SkyTrak Vs. Mevo Plus – Complete Launch Monitor Comparison

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The SkyTrak and Mevo Plus are two launch monitors that sit at about the same price point. They are both meant to fill the gap between pocket-sized launch monitors under $1000 and top professional units like the X3 and GCQuad.

Because they’re so comparable, many golfers want to know how they stack up against each other. Which is more accurate? Which measures more parameters? Which one should you use over the other?

In this SkyTrak vs. Mevo Plus comparison, I’ll go through the similarities and differences of both launch monitors. I’ll compare the costs and availability associated with each, and suggest which launch monitor might be a better choice for different applications.

Here’s what I’m going to be comparing:

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The Mevo Plus is much newer than the SkyTrak; it was released in 2020 while the SkyTrak was released in 2014. The Mevo Plus was created by FlightScope, while the SkyTrak was created by Rapsodo.


SkyTrak Launch Monitor - Front & Side View

SkyTrak describes itself as “a personal launch monitor that delivers instant and real-time 3D shot analysis and ball-flight data“.

Before the SkyTrak was released onto the market, there was a void in the personal launch monitor and simulator space. The only available simulator systems at the time had costs that were out of reach of most golfers.

The SkyTrak was released in November 2014 to fill this void. Since that time, it has been polished, updated, and built upon with additional features.

In addition to measuring ball and club data, the SkyTrak is one of the only sub-$2000 launch monitors that is compatible with the best simulation software including E6 and TGC 2019.

Mevo Plus

FlightScope Mevo Plus 2023 Edition Launch Monitor - Front View

The Mevo Plus describes itself as “a one-of-a-kind launch monitor and simulator giving golfers the ultimate practice and play experience”.

It was announced at the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show as the newest addition to FlightScope’s launch monitor lineup. An updated 2023 Edition of the Mevo Plus was released in 2023.

The Mevo Plus was designed to be an upgrade to the original Mevo, measuring more parameters and allowing for golf simulation. It fills a void in the Doppler radar launch monitor space between pocket-sized units like the Mevo and highly advanced units like the X3.

“MEVO” stands for measure, evaluate, visualize and optimize. In addition to measuring club and ball data, the Mevo Plus is one of the only sub-$2000 launch monitors that is compatible with at least four different golf simulation software solutions.


Connectivity graphic

The key technology difference between the SkyTrak and Mevo Plus is that the SkyTrak is a photometric (camera-based) system, while the Mevo Plus is a Doppler radar-based system.

The cameras of the SkyTrak take high-speed images of the ball for a few feet after impact, which is what enables the unit to produce measurements with a precision comparable to much more expensive commercial systems.

The 3D Doppler radar of the Mevo Plus takes advantage of the Doppler effect; it emits a microwave signal that is reflected back by the club and ball, allowing the unit to calculate various data points.

One of the prime advantages of radar-based systems is that unlike photometric systems, they are not affected by lighting conditions, making them ideal for outdoor use. On the other hand, photometric systems tend to have the edge indoors and don’t require extra space behind the golfer.

In general, the SkyTrak is an indoor launch monitor that can be used outdoors in certain conditions. The Mevo Plus can be used outdoors with no issue, but it can also be used indoors as long as there is enough space.

However, the Mevo Plus has recently been upgraded with Fusion Tracking. This patented technology combines Doppler radar with synchronized image processing for enhanced data accuracy and consistency. In this sense, the technology of the Mevo Plus has both radar and camera-based elements.

Data Parameters

There’s no question that the Mevo Plus can measure more data parameters than the SkyTrak, and this is even more true since the release of the Pro Package which adds 11 more advanced parameters.

In fact, there is practically nothing the SkyTrak measures that the Mevo Plus can’t measure.

SkyTrak Parameters

SkyTrak Numeric Screen Sample

The SkyTrak measures five data parameters directly:

  • ball speed
  • launch angle
  • back spin
  • side spin
  • side angle

With this data, the software is able to derive (calculate) six more measurements:

  • carry & total distance
  • club head speed
  • roll
  • flight path
  • offline
  • angle of descent

Mevo Plus Parameters

FS Golf App 1

The Mevo Plus measures 16 data parameters on the base level. They are:

  • ball speed
  • club head speed
  • carry distance
  • total distance
  • roll distance
  • smash factor
  • spin rate
  • spin axis
  • spin loft
  • vertical launch angle
  • horizontal launch angle
  • apex height
  • flight time
  • lateral landing
  • angle of attack
  • shot shape

With the Pro Package add-on, the additional parameters unlocked are:

  • club path
  • speed profile
  • acceleration profile
  • curve
  • dynamic loft
  • vertical descent angle
  • low point
  • face to path
  • face to target
  • vertical swing plane
  • horizontal swing plane

Moreover, the Face Impact Location add-on for the Pro Package provides lateral impact and vertical impact parameters.

Although the SkyTrak measures less data, the parameters it does measure are sufficient for the vast majority of golfers playing in an indoor golf simulator. So, it ultimately comes down to which data metrics you care about.


Both launch monitors offer apps that allow you to view your 3D shot trajectories and analyze your performance in various ways.

Having said that, the Mevo Plus 2023 Edition gives you access to ten golf courses and practice ranges on E6 CONNECT (iOS or PC) out of the box at no extra cost.

With the SkyTrak, you need to pay extra if you want full course play.

SkyTrak Features

SkyTrak Shot Optimizer

The SkyTrak comes with its own in-house software and app, usable on PC, iOS or Android devices. The features that you have access to on the app depend on which plan you are subscribed to.

Without purchasing a third-party software license, you need to subscribe to the Play & Improve Plan in order to access full course play on World Golf Tour (WGT).

Features of the SkyTrak app include:

  • hitting shots on a virtual practice range; you can change the camera angle, view dispersions, and adjust environmental conditions.
  • the Shot Optimizer, which displays detailed data about your shot and compares each parameter with the optimal range for that particular club.
  • challenge modes like Closest To The Pin and Long Drive.

With a subscription to the Game Improvement Plan, you gain access to a slew of features including Bag Mapping, Skills Assessment through target practice, and Wedge Matrix analysis.

Mevo Plus Features

FlightScope FS Skills App Sample Look

The Mevo Plus can be paired with the FS Golf app, FS Skills app, and FS Golf PC software.

FS Golf (Android or iOS) is the main app that is compatible with the Mevo+, and its features include:

  • the ability to view your shot trajectories (top, side or 3D)
  • smartphone video recording with customizable data overlay
  • video clip drawing and sharing
  • the ability to group and review shots by club
  • the ability to set margins for data points (results are highlighted green when within the range and red when outside the range)
  • the ability to view club averages
  • the ability to view the precise impact location on the clubface with heatmaps (Face Impact Location & Pro Package add-ons required)

FS Skills allows golfers to test their skills by hitting shots to a series of virtual targets. Each shot is given a score based on the distance to the center of the target, and after all targets are presented, an overall session score is given.

The FS Golf PC software, purchased separately or included with the Pro Package and Mevo Plus 2023 Edition, is a highly customizable, flexible software that allows you to perform a complete analysis of your sessions with trajectory views, radar data, 3D D-Plane animations and acceleration profiles, among other things.

Another feature, accessible with the Pro Package, is a complete D-Plane dataset.

Simulation Options

E6 CONNECT App on an iPad

The SkyTrak officially integrates with seven golf simulator software solutions, while the Mevo Plus integrates with six. They are:

  • SkyTrak: E6 CONNECT, The Golf Club 2019, Creative Golf, Golfisimo, WGT Golf, Fitness Golf, ProTee Play
  • Mevo Plus: E6 CONNECT, The Golf Club 2019, Creative Golf, Golfisimo, Awesome Golf, GSPro

As you can see, four of the softwares (E6, TGC 2019, Creative Golf, Golfisimo) are common to both launch monitors.

Here are some of the features of each piece of software:

  • E6 CONNECT: driving range and practice area, full course play, tournaments, online events, multiplayer formats, flexible gameplay settings, minigames, 90+ courses with Expanded Subscription
  • The Golf Club 2019: massive selection of 170,000+ courses, online play, tournaments, course play (solo or multiplayer), practice modes, ability to design your own course with a few clicks
  • Creative Golf: focuses on family-friendly entertainment, 130+ courses, practice modes, course play, challenges (long drive, etc.), fantastical minigames, tournaments
  • Golfisimo: caters to children and non-golfers, cute and fun minigames (darts, barrels, battlefield, grand slam, etc.)
  • WGT Golf: highly realistic recreations of world-famous courses, stroke play, driving range, closest-to-the-pin challenges
  • Awesome Golf: cartoon aesthetic, range practice, challenges, fun shootout minigames, stroke play on fictional courses
  • Fitness Golf: must get to your next shot by running or biking with an attached sensor, 161 courses, adjustable gameplay settings
  • GSPro: ultra-realistic with 4K graphics support, ability to create your own course, virtual golf tours, practice, full course play with flyovers, OpenAPI interface
  • ProTee Play: 4K support, touchscreen-friendly, a range of kid-friendly golf games (carnival games, American football, soccer, killing zombies, etc.), online leaderboards

While the majority of these softwares are only usable on PC, many offer an iOS version.

The SkyTrak has a great selection of software, but it hasn’t been updated in quite a while. The Mevo Plus has been actively adding more software integrations. Also, software for the SkyTrak can only be purchased through their official website and nowhere else.

Pricing & Add-Ons

The base costs of the SkyTrak and Mevo Plus 2023 Edition are $1995 and $2199, respectively. The original Mevo Plus has been discontinued.

Included with the base purchase of the SkyTrak is the Basic Practice Range Plan. You can upgrade to the Game Improvement Plan for $99.95/year or the Play & Improve Plan for $199.95/year.

Included with the base purchase of the Mevo Plus 2023 Edition is a trimmed version of E6 CONNECT (iOS or PC) and Fusion Tracking. You can upgrade to the Pro Package for an extra $1000 and the Face Impact Location add-on for an extra $499.

When it comes to third-party software that both launch monitors integrate with, the costs are roughly the same, but the SkyTrak licenses tend to be offered at discounts which is nice. Some examples are:

  • E6 CONNECT: $300/year (Basic), $600/year (Expanded), $2500 (one-time)
  • The Golf Club 2019: $950 or $895 with the SkyTrak
  • Creative Golf: $700 or $300/year subscription
  • Awesome Golf: $199.99+$9.99/month or $349.99
  • GSPro: $250/year or $550+$250/year for the Lifetime add-on

At the end of the day, the prices associated with the SkyTrak and Mevo Plus sort of even out. You need to pay extra to play courses on the SkyTrak, but you save on many of their third-party integrations.

Where To Buy

Three of the best places to buy the SkyTrak and Mevo Plus are Rain or Shine Golf, The Indoor Golf Shop, and Top Shelf Golf.

Each offers the Mevo Plus Pro Package as an add-on, but note that Top Shelf Golf doesn’t appear to sell the Play & Improve upgrade for the SkyTrak.

You can choose any of these vendors based on your wants and preferences. They all have excellent support teams that will help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

If you’re looking for a used unit, see what’s available here (eBay) for the SkyTrak and here (eBay) for the Mevo Plus. I myself wouldn’t get one used, but it could be a good option if you want a discount on the original model.

Third-party software integrations for the SkyTrak can be purchased on their official website. You can buy E6 CONNECT for the Mevo+ here and TGC 2019 here. Creative Golf and Awesome Golf can be purchased on their respective websites.

Another thing that you should consider is a good hitting net, especially with the SkyTrak which is mainly an indoor launch monitor. You can even take it to the next level and have a fully loaded golf simulator setup with projector, screen & enclosure.

The buttons below all open in new tabs, so go ahead and click on all of them to compare.


My comparison between the SkyTrak and Mevo Plus is summarized in the table below:

SkyTrakMevo Plus
Release Date20142020
TechnologyPhotometric cameraDoppler radar
Data Parameters1129
FeaturesApp, in-house software plansTwo apps, PC software, E6 CONNECT
Simulation Options76
Price$1995 + add-ons$2199 + add-ons
My Rating9.2/109.6/10

Basically, they are both really great systems with similar accuracy levels. However, I would lean towards the Mevo Plus because:

  • it’s much newer
  • it measures more data
  • it works perfectly outdoors
  • it has recently been enhanced with Fusion Tracking
  • it comes with full course play and practice on E6 CONNECT out-of-the-box

The SkyTrak, however, does have an advantage in a few areas, namely more customers and popularity, a longer battery life, better chipping and putting performance, less space needed for setup, and slightly less cost for some third-party software options.

Also, SkyTrak has had more than seven years to fine-tune and polish their technology and software. The Mevo Plus hasn’t been on the market for as long.

When you consider everything in totality, I do think the Mevo Plus provides a little more value for the money. Just keep in mind that if you intend to play indoors, you’ll need at least eight feet of space behind you.

However, if you don’t plan to use your launch monitor outdoors and you’re satisfied with the parameters the SkyTrak measures, the SkyTrak really is an excellent choice, although its shot delay can get a little annoying.

Thanks for reading my SkyTrak vs. Mevo Plus comparison. Which of these launch monitors do you like more? Have you tried any of them? What’s your experience? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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