Swing Caddie SC4 Launch Monitor Review – A Little-Known Gem?

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Over the past many years, Voice Caddie has released several successful launch monitors onto the market well-known for their budget-friendliness, onboard displays, and portability.

The Swing Caddie SC4 is their latest and greatest model. Launched in 2023, it’s their first launch monitor to offer golf simulation, and it competes directly with similar budget launch monitors like the Rapsodo MLM2PRO and Garmin Approach R10.

Voice Caddie doesn’t market their launch monitors as aggressively as other brands, so it’s no surprise that many people haven’t heard of them.

In this Swing Caddie SC4 review, I’ll take an in-depth look at the launch monitor. I’ll look not only at how well it measures ball and swing data, but also at its usability, app and simulation features, and how it stacks up against similarly priced products.

How does the SC4 perform? How does it compare to other sub-$1000 launch monitors like the Garmin Approach R10? Is it worth getting if you’re looking for a portable golf launch monitor?

Here’s what I’m going to be covering in the review:

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Note: In the majority of cases, launch monitors tested on Golfstead are acquired temporarily and are not purchased. The review that follows is based on personal experience and research. Although the author makes every effort to ensure proper setup of the device and do direct comparisons with other launch monitors when possible, there are many variables that can affect data readings and performance. Therefore, exact results with a particular launch monitor may differ from person to person.

What is the Swing Caddie SC4?

Swing Caddie SC4 Launch Monitor

The SC4 is the latest and most powerful launch monitor developed by Voice Caddie, a company based in South Korea that is also known for its quality rangefinders and GPS watches.

With the SC4, Voice Caddie continues its trend of providing high-quality launch monitors in the ultra-budget (under $1000) category. This time, not only does it have a useful onboard display that allows you to use it anywhere, but it’s also their first launch monitor to support golf simulation.

The Swing Caddie SC4 is described as a “personalized launch monitor”. It measures eight club and ball parameters and features both an outdoor and a simulator mode.

In addition to tracking shot metrics that are viewable on the onboard display after each shot, the SC4 connects to the companion MySwingCaddie app available for iOS and Android. This app enables you to organize your data, view shot dispersions, and view recordings of your swing.

When it comes to simulation, the SC4 can be used with the world-renowned E6 CONNECT software as well as OptiShot Orion. A separate subscription is required for this.

The portable SC4 is designed to be easy to move from the home to the driving range, and it’s supported with a built-in stand. The device has several unique features including a barometric pressure sensor, remote control handset, and voice output that reads your distances out to you.

Setting Up The SC4

Setting up the SC4 launch monitor is quite straightforward. Follow these steps:

1. Position and align the device.

Swing Caddie SC4 Launch Monitor - Back View
SC4 back view

Unfold the SC4’s stand and place it five feet behind the tee area, ensuring it’s level with the hitting zone.

Then ensure the mounting angle (tilt) is correct. To do this, adjust the stand of the SC4 until a 0 shows on the onboard display.

Lastly, ensure that the alignment line (red range line on the top of the device) lines up with the tee and the target.

2. Set up the app and connect it to the SC4.

The companion MySwingCaddie app is not required to use the SC4 since all of the data is displayed on the unit itself. We recommend it, though, because of all of the additional features.

First download, install and open the app on your iOS or Android device. Then place your mobile device close to the SC4 and turn the SC4 on by pressing and holding the Power button for two seconds.

You will now be connecting the devices via Bluetooth. Go to the Bluetooth section in the MySwingCaddie app and follow the prompts which involves selecting the SC4’s serial number and entering a 6-digit PIN into the app.

Once the PIN displayed on the SC4 is entered into the app, the connection is ready.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind:

  • the SC4 runs on a lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery that takes around six hours to charge and lasts for around ten hours
  • the dimensions of the SC4 are 4.88″ x 7.59″ x 1.14″
  • the LED indicator will change colour and flash depending on the current operation
  • the remote control can be stored on the SC4 unit via a magnet
  • the SC4 weighs 15.4 oz
  • the measuring range of the SC4 is 10~370 yards

For indoor net or simulator sessions, you’ll need a solid hitting mat and net. Take out your longest club (driver) and ensure that you have enough clearance to make a full swing.

This section gives you a concise summary of the setup process. For full details, including operation of the SC4, you should consult the user manual.

Data Parameters & Accuracy

Data Parameters

Swing Caddie SC4 onboard display closeup

The SC4 measures the following data points:

  • carry distance
  • total distance (estimated)
  • ball speed
  • clubhead speed
  • smash factor
  • apex (max height)
  • launch direction
  • spin rate
  • launch angle


The accuracy of the SC4 is very good for a budget unit. I was able to do a direct comparison with my new favourite portable launch monitor, the Uneekor EYE MINI, and was impressed by what I saw.

In my experience, the SC4 tends to do the best job with carry distance, which is sometimes identical to the EYE MINI’s readings and usually doesn’t differ by more than a few percentage points.

For other data parameters, depending on the length of the club used (driver will typically show a bigger discrepancy), the readings didn’t stray from the EYE MINI by more than 10% during my test which isn’t bad at all considering the price differential.

The SC4’s biggest weakness is probably spin. When the device initially came out, it would often massively overreport spin by 1500+ RPMs. Since firmware updates have been released, however, spin readings are quite good now and are usually overreported by only a couple hundred RPMs on average.

Another thing I will say is that the SC4 doesn’t seem to handle poor strikes (tops, shanks, fat shots) very well. Results are best when you make decent contact with the ball.

Overall, there’s nothing to suggest that the accuracy of the SC4 is any worse than other great launch monitors in its price range like the Rapsodo MLM2PRO and Garmin Approach R10. In fact, I’m inclined to say that it’s better in some respects.


Let’s dive into many of the more prominent and important features of the SC4.

Display & Remote

Swing Caddie SC4 Remote closeup

As previously mentioned, the SC4 features a complete virtual display. Located on the front of the unit, this 4.8″ LCD indicates all of the data readings after each shot. White text is overlaid on top of a dark background so the numbers are easy to see both indoors and out.

By using the buttons on the back of the unit and/or the included remote control, you can:

  • switch between Practice and Target mode
  • set a target distance
  • select a club
  • input the loft for your club

The sleek, lightweight remote has buttons that allow you to quickly select a club in your bag as well as change units of measurement and the language of the voice readout.

MySwingCaddie App

MySwingCaddie app sample views

The MySwingCaddie app pairs directly with the SC4 launch monitor, unlocking additional features for a richer experience.

The app is not necessary to use the SC4 but it’s highly recommended. In Practice mode, you can access the following tabs:

  1. Driving Range: view your shot dispersions from a top-down perspective for a club of your choosing, along with all your shot data in grid format. Results are generated in real time as you hit.
  2. Pro: get a more visual look at your launch and ball data with diagrams of the club and ball, along with all your shot data.
  3. Video: view a video clip of your shot taken with your phone’s camera, with data measurements overlaid on top.

Along the bottom are more tabs you can explore. In Target mode, you can select a target distance that you want to shoot for and get feedback after every shot.

In Data mode, you can view in-depth statistics for a selected group of shots (recent, since the beginning of the year, all time or custom period). View your average distances for each club, number of shots taken for each club, and scores representing how close you got to your target distance on average.

You can also customize your bag in the app, but you can’t change the default club configuration (woods, utilities, etc.) or remove clubs, so it can be frustrating to get the bag looking exactly the way you want it. I suggest just changing the lofts and forgetting about everything else.

Golf Simulation

The SC4 launch monitor officially supports third-party golf simulation with OptiShot Orion and E6 CONNECT.

Let’s go over both options:

OptiShot Orion

OptiShot Orion software sample

Orion is a new software developed by OptiShot. It offers an impressively rich set of features that rival many of the more well-known softwares on the market.

The Orion software can be divided into the following three categories:

  1. Course Play: choose from 20+ premium real-world courses to play full rounds or a few holes with up to eight players. You can set profiles and modify various settings including weather and gimme distances.
  2. Practice: choose from four different ranges: a driving range, short game range, putting range, and dynamic range. On the dynamic range, you can specify the exact distance to the target, and you can also add hazards and obstacles such as bunkers, water and trees.
  3. Online: play in weekly worldwide tournaments for prizes, play with friends remotely, join clubs, and enter closest-to-the-pin competitions.

Courses available in OptiShot Orion include Ullna GC, Congressional CC, The Stadium Course at Bro Hof Slott, Black Mountain, and Österåker Golf Club. More courses will added to the software every year.

This software is very affordable compared to most of the other options out there, although I’m not a huge fan of the UI. It also comes bundled with the SC4 hardware as the Orbit Launch Monitor.


E6 CONNECT integration with Swing Caddie

E6 CONNECT is top-tier golf simulation software known for its quality and diverse range of features.

Only the iOS version is usable with the SC4. It gives you:

  • a full driving range and practice area
  • tournament play and online events
  • an array of multiplayer formats
  • flexible gameplay settings (mulligans, wind, weather, etc.)
  • minigames including Long Drive and Closest To The Pin

A Basic subscription to E6 CONNECT provides access to P2P gameplay and a library of content that changes on a periodic basis. With an Expanded Subscription to E6 CONNECT, you get over 68 additional courses to play (90+ total) and access to all content that has ever been released.

E6 CONNECT is much more established software than Orion with more realistic graphics and textures, but it requires an annual subscription.


The Swing Caddie SC4 launch monitor unit costs $549.99 USD. This includes the device itself, remote control, USB cable, and user manual.

The SC4 has a repair/replacement warranty of one year.

The E6 CONNECT software is quite expensive. A basic 1-year subscription costs $300, an expanded 1-year subscription costs $600, and a permanent license costs $1,500.

The OptiShot Orion software costs $200.

What’s notable is that neither the SC4 nor its companion app requires a subscription to access additional features. Apart from a subscription to E6 CONNECT if you want to go that route, you’re only dealing with affordable one-time fees.

Where To Buy The SC4 Online

If you’re looking online, I would recommend buying the SC4 from PlayBetter or Top Shelf Golf.

PlayBetter, in particular, offers a special bundle that packs the SC4 in a cool gift box and includes their own branded portable charger.

Top Shelf Golf allows you to add the SC4 carrying pouch with one click, and you also get one E6 CONNECT golf course and practice range as well as ten lessons from Paul Wilson for free.

Another thing that’s worth considering if you plan to use the SC4 indoors is a good net and hitting mat setup. You can even take it to the next level and have a full simulator screen & enclosure, with your software-running device connected to a projector.

Final Thoughts

The Swing Caddie SC4 is a superb budget launch monitor that joins the Garmin Approach R10 and Rapsodo MLM2PRO in measuring a healthy amount of data points and providing golf simulation for under $1000.

But more than that, the SC4 has some unique selling points that the others don’t have. In particular, it:

  • has an onboard display that allows you to get your numbers without needing to connect a separate device
  • comes with a remote control (handset) that allows you to control the SC4 from a distance
  • is not attached to any subscription fees in the companion app

At the end of the day, you’re getting very good accuracy with the SC4 that is more than satisfactory for a launch monitor in this price range. The app is well-designed, and the documentation in the manual and elsewhere is solid.

Even though third-party simulation software options are rather limited, I appreciate the OptiShot Orion integration. You don’t see this software very often with launch monitors but given its very affordable cost, it boasts an impressive amount of features including multiple practice modes, full course play and online play.

The SC4 was missing simulation and produced inaccurate spin readings at launch, but Voice Caddie has addressed these issues and will surely build on and improve the device over time.

Thanks for reading my Swing Caddie SC4 review. Are you interested in the SC4? Have you tried it already? What’s your experience? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Swing Caddie SC4 Launch Monitor
Swing Caddie SC4 Launch Monitor
Value For Money
Accuracy is very good for a budget unit
Only needs 5 ft of space behind the ball
Onboard display means separate device is not required
Barometric sensor and remote control
Quality software integrations
Companion app has no subscription fees
Bag customization in the app is restrictive
Carrying pouch is not included
Third-party software options are limited
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