its large selection of fun, unconventional, kid-friendly games. These include:

  • Lonely Desert Range: practice your swing in the desert and avoid hitting wild camels.
  • Zombie Golf: kill zombies to stay alive.
  • Pub Darts: hit a dartboard as close to the center as possible.
  • Demolition Range: hit targets for points and set records on leaderboards.
  • Soccer Golf Kids: beat the goalkeeper and score as many goals as possible.

At least 20 different games are available for play. Additional games can be purchased at extra cost.

What’s nice about ProTee Play is that not only does it support resolutions up to 4K UHD, but it’s played through your web browser in the cloud. The software has been designed to work well with interactive touchscreens and digital displays.

As an extra layer of fun and engagement, you can track your performance on online leaderboards and compete with other players from around the world.

ProTee Play can be a fantastic choice for users looking for fun, kid-friendly minigames at a cost that’s even less than Golfisimo.

We talk more about third-party simulation plans for the SkyTrak and ST+ here.

Pricing & Plans

The base SkyTrak Plus launch monitor costs $2995. This includes the unit, power brick and cables. Financing is available.

An official protective shield designed for the SkyTrak+ costs $99.95.

In addition, three software plans are available:

Basic Plan

The ST+ comes bundled with the Basic Practice Range Plan at no extra cost. As implied in the name, this gives you access to the SkyTrak Practice Range with data points and a shot tracer.

If all you want to do is see your shot data and ball flight and don’t care about minigames or course play, the Basic package should suffice.

Game Improvement Plan

SkyTrak Practice Session Advanced Settings

The Game Improvement Plan costs $129.95/year. It gives you access to everything in the Basic Plan plus many additional features, challenges, and games. This includes:

  • access to third-party software solutions
  • long drive, closest to the pin and target practice challenges
  • skills assessment, bag mapping and wedge matrix features
  • custom settings including humidity, turf conditions, and wind
  • camera views
  • session history
  • progress tracking, charts and graphs for each club in the bag

If you want more than just being able to practice on a range from one camera perspective, then you’ll need to upgrade to the Game Improvement Plan.

Play & Improve Plan

WGT By Topgolf Logo

The Play & Improve Plan is available as an upgrade (and replacement) to the Game Improvement Plan. It costs $249.95/year.

The Play & Improve gives you access to everything in the Game Improvement Plan plus full integration with World Golf Tour (WGT) and limited access to E6 CONNECT.

This WGT integration is only available for iOS. With it, you get the WGT closest-to-the-hole challenge on 6 WGT golf courses and full course play on 15 WGT golf courses.

You also get access to 15 golf courses (including Torrey Pines, Troon North, Oakmont, and Prairie Dunes) on E6 CONNECT for iOS or PC.

The Play & Improve Plan is an attractive plan because it allows you to experience full course play without paying extra for third-party software.

This could be an excellent option for those that just want some simple course & challenge play on a handful of quality courses in addition to what the Game Improvement Plan already offers.

Third-Party Plans

The Golf Club Simulator Logo

SkyTrak has partnered with several software providers to bring the best golf simulator software to their two systems.

An overview of each of these softwares was given in the above section. Their current prices (subject to change, discounts or promotions) are given in the table below:

E6 CONNECT$300/yr (Basic) or $600/yr (Expanded) or $1500-$2500 one time
The Golf Club 2019$479/yr or $895 one time
WGT Golf$249.95/yr
Creative Golf$300/yr or $700 one time
Golfisimo$200/yr or $500 one time
Fitness Golf$199.95
ProTee Play$149/yr or $399 one time

Each software option has its own appeal. As you can see, the pricing options for each depend on whether you want a subscription or to pay one time.

Where To Buy The SkyTrak+ Online

There are many places where you can buy the SkyTrak+. If you’re looking online, the best places I recommend are:

You can choose any of these sellers based on your preferences. They all have excellent support teams that will help you with any questions or concerns you may have, and most of them allow you to add on a SkyTrak or third-party software plan with one click.

If you’re interested in the ST+, I highly recommend grabbing it as soon as it’s available because it’s constantly going out of stock due to high demand.

Third-party software for the ST+ aside from E6 and TGC 2019 should be purchased via the official SkyTrak website.

Another thing that’s worth considering is a good net and hitting mat setup. You can even take it to the next level and have a full simulator screen & enclosure, with your PC or mobile device connected to a projector. One of the best studios available that uses the ST+ is the SkyTrak+ SIG10.

The buttons below all open in new tabs, so go ahead and click on all of them to compare.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the SkyTrak ST+ continues what the original SkyTrak started, namely providing launch monitor performance similar to the top systems on the market, while making the improvements and additions necessary to bring it into the next generation of launch monitor capability.

You really couldn’t have asked for much more. Compared to the SkyTrak, the ST+ is faster, stronger, more robust, more accurate, measures club data, and offers a refined software experience.

What is perhaps most impressive is that in contrast to even the top launch monitors on the market like the GCQuad and X3, the ST+ doesn’t require club stickers or specially marked balls to measure any data. Simply put your ball on the laser dot, preferably with the ball’s logo facing the laser, and start hitting.

In terms of negatives, the shot delay is better but still noticeable, although waiting a second or two to see the ball flight really isn’t a big deal. Also, I do find the new Shot Score feature to be a little confusing and just a tad gimmicky, and I would have liked to see more information about how your data compares to other golfers, particularly top pros.

As a camera, radar, and optical system all rolled into one, the ST+ delivers tremendous value for just a few thousand dollars. And remember that it’s now viable not just indoors, but on the range as well thanks to the significantly improved outdoor performance.

Just as the original SkyTrak dominated the launch monitor and golf simulator scene for almost a decade, I predict that the SkyTrak+ will be the dominant (or one of the dominant) launch monitor offerings for years to come.

Thanks for reading my Skytrak+ review. Are you interested in the SkyTrak+? Have you tried it already? What’s your experience? Tell us about it in the comments below.

SkyTrak Plus (ST+) Launch Monitor
SkyTrak Plus Launch Monitor
Value For Money
Superb accuracy within 5% of the best launch monitors
Relatively easy setup
Now measures club data with no stickers needed
Improved Shot Optimizer feature
Much better outdoor performance than the original SkyTrak
SkyTrak software has an excellent UI
Only a small improvement in shot delay compared to the original SkyTrak
Shot Score can be a little confusing to understand
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