7 Best Golf Simulators For Left And Right-Handed Use

Many golfers want to be able to quickly and seamlessly change from left to right-handed play on their golf simulator.

While some golfers want to practice both styles of play, the most common reason for it is that the simulator is used by multiple people that are both left and right-handed.

Fortunately, as golf simulator technology has advanced, more affordable solutions have appeared in the market, so there are options that can accommodate a range of budgets.

In the case of a golf simulator for seamless left and right-handed use, there are a few things you’ll need to give yourself a great experience: a launch monitor that records your shot data, a hitting net or screen, and optionally, a projector that displays your shot on a life-size screen.

More than anything though, you’ll want a tracking system that doesn’t require different setups and device positioning based on whether you’re left or right-handed.

In this article, we’ll review and compare our picks for the best golf simulators for dual left and right-handed use over a range of different budgets.

We have tested all of these golf simulator setups. Some offer less features than others, but they all give an excellent experience for the cost.

Our Top Picks For Left & Right-Handed Golf Simulators

The following are our top selections based on our own testing, research, and experience:

  1. Uneekor QED SwingBay Simulator Package
  2. TruGolf Vista 10 Golf Simulator
  3. FlightScope Mevo Plus SIG10 Golf Simulator
  4. ProTee Ultimate Edition Golf Simulator
  5. Uneekor EYEXO SwingBay Simulator Package
  6. TruGolf Vista 8 Golf Simulator
  7. GSA F-Series F3 Golf Simulator

1. Uneekor QED SwingBay Simulator Package

Uneekor QED Golf Simulator Setup 2

The Uneekor QED is a relatively new simulator technology to hit the market, and the reception it has gotten from golfers is extremely good.

Unlike the popular SkyTrak which needs to be repositioned and recalibrated when switching from right to left-handed play, the Uneekor QED uses a ceiling-mounted camera and sensor system that allows seamless hand switching without any adjustments needed.

It’s our #1 pick because, while it is considered a step above SkyTrak and nearly on par with top professional simulators like GC2 and even TrackMan, it is still relatively affordable.

The QED simulator system delivers high precision on shots from 10 cm to 435 yards. The included software, QED Ignite, allows you to play various game modes, practice modes, and skills challenges.

Featuring Rain Or Shine Golf’s unique SwingBay screen & enclosure, the Uneekor QED simulator package provides everything that’s needed for both right and left-handed players to enjoy the ultimate golf simulator studio.

What Is Included

The studio consists of:

  • SwingBay simulator screen & enclosure
  • Optoma 1080p Short Throw Projector
  • ceiling projector mount
  • side barrier netting
  • SwingTurf hitting mat

The simulator technology itself is contained in the QED bar, which is mounted overhead. It houses two high-speed cameras that can record at over 3000 fps, providing real-time club and ball data.

The QED Ignite software features a photographic video playback technology called QED OPTIX, a 3D driving range, fitting data, and a swing motion analysis tool.

Upgrades are available that allow to you access additional features within the Ignite software. In addition, the QED simulator is compatible with The Golf Club and E6 CONNECT.

Minimum room dimensions of 9 ft high x 12 ft wide x 15 ft deep are required.

The Uneekor QED is an impressive simulator that provides one of the best performance-to-cost ratios we’ve seen. Even if you don’t want to pay extra for separate software, the default Ignite software is rock solid and will allow you to get the quality practice you expect out of a premium simulator package.

2. TruGolf Vista 10 Golf Simulator

TruGolf Vista 10 Golf Simulator - Base Setup

The Vista 10 is the middle entry in TruGolf’s affordable Vista Series. It’s defined by high-definition image quality, a cutting-edge tension system, enhanced swing analysis capabilities, and portability with easy installation.

The simulator is based on patented technology and uses a series of sensors underneath the hitting mat to measure club and ball data. Since nothing needs to be moved around once set up, the Vista 10 is great for uninterrupted left and right-handed play.

TruGolf is a reputable maker of simulators, and their team of developers and golf pros are highly respected. Their simulators are purchased for both home and commercial applications.

What Is Included

The Vista 10 simulator comes with:

  • an HD 720p Vista projector and screen
  • a 21″ Touch Screen Monitor & TruGolf Level 1 Computer
  • a 1-year subscription to E6 CONNECT, which is a simulation software that allows you to practice, play with friends, and compete with golfers around the world
  • premium fairway turf
  • a 1-year limited warranty

The Vista 10 uses the TruTrack2 system, which captures important shot data using three rows of optical sensors. Most of the hardware for this tracking system is located underneath the hitting mat.

The Vista 10 is offered in Base and Pro versions. The Base version includes the above items, while the Pro version includes a Level 2 Computer, portable speaker, component rack, protective side nets, and a frame storage duffel bag.

The minimum space requirements are 10 ft high x 15 ft wide x 20 ft deep.

For more details about what comes with the simulator, specifications, etc, visit this page.

3. FlightScope Mevo Plus SIG10 Golf Simulator

FlightScope Mevo+ SIG10 Golf Simulator Package

This simulator package pairs FlightScope’s successful Mevo+ launch monitor with the popular and highly-rated SIG10 studio setup, built by Shop Indoor Golf.

The Mevo+ is comparable to the SkyTrak, but it uses Doppler radar tracking technology. Not only that, but it allows for seamless left and right-handed play because the unit is positioned behind the golfer on the target line.

The SIG10 is a full-screen enclosure that is similar to the SwingBay enclosure featured on this page, with a few differences related to the projector, landing pad and hitting mat.

What Is Included

The Mevo+ SIG10 package consists of the Mevo+ launch monitor and a high-quality SIG10 simulator screen and enclosure (designed by Shop Indoor Golf) that is handcrafted in the USA.

Also included are:

  • your choice of a hitting mat (5’x5′, 4’x7′ or 4’x10′)
  • an Optoma HD 1080p projector
  • projector floor mount shield enclosure
  • landing pad turf
  • side barrier netting

Another nice perk of the Mevo+ is its integration with E6 CONNECT software; in addition to a free app, the simulator comes with a trimmed version of E6 that includes five courses and seventeen practice ranges.

The choices for hitting mat are the Fairway Series 5’x5′ (provides realistic feel), SIGPRO 4’x7′ (easy on the joints, allows level unit placement), and SIGPRO 4’x10′. We obviously recommend the SIGPRO 4’x10′ because it has a center hitting strip that is designed for left/right hand switching.

Room dimensions of 9 ft high x 12 ft wide x 21 ft deep are recommended.

We love this simulator package because the studio is well-made with great aesthetics, and the Mevo+ is robust and affordable. Just bear in mind that if you want a more complete software experience, it may be a good idea to buy a full E6 or TGC software package for PC.

4. ProTee Ultimate Edition Golf Simulator

ProTee Ultimate Edition Golf Simulator

In development for over a decade, this is the ultimate simulator offering from Dutch golf company ProTee United.

It’s not cheap, but it’s certainly a beast. It’s an advanced 3D simulator uniquely designed to accommodate home, commercial, and professional use. It also has practically no shot delay.

Moreover, the ProTee uses advanced ground sensors and high-speed vertical and horizontal camera systems to measure all sorts of club and ball parameters. It is widely regarded as one of the best tracking systems for left and right-handed use.

If you’re a serious golfer who wants a serious setup for improving your game, the ProTee simulator will definitely be able to take care of you.

How It Works

The ProTee simulator uses high-speed cameras for ball tracking and advanced infrared sensor systems for club tracking, giving you detailed ball and club data for every shot.

You can use your own clubs, real balls, and hit shots as you normally would on the range or course.

One of the best things about the ProTee simulator is that it comes with two software packages: ProTee Golf 2.0 (ProTee’s proprietary simulator software), and one of the best, most realistic software solutions on the simulator market, The Golf Club. With these softwares at your disposal, you’ll have access to:

  • over 100,000 courses to play, including world-famous courses
  • a tool that allows you to design your own course
  • 4K graphics capability
  • informative practice sessions
  • tournaments and online play
  • multiplayer
  • online sharing

So, not only do you get a top-of-the-line tracking and measuring system, but you also won’t be left wanting one bit when it comes to software.

What Is Included

The ProTee Ultimate Edition simulator includes a large screen and projector along with high-speed club and ball sensors, special putting sensors, high-speed cameras, and realistic turf.

Of course, you also get The Golf Club and ProTee Golf 2.0 software packages. Attached to this is free software updates, free golf courses, free online play, and free tournament play.

Bear in mind: while users love the software options and tracking of the ProTee, many are a bit underwhelmed by the quality of the actual studio.

5. Uneekor EYEXO SwingBay Simulator Package

Uneekor EYEXO SwingBay Golf Simulator Setup

If you like the Uneekor QED but want an even more advanced tracking system, have a look at this Uneekor EYEXO simulator studio. The EYEXO improves upon the QED by adding more powerful features and measuring additional ball metrics.

Like the QED, it uses a camera system mounted on the ceiling, allowing for a clean hitting surface that is ideal for both left and right-handed use.

This EYEXO package will look like a beast in any space that can accommodate it.

What Is Included

The Uneekor EYEXO SwingBay Simulator package includes:

  • the EYEXO bar tracking system with high-speed cameras
  • a SwingBay simulator screen & enclosure
  • side barrier netting
  • Optoma 1080p Short Throw Projector
  • ceiling projector mount
  • SwingTurf hitting mat

The high-speed cameras can track club path, spin, and ball impact at over 3000 fps.

Because the EYEXO tracking system is mounted overhead, you can swing freely on your hitting mat without having to worry about precise positioning. The EYEXO also doesn’t require reflective dots on golf balls.

The included VIEW software, in addition to having a fleshed-out practice range, has its own cool features such as a swing motion analysis tool and videos of your club impact and ball spin. Upgrades are available to access additional features.

Additional Info

The EYEXO is compatible with The Golf Club and E6 CONNECT.

The included SwingTurf hitting mat (5’x4′) was designed by Rain or Shine Golf to provide an optimal balance between realistic fairway feel and forgiveness. An upgrade to a larger 9’x4′ SwingTurf mat is available.

Minimum room dimensions of 9 ft high x 12 ft wide x 15 ft deep are required.

For more details about what comes with the package, pricing, and setup instructions, visit this page.

6. TruGolf Vista 8 Golf Simulator

TruGolf Vista 8 Golf Simulator

We’ve already reviewed the TruGolf Vista 10 simulator on this page. The Vista 8, as the most compact and affordable simulator in the Vista Series, is for those who want a quality studio setup on a budget.

It features the same HD image quality, tension system, and swing analysis system as the other Vista simulators, but it has the smallest screen, is the most portable, and is the easiest to install.

Like the Vista 10, it uses the TruTrack2 system which is mounted overhead. This makes room for a clean hitting surface that makes left and right-handed switching a breeze.

What Is Included

The Vista 8 simulator comes with:

  • an HD Vista projector and screen
  • the TruTrack2 system, which captures important shot data using multiple optical sensors
  • a 1-year subscription to E6 CONNECT, which is a simulation software that allows you to practice, play with friends, and compete with golfers around the world
  • a 1-year limited warranty

Unlike the Vista 10, the base version of the Vista 8 doesn’t come with the TruGolf Computer, Touchscreen Monitor or fairway turf, but it’s also over $4,900 cheaper.

The Vista 8 is offered in Base and Pro versions. The Base version includes the above items, while the Pro version includes numerous additional features including a touch screen monitor, TruGolf computer, fairway turf, protective side nets, and more.

The minimum space requirements are 10 ft high x 14 ft wide x 16 ft deep.

For more details about what comes with the Vista 8, how exactly to install it, and more, visit this page.

7. GSA F-Series F3 Golf Simulator

GSA F-Series F3 Golf Simulator Layout

GSA Golf was founded by Martin Paul Gardiner, a software and electronics engineer with over 20 years of experience in golf simulator development.

While their website is a mess, they sure do make awesome golf simulators at very affordable prices. One of their best ones is the F-Series F3.

The F3 is on the mid to high end of the spectrum relative to their other offerings. Compatible with E6 and TGC, it uses a four-camera system that is completely ceiling-mounted, making it fully functional for left-handed and right-handed players.

What Is Included

The GSA F3 simulator uses the VisTrak IR Stereo quad-camera system. This consists of one high-speed camera, two stereo cameras, a line scan camera, and built-in infrared lighting.

The VisTrak IR Stereo measures ball path, club face angle, speed, launch angle, and club path. Other measurements like ball spin are derived. Video playback is also possible.

Aside from that, the F3 uses GSA’s drape enclosure, which is custom-made to fit your exact size requirements. Some of its features are:

  • a premium 3-layer impact screen (16:9 widescreen)
  • light and sound-absorbing drapes on the ceiling and sides
  • padded grass turf carpeting
  • sand, rough and fairway hitting panels

Various extras are available including a wood platform, stance mats, and a monitor stand.

One E6 CONNECT course and a driving range come free with the F3 simulator. Additional courses and software features are available at extra cost. Other compatible software options include The Golf Club, Perfect Parallel, and GSA’s in-house software, ProX.

Setting up this simulator can be a challenge, and you may run into issues if it’s not done properly. Be sure to get in touch with support if you’re interested in a GSA simulator.

Buying Guide

Investing in a quality golf simulator that allows for seamless left and right-handed use is a big step.

Because of this, it’s important to consider all the factors that will affect the experience and match it with what your goals and requirements are.

Do you have a family member wanting to use the simulator who is left-handed? Are you having buddies over? Whatever the reason for needing to switch hands, here are the most important factors you need to consider when figuring out what golf simulator will be best for you:

1. Tracking System

Uneekor QED Tracking Bar

When considering a golf simulator that can smoothly accommodate left and right-handed play, probably the most important influencing factor is how the tracking system is positioned.

Do you need to keep a device on or next to your hitting mat (e.g. SkyTrak)? Do you have cameras or sensors off to the side? Is the system mounted on the ceiling?

One of the most popular golf simulators, the SkyTrak, requires changing the position of the device and recalibrating it every time you want to change hands. This can be done, but many find it to be too much of a hassle. A launch monitor like the GC2 will also require repositioning.

However, simulators that have sensors underneath the hitting mat (e.g. OptiShot, TruGolf) or use ceiling-mounted systems (Uneekor) will generally not require any additional adjustments when switching hands.

In these cases, you should make sure that the hitting zone is centered relative to the net or screen. Whether you’re left-handed or right-handed, your setup should give you ample space to stand and swing.

2. Size

White Measuring Tape

Size is obviously a critically important factor in golf simulators. You need to have a clear understanding of the space available to contain the simulator, and what its dimensions are.

Measure the width, length and height of your space and compare it to the minimum space requirements of every golf simulator you look at.

In general, full golf simulator setups tend to need about 11 feet of space in all three dimensions, but there are more compact options. Common sense says that you should also have a buffer of at least a few extra feet in all directions.

3. Net Vs. No Net

Netting Closeup

As you probably know, there are generally two options when it comes to golf simulators:

  • You can project your shots onto a life-size screen.
  • You can hit into a net, but still be able to view your shot data and see the ball flight on your connected computer or tablet.

All of the simulators reviewed on this page use a screen and projector. However, if you want to save money, you may be able to opt for just a net.

Not only are net setups considerably cheaper, but nets are also very portable and can easily be moved out of the way to repurpose a room if needed.

If the full golf simulator experience is important to you and you want to feel like you’re playing a real-life simulation, then you’ll probably want to invest in a screen and projector setup.

On the other hand, if you’re satisfied with seeing your shot data and ball flight on a PC or mobile device, then you should go with a net.

4. Simulator Software

ProTee Golf 2.0 Software Disc

You should also consider what kinds of things you want to do, games you want to play, and activities you want to take part in on your golf simulator. There are many software options available.

Here are examples of most of the software options covered on this page:

  • E6 CONNECT: offers various course simulations, training aids, minigames, tournaments, and more.
  • The Golf Club: offers a typical practice range, numerous multiplayer modes, online tournaments and events, and the ability to design your own course
  • QED Ignite: offers a practice range, photographic video playback technology, fitting data, and a swing motion analysis tool.
  • VIEW: offers a practice range, swing motion analysis tool, videos of club impact and ball spin, and more.
  • ProX: offers a driving range, course play, and custom-designed golf course integration.
  • ProTee Golf 2.0: offers practice, course play, network play, challenges, and more.

Other software possibilities, depending on the simulator, include FSX, TruGolf, Creative Golf 3D, and Perfect Parallel.

What software features do you see yourself using most often? Do you just want to practice on the range, play world-class courses, or both? Consider what software options are available when looking at simulators, and make your decisions accordingly.

5. Budget

Money bag

Of course, your budget is very important when shopping for a golf simulator. Not everyone can afford simulator packages that cost $20,000+; fortunately, there are options that cost well below this amount.

With that said, simulators with ceiling-mounted systems or sensors underneath the hitting mat tend to be higher-end and more expensive than launch monitor simulators like the SkyTrak or Mevo+. It’s just the way it is.

In this guide, we’ve tried to include quality golf simulators over a range of budgets that are ideal for seamless switching from left to right-handed play. But the great thing is that you don’t have to drop the full cost of a simulator at once.

Our recommended golf simulator source here provides easy financing options that allow you to pay for your golf simulator over the course of a year or longer. Don’t forget about this option.


Golf simulators have become a lot more accessible and affordable over the past decade, and this means more golfers than ever before have been able to enjoy their own personal setup.

A quality, reliable golf simulator can be a huge boon to your golf toolkit. Finding a simulator package that is suitable for dual right and left-handed use is certainly possible with some research.

Each of the simulator options reviewed above offer excellent value for the cost. We’ve given you the information you need to make a decision; now it’s up to you to go the rest of the way.

While it’s likely that no golf simulator setup will tick every one of your boxes, some will come pretty close to doing so.

We highly recommend reading consumer and professional reviews of golf simulators to acquire useful insights as to how they actually perform. This will help you a lot in the decision-making process.

Thanks for reading this guide. Why do you want a golf simulator that offers seamless hand switching? Which model are you considering? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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