How Much Do Golf Simulators Cost? – Quick Guide

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Quick Answer: a golf simulator can cost anywhere from around $150 all the way up to more than $70,000, but good ones that allow you to seriously improve your game tend to average around $10,000.

Indoor golf has really taken off in recent times, spurred on by the pandemic that took over the world in early 2020. The industry is expected to grow to a $3 billion market value by 2030.

At the same time, it’s easier than ever to bring the game of golf to your home.

If you’re a golf lover, you might already know about golf simulators. But the first question is: can you afford one?

Well, in most cases, the answer is yes! There are likely many options available to you as you can get a golf simulator in nearly every price range.

The next question then becomes: how much do golf simulators cost? The cost of golf simulators can vary considerably with their quality and the features they offer. You can even get a golf simulator for under $1000, but it will be much less powerful, of course.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at how much golf simulators really cost and why their prices vary so much.

Why do prices vary?

Price tag graphic

As with most things, it’s generally true that you get what you pay for when it comes to golf simulators. If you can pay a fortune for a top-of-the-line setup, you’ll get the largest and best studios, best software, and most accurate ball and club tracking.

The following are the main components that affect the price of a golf simulator:

All the components stated above contribute to the total cost of a golf simulator. Other things can increase the cost such as touchscreen monitors and stands, custom flooring, and audio systems. If you want to cut down on the total cost, you’ll have to cut back on one or more of these components.

If your budget is low enough, you may have to forego some of these components entirely. For example, you generally won’t be able to afford an impact screen and enclosure with a budget of under $1000.

How much will a golf simulator cost you?

In short, a golf simulator can cost anywhere from around $150 all the way up to more than $70,000.

Golf simulators can be divided into three price categories: entry-level, mid-range, and high-end.


OptiShot 2 Simulator Box & Device

An entry-level golf simulator will cost you anywhere from $150 to $5000.

The cheapest ones include the OptiShot 2 and SLX MicroSim, but these are geared more towards entertainment than serious game improvement.

Three of the best entry-level golf simulators that cost under $1000 utilize the Garmin Approach R10, Rapsodo MLM2PRO, and Swing Caddie SC4. They are compatible with the best simulator software, and it’s possible to achieve a fully loaded setup with them while still staying within the entry-level cost range.

Two of the best consumer-level golf simulators right now are the SkyTrak Plus and Mevo Plus, both of which start at around $2000-$3000.

Various simulator packages (with mats, nets, screens, etc.) are available with the ST+ and Mevo+ that can raise the price to $5000 or more. Many of the more affordable packages that cost less than $5000 use compact nets or standalone impact screens.


SkyTrak Plus (ST+) SIG10 Golf Simulator Package

A mid-range golf simulator will have a price from around $5000 to $15,000.

The best SkyTrak and Mevo+ packages, with the largest and best screen/enclosure systems, fall in this range and often manage to be less than $10,000.

The Uneekor QED simulator and many QED packages also fall in this price range. Uneekor’s QED can compete with many high-end simulators that have a much higher cost; it has highly accurate tracking and excellent software.

One of the best portable options that has just come onto the market recently is the Uneekor EYE MINI. You can pair this launch monitor with various simulator studios and have a beastly mid-range setup.

Other quality simulators that can be classified as mid-range are the Foresight Sports GC3, Bushnell Launch Pro, and TruGolf Vista 8.


A high-end golf simulator can cost you anywhere above $15,000. There is practically no limit in this regard.

There are quite a few simulator setups that are priced between $15,000 and $20,000 including most GCQuad packages, FlightScope X3 packages, fully loaded Uneekor EYE XO packages, and the Vista 10 and Vista 12 simulators.

Compared to the QED, the Uneekor EYE XO offers more detailed analytics data, more data parameters, and the ability to use golf balls without reflective dots.

Simulator packages that use the ceiling-mounted Foresight Sports GCHawk Launch Monitor tend to fall in the $20,000-$30,000 price range.

aboutGOLF Curve Simulator

Beyond $30,000, companies like HD Golf, aboutGOLF, Full Swing and TrackMan give you many options, some of which include curved screen designs. As an example, the Full Swing Pro Series Simulator, priced at a minimum of $54,900, is Tiger Woods’ personal home simulator.

There’s one thing worth noting: sim-in-a-box “plug-and-play” systems like the Vista, Full Swing, and Golfzon will generally cost more than mixing and matching simulator components. The main reason for this is convenience.

Given what we’ve stated above, you can easily get an idea of how much a golf simulator will cost you. It all depends on your budget and the features you want.

Where can you buy golf simulators?

The three best places we recommend looking for golf simulators online are The Indoor Golf Shop, Carl’s Place, Rain or Shine Golf, and Top Shelf Golf.

Each has slightly different studio offerings, but they all have large selections and fantastic customer support that is sure to help you narrow it down to what suits you best.

We also highly recommend reading consumer and professional reviews of golf simulators to acquire useful insights as to how they actually perform. This will help you a lot in the decision-making process.


Choosing the right golf simulator package for you may seem a little daunting or confusing, but it’s something that you should be able to figure out relatively quickly.

Going for a package deal is typically a great choice if you don’t know what you want or want to be sure that you’re getting everything you need to enjoy your simulator to the fullest. By “package deal”, we mean packages that have been pre-assembled with separate components.

On the other hand, if you know exactly what you want, you can buy your simulator components individually or use a build-your-own-simulator tool.

In the super low-end price range, you can buy affordable mats and nets to go with a cheap simulator like the OptiShot.

Overall, if you want to go for cheap simulators, we suggest avoiding a projector and impact screen which can raise the price tag dramatically. A much more affordable alternative is a net, and you can still view your shot simulation on your device or on a TV positioned behind the net.

Thanks for reading this guide. Is there something else you want to know about the cost of golf simulators? Leave your questions or comments down below!

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